“Dirty Diana” video by Michael Jackson and guitarist Steve Stevens



I have had this song Dirty Diana stuck in my head for the last 24 hours after watching it a day or so ago. Michael, Goddess bless him despite the good bad in him, is at his best here in my opinion, and Steve Stevens (both referenced in the Wiki link above) makes me get up and play air guitar and to learn how to play my newly acquired used red Fender Squire Mini guitar, case, amp and two black and silver guitar picks from a friend. Wake up and Enjoy!




Hmm, so many videos at YT and VEVO are not imbeddable now, so i tried adding it as a YT media at WP here and all i can get is the link, not the video. Both are forcing me to buy the more premium version of WP to embed both YT and my own cell camera videos into their format.