The Wylde Hunt and Goblins: They’re Really Not So Bad

Thank you Raven and Oak for this fine writing on the Fae. I think, much like humans, the Fae have their seasonal moods, much like humans get SADD in the winter time. The Fae are watching their habitations being mowed and harvested now, even seeing we witches gently and respectfully picking mature herbs for drying and turning into incenses and healing concoctions. The Fae have played in the sunshine and lush green all summer, and now they can feel Autumn’s chill a coming, thus they turn a little dark, like fae with scythes, then turn way dark as we approach All Hallows. It is all good. There is nothing to fear to “those who know” and work with them. And Lorna TY for that great link to the old book on the Fae and to that free Project Gutenberg download site! Worthy of a reblog so TY RO and Blessings.