An honest and sensible post about drugs.

Sensibly and well written. Having worked in an ER trauma center for 7 years i can tell you alcohol is much more destructive tot he individual and others than a little hit of ghanja, and heroine the worst of all. Nowadays in this country prescription narcotics kids steal and resell from gramma’s medicine cabinet is the bane of the poor, unemployed, bored part of society, though that is hip with richer kids too. I guess i will risk the DEA coming to my door by reblogging this in the US lol. Blessings.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW


I had intended to write a fairly humorous post called “Sophie’s Scary Bong” in which I would talk about how Sophie corrupted me and reintroduced me to the pleasures of weed with her her bong, which is indeed a scary looking piece of equipment.


But then as we were discussing the post Sophie and I realised that in many people’s opinion you can’t really talk openly about this subject and certainly not with any sense of reality. We have friends in other countries who would never talk about the various substances they use for various reasons for fear that some kind of authority may be monitoring what they write. Perhaps they do…

So let’s start from the beginning. There is so much misinformation and hypocrisy about drugs. We grow up in a world where drugs exist in a kind of twilight world between reality and fantasy, between legality and illegality…

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    • Have you ever seen the whitty Brit movie “Saving Grave” about a horticulturist who won orchid contests and was living high on the hog with her supposedly rich husband but when he died it seems his finances were all just paper and debt, so, she started growing ghanja etc etc. Its funny as sht and with some great Brit Actors. Enjoy!

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