The Black Dog of Preston

Here is a fascinating piece of historical, shamanic and spiritual sleuthing by Lorna at the From Peneverdant blog. The church with its gothic revivalism style, and the story in general is like i said, fascinating. I went to Wikipedia and found this link and link and link explaining the complex nature of this English/German saint connected with Walpurgis Nact aka Beltane. Also read the comments by various bloggers and her responses which go even deeper. Enjoy!

Signposts in the Mist

The Black Dog of PrestonI have recently been researching the legend of the black dog of Preston. The process has led me on a journey through the places it is associated with and their history. It has also brought me to consider the meaning and origin of its roles as a harbinger of death and guardian of the town’s gates.

I first came across this tale earlier in the year on a walk with local folklorist Aidan Turner-Bishop, which was organised by UCLan Pagan Society. Aidan told us that a headless black dog haunts the area between Maudlands and Marsh Lane.

St Walburge's St Walburge’s

These locations seem significant due to their history. Maudlands receives its name from a 12th century leper hospital dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, which was dissolved in 1548 and later replaced by St Walburge’s.

Preston International Hotel Preston International Hotel

Marsh Lane was the location of a Friary belonging to the Franciscan Order, which…

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