Handfasting Blessings, Brooms and Poppets, Oh My!

Thank you for this almost mini grimoire of these magickal subjects. I think handfasting is perfect as for us it lasts a year and a day then is to be renewed, or can be ended earlier just by cutting off the red cotton cords tied on each other’s wrists. Lauren if you want out coven’s handfasting ritual it in the booklet i wrote which is a free PDF download. Regarding the broom i am told in Italy a prostitute will have a broom with the “bush” up if she is “open for business” and standing with the phallic end up if hubby is no so not “open for business”. Reblogging so TY. BB.

Blue Star Owl

This is a column I wrote for the Pagan Household back in March, right before all hell broke loose. A little out of season, but oh well…

Tomorrow I’m Priestessing a handfasting for two dear friends.

Handfastings are a type of wedding ceremony that come to us from the British Isles when the clergy were few and far between. Couples would get hand fasted while they waited for a clergy member to come and perform the official ceremony. Many modern Pagans have adopted the practice, not wanting to have a more traditional (Christian) type of ceremony.

During many traditional handfastings, the couple’s arms are bound (fastened) and they are asked to jump over a broom, a cauldron and a fire. Being tied together makes them work together, symbolizing the relationship they will have as a married couple. The broom, cauldron and fire represent fertility, health and well being. Depending on…

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