Satanism; Religion or Philosophy?

My comment – “Very well written and worthy of a reblog. Its like Buddhism, which really is a philosophy, but people turned it into a religion, like all religions which just started out as wise teachings from someone who has high insight into life and this universe we live in and tries to verbalize it. Supposedly the last words of Buddha, who was just a man who was “awake” were, to paraphrase – “Don’t follow me. Make your own path”. And i like the first comment above defining Satanism as “Manifestation of personal will to be the god in the individuals own life.” My late teacher who dealt in religious objects from the Himalayas once told me that there is “self power” like Zen philosophy, raising oneself up by one’s bootstraps so to speak, and “other power” like praying to Amida Buddha, and he said the first was true Buddhism but the latter was easier because, well, just because of the way humans are wired, some this way and some the other way. And in my long journey through many paths i think and have found that for me the “other power” method is easier though i am still of the philosophy of the former, which makes me attracted to Thelema and Baphomet. One is in my head full of ideas and the other in my heart that melts when i see an icon of Amida or Our Lady of Lourdes…..

Devil's Advocates

Is Satanism a religion or a philosophy? Do we think of ourselves as being religious or having a philosophy?

The truth maybe both or neither. Cassie and I were thinking about this and came to the conclusion that while Satanism can have elements of religion and philosophy, for us it is mostly something else altogether. But let’s get back to the question…

We’ll start with philosophy because it seems easier to define what philosophy is; by which we mean that most of the definitions we looked at were quite similar to each other. We will use the definition by the Oxford Dictionary;

Philosophy: 1, the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. 2, a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.

For Cassie and I, this definition comes very close to how we see Satanism. It is all…

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