Anyone who wishes to be entertained – check out my latest “fans” comments at the Coven of the Catta link below

22 April 2014 (21)

Well at least it is not the typical comment saying “i like cats too” or “there is a demonic cat spirit in my computer can you help me”….. I allow such comments below through because it is a free country of free speech, but the cyber threat to take down my blog may have stepped a little over the line here, so i will leave them up a few days to share and then perhaps report to WP. I am not sure what his issue is with our Coven or with me but he/she is definitely foaming at the mouth upon his/her keyboard these last two day. As my tattoo says – Honi Soit Qui May y Pense. Enjoy!

Addendum 28 August 2014 – a guy or gal named Heretic piped in basically saying to the original commenter what i constrained myself to not say, so TY to them, and i have a comment on their comment too.