Self Interview: A Portrait in Words

Here is a very revealing post, written from the heart, from one of my favourite bloggers, Valentina. Enjoy!

Addendum – She said in a comment it needed updated so refer to her About page for a later profile.

Valentina's Reflections

I thought long and hard over the questions I would answer as an introduction to myself.  It’s like creating a self portrait, but in words.  I had to edit down some of my answers because I can tend to go on and on and…  lose track of time, and purpose, and energy to the point where I soon find myself asleep with my face pressed into the paper of the blank journal I keep at my bedside.  I want to write with a purpose.  I want to make not just a good first impression, but an enduring one that shows a true reflection of my personality. I want to make friends.  I like to talk about myself and share the stories I have to tell that I think are really awesome.  I think you will like me and what I have to say.  I have a lot to share!  So…

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3 thoughts on “Self Interview: A Portrait in Words

  1. Oh, my Goddess! I nearly forgot about this. I need to update :D

    I have been under a serious artist’s block lately. Thank you for refreshing my memory, and helping me get out from under my block, now I have an added excuse to get back to blogging.

    • That’s weird, it came in my Reader as a new post, but i see now by the date it is not. I see your About page is new so will edit my blog to include a link to that for an update. Blessings.

      • My About Page is not new either, I only plugged in a little “I need to update this page” at the top! I have plans to post some interesting changes. But I’ve been suffering from serious fatigue, once I get to the computer screen, my eyes get very strained, plus I can’t decide what next to do! Ack! So many racing thoughts. So please hold off until I can get things prepared properly. :-)

        In any case, thank you for the push and reminder to get back on board with my blog!

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