Some Recent Tumblr Images of a Magickal and/or Erotic Nature I have stumbled upon, a few of which are NSFW18+

Here are some recent Tumblr images i have stumbled upon which i saved since the sources are multiple though some of which are from specific Tumblr pages i will list the source of but not the URL of, suffer out of lack of information given, ha. Nota Bene – Some of these contain nudity of a tasteful, at least my tastes, nature so if you are not 18+ please leave this page and for the rest of you this post is NSFW.

This is an old cover of a paperback book on Witchcraft from the 1972s which i have manipulated into blue tones and am trying to use as my Gravitar over and over again rather unsuccessfully. BTW at WP for awhile i changed this page to R from PG but then my Gravitar reverted to an anonymous geometric form, so i changed it back to PG which i think it is, and will just list any future posts that are in that grey area between PG and R rated. I will leave it to you to put the words surrounding this image into Google Translate, unless you know French already.

Obeissez a vos superieurs - Copy

Below is one of my favourite photographs from Cassie and Sophie’s blog (which was in one of their posts which i reblogged earlier, and NB this is their Copyrighted Image 2014!) and from their Tumblr page. I Love this photo and the accompanying blog post.

cassies hands nails rings

Here is one of Rosaleen Norton’s paintings.


And the rest are pictures like i said from various Tumblr pages, some of which are NSFW18+!!! Enjoy or Ignore and as always Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense!

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