Månegarm – Hemfärd

Makes me want to strap a long sword upon my back, grow my beard until ice clings from it, and go a wandering in the old native lands. Thanks for the lyrics. Reblogging. Schwarz Sonne.

Metal Gaia

Månegarm is the wolf that lives on the blood of dying humans and at Ragnarök hunts down and swallows the moon.

Band’s Country of Origin: Sweden

Genre: Viking/Black/Folk Metal

Enchanting and driving are two words I would use to describe this song. It’s definitely the kind of song I would like to listen to as I’m going on an epic road trip over the fjords of Norway or climbing a mountain. It’s a song that is delicate but tough at the same time. Both the female and male vocals work very well together whether they be chanting, singing or growling. The song also alternates nicely between fast and harsh folk metal parts, and then softer melodic parts.

Most of all, this is a song that calls you home. Not to the brick or wood box that you currently live in, but your spiritual home. Your home in the Earth, with your ancestors…

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2 thoughts on “Månegarm – Hemfärd

  1. Great song, and really beautiful lyrics. I must get back in touch with my metal roots- am off to find more Manegarm on you tube!

    • The lady who runs that blog often has such metal plus folkish pagan pieces posted, and i have asked her enough times for the lyrics she now puts them right in for all of us, lol. Enjoy.

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