Season of the Spiders

Wonderful post. I too keep a spider in every room as long as they live to keep the other insects at under control out here in the sticks. I Love the webs in the morning outside in the sun with the dew sparkling. My only fear is never having handled a tarantula because all their owners told me they were bit by them. I have been stealthy bit by wolf spiders and those are nasty. One sebaceous cyst on my arm lasted for years. Whilst cleaning out an old old outside i got bit by a Huge one fang marks almost a centimeter apart, but now i know to first wet it then apply tea tree oil and that got rid of it in a week, thanks to a good herbalist friend. Reblogging btw and saw this reblogged from Cassie and Sophie’s page.

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Autumn comes to the valley in which I live. The warm sunshine is still (Sunna be praised!) with us, but the pivot point of the September equinox has passed. Mist shrouds the trees in the morning  the leaves of the willows fill up with yellow and fall down upon the moist green earth.

This is the season of the spiders, when these miraculous beasts spin their webs between the fast dying stems of grasses. In common with many humans I deeply admire the tenacity and technical skill of spiders. I watched one recently in a still-scented honeysuckle bush, dealing with a yellowed leaf that had become entangled in its web. She (I usually think of spiders as ‘she’, because reasons) carefully made fast some gossamer lines. She ran new strands from her spinnerets and carefully cut other silks. The leaf went swinging out from the face of the web, dangling, quite…

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  1. Ah, so that’s Julian Vayne’s blog. I enjoyed his essay in Wanton Green. That’s intriguing and spider ID’s are always a plus :)

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