This Earth That We Have Is Precious Beyond Measure

Very good video. I grew up listening to and watching Alan on the tele. “Drugs” are a relative term to me. Some entheogens are more plant allies who teach us where the human and the plant world come together in trance. I think some plants simply stimulate the glands aka chakras to open up and pump various natural substances to our brains. But i experimented “back in the day” when things were pure, not mega-manipulated and polluted with other meds and the blood of the horses who carried them here to the US. P Psilocybin and MDMA were originally used by psychologists to break patients thru certain barriers. And shamans throughout the millennia have worked with both plants and fasting and ecstasy to reach trance states. I know MG yr final statement was mostly for legal reasons, because no one wants to promote the use of bad drugs,and unfortunately nowadays so many are bad, but then so many are good. Rebloggins so TY. BB

Metal Gaia


It is good to be optimistic about the future, but we can’t ignore the current destruction of the planet. 

Any society that allows the destruction of life’s foundations is insane. 

What if we thought we only had a year left on this planet, would our actions be different? 

Nature is not an infinite resource that we can just use and abuse like toilet paper, nature has her limits. 

The only thing that I disagree with about this video though is that I do not promote the use of drugs for any reason. 


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