Samhain Swine

Lots of fun and facts here. Got to YT and type in Hogfather for a three parter appropriate to Xmas but which can be watched “ahead of the season” like this post is. Hey i bought a Halloween decoration two days ago that was a base with a plastic pumpkin with a solar powered light, above it a cut out tin black cat with marble eyes, and at the top Happy Halloween. LOL. Reblogging this and TY and BB.

Blue Star Owl

This was originally posted on Witches and Pagans on October 28th, 2013. I know we’re slightly out of season, but I’ve been working on some research that relates to this topic. Plus, I really like mythological pigs. They make me happy. Enjoy:

Samhain: During this time of year, some people celebrate the Lady’s return to the Underworld. Others remember their ancestors and give thanks and blessings to those who have come before us. Still others celebrate the end of the Harvest. Samhain is a time of diverse celebrations and remembrances.

I, however, think about pigs.

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, a king was hunting in the forest. As he was mustering his own pack of dogs, he heard a strange pack of dogs baying. As he and his dogs came to a clearing in the woods, he finally caught sight of the other pack of…

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