Sea Witchery & Sirens

A beautiful piece, and yes one does not really need tools as in nature and yr body are all the energies tools just make manifest anyway. I feel in nature it is not good to work with iron like athames and only use them indoors. Out in nature if doing a formal ritual i use wood, water, incense of fresh herbs and crystals. I live in mountains of the northern Appalachians in the US so i am fairly far from the ocean and have not been able to go there for years. But i have a stream behind the house and work withe Nagas and Naginis (Hindu / Buddhist / native SE Asian shamanic version of mermaids and sirens) and i can hear their beckoning voices in the bubbling waterfalls. Somehow i stumbled upon this blog in my Reader and will now follow it as i love following MM at Love by the Moon. And i am reblogging this post so TY. Blessings. Lee / Shawnus

Book of Eucalypt

Sea Witchcraft, Ocean Witchcraft and Beach Magick is the most beautiful, at times simplistic, but ultimately the most powerful magick and ritual I have ever practiced. And I miss it!

Let me get this out of the way: if you are lucky enough to live by the sea/ocean/beach, I envy you. I miss it. It’s too expensive to live near water in Sydney (but this is where my work is so here I stay). I don’t like the beaches around here because there’s too too too many people, too much energy flying about, and it’s harder to feel the energy of the land.

Without trying to insult people, sea witchcraft is not for the feint hearted, or for the fluffy. It is a completely different experience to stand at the water’s edge, or knee-deep (or further if you wish) than standing or sitting behind an altar in your room or…

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