NSFW etc all that politically incorrect BS…..

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

One of the bonds that Sophie and I share is that we have very similar tastes in what we think is sexy. Also while being together we have come to appreciate the things that turn each other on but which may not have held so much fascination for us before.

We habe a Tumblr site where we find and share photos and images that we think are interesting and sexy. Tumblr seems to be a bit more permissive than WordPress so we are able to share images that are a bit naughtier than tend to be allowed here… But as an exercise we decided to choose a few of the tamer images we have posted there and write about why we think they are sexy. And maybe in so doing we will find and/or reveal a few things about ourselves that we haven’t shared before.

The first is one of…

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