“Living Asatru” by Greg (Dux) Shetler – Book Review

Well written review for a book which as you say is short but concise. Can you tell me if the print is large or small as i have a problem with small print? I have that deck of runs cards that you posted under yr pic and love it, though my hand made runes of 100% copper from “wheat pennies”, beaten into disks by a friend, then i engraved them, are my favourite as i like the feel of the metal over the feel of the cards, though like i said their imagery is awesome and powerful. Reblogging so TY.

Metal Gaia

9 out of 10 Vikings Approve This Book


(I couldn’t find a good picture of the book on the internet, so I just used my webcam)

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I don’t have enough book reviews on this blog. Let me correct that statement, I don’t have ANY book reviews on this blog. This is a dire situation that needs to be hastily corrected. So here I go!

This is a great short, simple and affordable book on the religion of Asatru. It is a total of only 88 pages, but covers a lot of territory. It gives a basic overview of the Norse Gods, The Lore, The Runes, Customs, The Nine Noble Virtues, Holidays and pretty much anything that you should know if you want to call yourself a follower of Asatru. This is a great little handbook to have at your side if you…

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