Jessica Lange – Gods and Monsters (Lana Del Rey Cover) + Lyrics

My friend JJ sent me a link to a video with this song, but then i found this video with the lyrics. This is my present theme song. I know 250 will look at this around the world, but only 4-5 mostly in England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales (it is in my opinion not the UK like the Soviet Union is Not a union nor is in the US the north and south we have NEVER irreconcilable). But i write and blog because i write or blog. i could give a flying F if people like it or not, but i Do appreciate the comments. Anyway enough of my rambling enjoy a classic actress singing a Bowie song like Morrison like Marlena Deitrick.

3 thoughts on “Jessica Lange – Gods and Monsters (Lana Del Rey Cover) + Lyrics

  1. I have to say when i saw this sccene i just thought – genius! Only jessica lange& amercian horrir story could pull it off with such surreal style!

    • Yes, amazingly an American actress, but of course English trained. What a chameleon talented actor for sure. Can’t wait until it comes out online so i can download the whole video. Thanks for being one of the three who read and comment on this blog. i just dropped a bomb in my post of a few minutes ago.

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