A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 30 July 2014

A quote relevant quote from JJ regarding my pulling the Coven of the Catta Facebook page – “Facebook – Where friendships go to die”. Think about it. For me i have lost more friends because of misunderstandings via email or messaging than face to face in my life. That’s because electronic messaging and email are one dimensional. One has to put in little smiley faces to not be misinterpreted. At least bu phone it is two dimensional because one can hear the inflections in your friend’s voice to know the real meaning of their words. But real communication is three dimensional if cone face to face so one can observe body language and voice inflection and eye movement and pupil size etc. I got onto FB so the COC would have a bigger internet footprint, and at first it was about the coven, then it creeped into about me, then i slapped that down and deleted stuff about me personally, then i met a bunch of weird magickians who became FB “friends” and enjoyed what i had time to explore their sites and when i was ready to shut FB down and said email me and i will give you my phone number not one person of the 19 did that, only LF who i have known for decades, and MM with whom i already had a direct email contact. No one even knows we are off of FB, or at least has noticed.But when you have 222 “friends” whose every act of the day is live fed into a site and the watcher has a smart phone (duct taped to their forehead) feed with hundreds of things coming in during the day, one is but a drop of rain in a storm, or to quote an old band “dust in the wind”. And when i tried with the help of a friend on the phone to shut down the site it was like Persephone trying to escape the lair of Hades, the exit filled with huge spider webs and stumbling blocks. They do not make it easy. They want to data mine you and not let you go so the NSA etc can photo identify everyone on there. When i finally got thru the labyrinth to the page where it said “Delete your account Yes or No?” i was ready to take a 9mm and shoot the NO button on the screen, LOL. It took almost an hour to do so. So, my real face to face and phone to phone and long distance email friends, as i said on the now deleted FB page, if you are there following this blog, just frigging email me, or better yet call me, or if you are near drop by for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and Talk To Me. Please.

OK, enough about that.. I think i will just stick to blogging two blogs and tumbling one tumblr and leave it at that as blogs are SO much more intelligent and informative than FB messaging, LOL. I know, damned arrogant dilettante, but then the proof is in the numbers and comments with maybe 400 people worldwide reading a day, a hundred or so followers, and some comments from some very close bloggers. Once again my favourite floggers, i mean bloggers (Freudian slip, lol) i apologize i am soooo far behind reading and commenting on yr posts which i do have bookmarked, and TY to those who not just “like” a post but actually read it and give feedback. That is why i am so far behind as i prefer to do the latter out of respect for the time and thought and energy someone puts into a post, poem, photo dump, etc.

And now on to my photo dump from the last two days thrown together early this am with little sleep and a long drive before me….

 Since i uploaded these as a group with no spacing possible i will shortly describe them all here, and i gotta hit the road.

A small hornbeam / iron wood / muscle wood tree a friend pulled out (read to fall anyway) by the roots with a stone embedded for me to make a walking stick for him in exchange for some stuff he gave me.

First bloom of some morning glories over at the Black Cabin.

ALL the animal spirits whose bones i have, most of which were killed on the road, want to get away from the road in front of my place and the Hex Haus and have moved back away from the road to the Black Cabin aka Schwarz Haus where they can barely hear the traffic and where they can feel peace. They are in separate windows but i plan on putting up a white shelf i found with just all their bones, and i always keep a water bowl filled in front of them as until they are “reborn into the womb of a mother who can care for them, far away from a road” they are thirsty, just like human ghost spirits. There are several pics below of them, poorly taken at dusk inside with little lighting. The latest turtle head is floating in a lid in a clay bowl of water! Way cool.

The broken in half white Goddess is now off the Black Cabin outside altar concrete bird bath altar and back to the rotten stump altar where i pounded bamboo and wood down thru the holes of her missing arms into the soft wood. She was there before but got blown over in a storm. She is also not held in place by rocks as you can see.

A very strange fossil, probably of a coral type from back in the time before life emerged from the ocean.

I had a fire pit near Snakehenge, then the crew who did my cellar spilled some oil and put the bird seed they used to soak up some there and to make a long story short after the DEP told them to remove it i had a pit with water, fire to water, and at the archeology dig which i missed last sunday i took a walkabout and found deadly nightshade which i have been looking for for a couple years and it was growing in the loose dirt which had already been sifted, and it produces a templing red betry and there are kids and Boy Scouts who help there so i called the main archeologist and said i was pulling the poisonous plants. He said great so now these look wilted here but lots of roots and it rained last night.

Gotta run. Blessed Be. SMSBF

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6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 30 July 2014

  1. Am I one of your favourite floggers? ;-) I always enjoy your photos and texts and leave feeling I have just visited an enchanted forest. I hate Facebook. I never had a Facebook account and never will. Cassie has one but kind of hates it. Blogging is much nicer and deeper. Sophie

    • Well i don’t know about the floggers, having never met you two ;) But i think i can read between the lines of yr newest blog, and like i said, you two have inspired me to throw out all my rules on BSSS and I should probably just change the title with a disclaimer now saying NSFW 18-21+ only, but then there is my T page for That outlet, which i plan on feeding more now that the FB vampire is gone. And as i wrote above, all i can say about FB is – All i can say about FB is – Apo Pantos Kakodaemonos !!! Yes i don’t mean to sound like an intellectual snob or dilettante, but Blogging is for intelligent people with interesting things to write about, even though we add in some sick twisted politically incorrect jokes and funny pics now and then, which is fine. Hope you enjoyed the pics i sent to C as i am sure she shared them with you. ///8-8-:/- We can do public comments here but for some things ust email me directly Hekate Hagia Sophia friend of my friend Devil Girl……

  2. Totally loving the FB rant LOL! I find FB really odd, and have friends (real life flesh and blood friends) who are baffled that I just ask them about what his happening in their lives rather than obsessively check out their twitter/fb feeds!

  3. I agree with you all about FB, of course! I’ve lost more friends on there than anywhere because more people say things there than they ever would in person. The internets embolden folks to be better fools and cowards — so now I see it as a testing ground for finding out who are your smartest, most brave and loyal people are!

    I apologize if I haven’t been communicating lately. I’ve been meaning to write, but I’ve not been inclined to blog per say. I have mostly been on my FB, only because it’s easy to post images. I’ve been cursed with some dizziness, so it’s been hard to read a lot, however… tell that to me when I’ve been on Pinterest! Now *that* is a truly hazardous website for relationships. Ask my cat, Velvet, who most recently had to go as far as chew up a few computer wires to disconnect me from my favorite past time to gain back my attention!

    Lugh’s blessings to you!

    • Between running a coven, taking care of three properties, and horse trading to keep trying to pay the bills, i only have time for two blogs and a tumblr page, forget the rest, LOL. To quote my friend and student JJ “Facebook – Where friendships go to die.”…. Oh, practical and cheap computer cords idea i use – instead of buying those expensive things offices hide their cords in buy some rubber washing machine water line, split it long way, and put all yr cords in those to cover and organize and cat proof them. Blessings of the God/esses of Lammas upon you too.

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