With her head tucked underneath her arm…..

My comment – Yes the royal dead are so, well royal, you know, nothing like blood on lace. There was a PBS series i cannot find now on the four Queens of England who did not quite keep in their place, nor did most of their heads so to speak. Poinient poem she penned there. Worthy of a reblog and a toast to you and the retelling of their stories. Canoodling huh, learned a new word there, lol.

The Haunted Palace

A (very) brief history of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn, this is possibly the most famous image of Anne, and most likely closest likeness, however no contemporary images of Anne survive (this image dates from the late 16th century). Image: National Portrait Gallery.

I have always been a bit of a sucker when it comes to royal ghosts – the bloodier and more headless the better – and they don’t come more headless than Anne Boleyn.  Strong willed, intelligent and beguiling, Anne Boleyn supplanted the popular Queen Katherine of Aragon and stole the heart of Henry VIII.  She successfully held the amorous Henry at bay until he divorced his wife and broke with Rome – talk about a tease.  Once queen she presided and flirted with a dazzling and talented young court, encouraged religious reform and was not afraid to go head to head with the King. Nevertheless she could also…

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