My Apologies but i am literally about 100 posts behind of what you are all posting

I am literally about 100 posts behind reading what you are all posting, so don’t take it personally if i am not commenting. I spend very little time on this pc of late except to post my own writings usually late at night and have like i said have about 100 of yours bookmarked. I will eventually get to all of them. I have about 50 books to read, which is difficult with my eyes with this Meige’s syndrome. I have about 150 pictures to post. Gods, i just cannot keep up and i only follow a couple dozen blogs. But you all write the most amazing stories i just cannot skim through them and delete them. I Have to comment. I will get to you all eventually.

I have been mostly doing physical labour on the cabin out back and the properties in general. I have a Halloween party today, not a ritual except for a dumb supper set up in the Hex Haus. I was up until 0730am then fell asleep sitting up on the sofa until 1230pm. Gotta get this house cleaned, mopped and the windows cleaned and the dead lady bugs swept up at the hex haus and get some shelves put up at the black cabin. Gods when will i ever catch up? Anyway lots of people say they are coming but i expect maybe a half dozen but boy are we gonna have a blast and wake the dead for All Hallows, or rather All Souls day today.

Gotta run. Blessed Samhain !!!