A Place to Get Started: Gods, Spirits, and the Like

I just found this blog post on this blog which is a combination blog of three separate bloggers, each of which have their own blog (how many times can i used the word blog in a sentence? LOL) and tumblr and other media pages. Anyway they all seem to be into Loki on a cursory breeze through of their writings so far this morning. Enjoy and Blessings.

One thought on “A Place to Get Started: Gods, Spirits, and the Like

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the reblog of my post from Loki’s House of Cards. :) We’re just a Pagan collaborative. Not all three of us are devotees of the trickster. I, as I stated in my little introduction in my second paragraph, work with the Welsh pantheon. Loki is a topic I’m only associated with through the discussion of him with my fellow authors on House of Cards. The name was chosen by them, and they asked me to help them out by adding my opinions and posts to the blog in order to make it more diverse. Just wanted to clear up “they all seem to be into Loki” because we’re not.

    Thank you again for the reblog though. I’m glad to see our little project is starting to take off.

    Forest Blessings,

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