How this Witch Magister celebrated a Late Lammas and Full Moon with a Hillbilly Wise Man Playing Guitar and a New Wise Friend who brought her Bloodstone Skull and Herkimer Diamonds and Blue Kyanite whilst the Witch and the HIllbilly Drank Absinthe sitting along the River on 11 August 2014

Coven of the Catta

11 August (4)

I continue the long title above. The Coven of the Catta planned on Lady EWH and Lady AIB to come down for ritual at the new Covenstead here in der Schwartz Haus outside at the new an-iconic altar back in the swamp at the base of the mountain. But d/t the former having to stay home taking care of her mum just out of hospital and the latter not able to drive this far, it was cancelled.

Cats from Patty Lee (3)

So, i planned on just doing the ritual myself with everyone else doing the same in their own temples inside or outside.

Cats from Patty Lee (1)

But, i got a call from a new wise friend who is battle recurrent cancer valiantly and with the fierceness of a tigress and the “let it flow” style of a Taoist.

Cats from Patty Lee (2)

So, i drove up to the wise hillbillies business porch along the river where he was burning wood and…

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