A week in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 13-16 August 2014 – Flowing Rivers, Raging and Gentle Fires, UPGs and Harleys

Greetings – I am going to start this post today Friday 15 August, but it will probably take me a few days to put together, so many stories, so many psychic events, so many photographs to upload, so be patient if it appears rambling because it is….

Saturns Day 16th August – Just going through some of the scores of photographs i have taken in the last month and pulled a few out here to put with this post. I FINALLY got caught up last night in a “read all those blog posts” marathon and made some comments, way too many “likes” when i should have commented, some reblogs, and some adds and drops to whom i follow. I hope to get a lot done today both inside and outside as my horizontal surfaces are still stuffed with projects in various phases, and the cellar still torn apart from the waterproofing nightmare with its oil spill etc.

I’m going through a weird phase right now, too much to write about here, trying to get off the med for my dystonia, rather difficultly. I also realize some things i planned for the Coven just will probably not happen, not because of people but because of circumstances. I got through some depression about that, and the side affects of the med withdrawal, and had an incredible dream last night that involved Dr Santee and all kinds of stuff but of course i cannot remember it now but it was All Good so to speak.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 17th, I plan on driving north for Vespers at the Old River Church which is only open Sundays July through August d/t lack of heat i suppose as it is very old. This is the cemetery where Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee is buried, many pictures of which i have posted before. I have only been in the church once before in 1991 when i went to his grave for the 10th anno of his passing and the caretaker happened to be there and let me in. So, my phone camera will be Full of pics i assure you. I also plan on a surprise visit to Lady AIB who will probably be joyfully toiling in the garden if there is not a hurricane, tornado, one inch hail or 20 below zero, LOL. And to pick up Willow cat from Lady EWH, long story there. I rescued her from the abandoned garage of a “witch” who had moved and some alcoholic “friend” of hers was supposed to be feeding her and the cat that died in there, then Willow went to a witch friend who moved to Florida, then to Lady EWH, and now d/t circumstances i am taking her back. My cats will not be happy so she will live in the well lit warm cellar of 1000 square feet with window wells to look out of etc. She has been an inside cat most of her life anyway and is low maintenance. We shall see but i doubt my old Shadow cat, the Queen of the Inside, and my younger Spider cat, who bounds through the cat door chasing off the property any stray he may see, my Protector of the outside, will tolerate her or not but since she is de-clawed i do not want to take any chances at first.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the photographs Copyright GLHoke 2014 and have a Blessed Weekend.

4 August (1)

Red Salamander found under a stone by the stresm

4 August (7)

 A big hornytoad found in the window well well they hatch out of an underground nursery, captured for a few hours until i could not stand him trying to get out and released him/her.

4 August (10)

 An-iconic altar of stones representing the gods and elementals 5 August (8)

Wall front, actually rear, clouds from a front. They twisted down like a forming tornado but never formed one, took a video but cannot upload it here unless i upgrade

ar 5 August (10)

EXU altar of trident with rosaries, image turned black and white then reversed.

10 August (9)

Sunset over the river reflected in the water.

11 August (8)

Raging and Gentle Fires

11 August (15)

11 August (1)

One sweet modified Harley i think 1982 engine with hard tail and SS carb. I saw this and braked hard and found the guy Brian who looked q former Marine but was not and he had done all the modification and he let me take some pics and i photoshopped out the license plate number.

11 August (5)6 August (29) 6 August (30) 6 August (31)11 August (18)

I think i have a hard-on, LOL…

sh 13 August (6)

A live spiral snail fond when draining the hot water heater in the black cabin which appeared after i leaned in the window and told Brian my handyman that the Indian spirits and elementals in the woods like his gentle spirit.

14 August (2)

Clouds and blue sky reflected on the lazy flowing river.

31 July (31)

31 July (21)

Where i am going tomorrow, amongst other places.

16 August

Local yard sale find, solar powered pumpkin, cut out tin black cat for Happy Halloween, outside being charged up to bring in at night. My cousin said “aren’t you a little early?” to which i replied “its always Halloween at my house” LOL

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  1. As always, great pix, love the Salamander and the toad, I have newts and toads in my pond – my cats – and all of the neighbourhood cats – enjoy toad watching and I enjoy watching them watch the toads LOL! That old church looks great – did you get any pix inside it?

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