The Heart of the Path

Signposts in the Mist


The life, the path, the work
is a broken heart ripped out,
pinned bleeding on a tree.

This poem was written after doing a reading with the Wildwood Tarot. The question focused on guidance for inspiration. To mirror this I created my own spread, designed in the shape of the three dots and rays of the Awen. The Three of Arrows was the final card I drew, atop the middle ray.

The given meaning of the card is ‘Jealousy,’ ‘a tension of emotions between people.’ This is one of the rare instances where I see little relation between what the image speaks to me, and the reading points in the book.

Now, as when I’ve had this card before, it seems to represent sacrifice. Three arrows; a threefold sacrifice. Firstly, to the oak; I see this tree as an oak, possibly the Trysting Oak in Greencroft Valley, symbolising my…

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