In Contrast to my previous post, check out This Humble Gentle Intelligent Talentented Poet and Musician at Vong Productions

Vonj Productions 1

Images from Google Image Search Used Hopefully with Permission from Writer, Speaker and Musician Vonj Productions

I woke up this glorious Sunday morning with an email that Vonj Productions was following my blog so checked them out thinking “oh another business following to get traffic” but boy was a wrong. I am slowly reading through his webpage and blog and going through his videos of talking and of singing and playing guitar and i am Amazed what a wise young man he is, full of wonderful philosophy, and yet humble and gentle. Listening to him is like listening to a wise Guru. And his Music is very much to me like a chilled out Hendrix if he would have lived to be older. Vonj and his gentle words and great music definitely got me into a great mood to face and work through all that G__d will give me today. Anyway, enjoy the links below to various parts of his page and his videos on his blog and on YT.

Vonj Productions Website and Blog

Dawn Inspiration – Mind Your Mind Video

Vonj – Transcent

Vonj Productions 2

Enjoy and have a Great Sunday! Blessings!