Evil and the Satanic Parent

My comments – “Hey that shop in the New Forest wouldn’t be Sybil’s old shop in Burley would it?
I hate Xians who troll new age witchy shops and blogs with their Chick Publications “you are all going to hell for worshiping Satan” tracks. Yes – Fuck Off Asshole! Here’s my latest “conversation” in the comments to this post which i reblogged to BSSS to show what a Fool my Captain Conversion friend is – https://blausternschlonge.wordpress.com/2014/08/23/anyone-who-wishes-to-be-entertained-check-out-my-latest-fans-comments-at-the-coven-of-the-catta-link-below/
You two aren’t evil dear. You are just intelligently eccentric, experimental and bold. I am reminded of a phrase i read the other day – “Audentes fortuna iuvat- fortune favors the bold.” I Love that quote and want it on my coat of arms, lol.
Having no children i have no knowledge or experience, but i think allowing an almost teen to experiment in a safe environment with all those things she will eventually try as she gets older anyway is better than sneaking away to some unsafe party or dark alley or hiding in her room doing the same without supervision. Re wine i think most European families let a lady or lad her age have a glass with dinner, which is better than them eating a TV dinner in their room texting.
I think Tina needs her own blog….. BTW reblogging this post as i do so often as yr writings are wonderful and insightful and practical knowledge both of things of the spirit and those of Malkuth.”

Devil's Advocates


A little incident while we were on holiday in England made me think about a predictable subject again but this time with a twist… This time I should not only consider whether I am evil, but whether I am encouraging my daughter to be evil?

Cassie, my daughter and I were visiting a witches shop in a little town in the south of England, in a beautiful area called The New Forest. If you look it up you will see it is a place with lots of occult connections and history. The shop itself was full of all the witches tools and bits and pieces you can think of, as well as lots of stones and crystals, books and all sorts of interesting things. We spent quite a long and enjoyable time there browsing and spending our money. The owner of the shop was Wiccan but the shop catered for…

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