“She Built an Altar” by Simpu

KimberLee Anto Simpu (4) KimberLee Anto Simpu (6)

My gypsy friends KLee, Anto and Sinpu were here for a wonderful late afternoon into nightfall the other night. Here are some pics that will not profile them and a video that is actually my cell phone turned on to video but laid down not to film but to record this live guitar playing and spontaneous song for a short clip Copyright Simpu 2014. Enjoy.

Now KLee is headed to Florida and A&S headed to NC after stopping here to drop off a book she had borrowed and the gods bless them to help me with some projects i cannot do alone nor get any friend or relative to help with, only people i have to pay who have stopped coming. Goddess bless these talented “Travelers”…

May Legba open yr gates and pathways…

Ellegua with Keys

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2 thoughts on ““She Built an Altar” by Simpu

    • They are good people, and fun, and spiritual, and “experimental” shall we say… But being “travelers” they have all moved on, though this is their home base in this area, and they know my home i always open to them. Funny thing was when i could not find the paper with their cell on it for a week i slept with her handmade bone and claw earring in then boom the next day i found it. Ha.

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