Tuatha Dea Band from their Website

From The Wild Hunt’s Pagan Community Notes post – I really enjoyed this band of indie gypsies called Tuatha Dea. You can link to their latest video at the above link, and i will try to embed the YT version below. If unsuccessful at doing so as of late probably d/t some new programming at YT or WP then just follow the links. To quote from TWH –

“The Pagan band Tuatha Dea, who recently crowdfunded a new album, has released the first video from that album, “Long Black Curl.” The new album, “Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae,” can be purchased at their official website. – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/2014/08/pagan-community-notes-a-vigil-in-dc-als-ice-bucket-challenge-cog-environmental-statement-and-more.html#sthash.f7AqbRwG.dpuf”

Tuatha Dea “Long Black Curl”

 (unable to embed from YT so follow link on name above)

For more songs from this band go to https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Tuatha+Dea

And here is their website where i got the picture above – http://www.tuathadea.net/the-band/

Enjoy, and get up and dance!