A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-25 July 2014 when my pc was down but now up and here are the Photos and some Experiences

I’m going to make this short and sweet with some vinegar. Below are some pics i took the last few days when my pc was down, which is now fixed, and my tv is now my monitor so i can see better to write and i now have two monitors i can run at the same time or watch tv or a video while i surf on the other monitor, so my desk looks like the launch station at NASA, LOL. The tech said i did not need two of the three pieces of hardware i bought because it is already in my pc so i can get back that money, yea.

I am taking down the COC FB page because it is a PIA and just a place i reblog what i write on COC and BSSS and reblog from yr sites. Have i told u all for 15 years how much i fking HATE FB? f anyone wants to really be my real friend my email is leeshawnus@gmail.com so stop messaging me thru FB which will be asleep by this Friday New Moon days end.

I am going to just upload a sht load of photos then try to squeeze more comment in at the end. You can try to figure out what the photos mean and email me if you want more info.

Anyone who wants for cheap or nothing the remaining faceted or cab stones needs to contact me ASAP as they are going going almost gone. All u FB fanatics who can send off 10 private messages or texts but “don’t have the time to call” will lose out on hundreds of dollars of high quality stones worth hundreds. You can do so thru comments but an email would be better for privacy’s sake.

OK, the photo dump,which will be my next to last reblog to COC FB then one final video which i cannot upload onto WP only FB and then Adieu FB. Enjoy!

Pics of an Old jeep only for off road i may buy for cheap which i can use to access my property across the stream since i do not have the money to sue the king of the mountain. And pics of a super cool street rod he owns too, his toy, his baby.

21-24 July (3) 21-24 July (4) 21-24 July (6) 21-24 July (7) 21-24 July (10) 21-24 July (39) 21-24 July (43) 21-24 July (44) 21-24 July (45)

 The oldest strangest “old school” hex sign on a barn i have Ever seen.

21-24 July (15)

21-24 July (14)

 21-24 July (16)

Some local, well not that local, ever farther out in BFE that i am, churches and old graveyards going back to the early 1800s mostly German some Irish.

21-24 July (18) 21-24 July (19) 21-24 July (20) 21-24 July (21) 21-24 July (22) 21-24 July (23) 21-24 July (24) 21-24 July (25) 21-24 July (26) 21-24 July (27) 21-24 July (28) 21-24 July (30) 21-24 July (31) 21-24 July (32) 21-24 July (33) 21-24 July (34) 21-24 July (35) 21-24 July (36)

Poor Lady EWH 3* COC lost the Long battle to keep her 18 year old cat alive, using herbal and other alternative medical methods, but lost the battle and she died peacefully a couple days ago. Then the one unfixed male cat of her daughter’s and the one unfixed female cat of her pseuro-daughter, well fill in the blanks, anyway the poor thing went feral in the house and had two kittens one stillborn EWH did CPR on and the other dark to light grey one who Did survive. The feral cat was taken to a farm where she will be happier. The baby EWH carried around in her bra and fed with kitten milk and rubbed his belly to poop was OK for two days until she had to leave her with the girls who did not do the same, so she passed on too. My theory was that the elder cat’s spirit transferred to the womb of the feral cat and when the stillborn died went into the living one to try to try with EWH another 18 years, but shall i say “stupid girls”? Anyway, here is his only good picture and i cropped out as much of EWH as possible so sorry for some cleavage showing here. Light a candle for the elder and baby cats please and prayer that she and he be reborn into the womb of a healthy happy mother in a good home. Thank you.

Gar Deceased

And to end on a happy note – I met a Native American Witch lately who may be able to teach me some of their ways, with my other teachers Lady EWH and her Apprentice in NY. I may get that Jeep above to get to my land across the stream. It is completely off road, no title or license needed, has a winch on the front and can literally almost climb a tree, LOL. I bought a terrarium and want to get a small snake that eats only crickets, not mice, but cannot find such a snake at the local pet store. So, Brother DJ and i looked around his property for snakes under rubber sheeting covering wood, no luck. I have mostly water and garter snakes here and the rare copperhead if it is a drought, but also the occasional black snake. I have no fear of them and know how to handle them. So, my plan is to catch a small one, raise it in the cage, feed it crickets, then when it is ready for mice and moles release it into the wild behind the house. Oh, and i got one that had been killed by cats and was in a guys freezer for four years so i was told to unthaw it and dump a lot of salt in to mummify it so then i can get the skull and bones for a Damballah Vodoun rattle. And, another guy gave me a bunch of deer antlers, two full sets, and 6 separate. Of course i did cleansings and offerings to their spirits. Those will go on top of walking sticks and horned crowns for HPTs.

Note – all the pics above Copyright GLHoke 2014 and the pics of the vehicles taken with the permission of the owner to publish here.

B B.


5 thoughts on “A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-25 July 2014 when my pc was down but now up and here are the Photos and some Experiences

  1. Great pictures of the Graveyards (you know I love that cemetery vibe!). Know what you mean about FB, I rarely go on, I just update my Haunted Palace page when I do a blog post.

    So sorry about the elder cat and the kitties, it is always so sad when a cat passes on, but I don’t think they ever really leave…I know my old childhood cat still visits :0)

      • Know that feeling – but my excuse is the house of horrors taking up all of my time! Refurb coming on great plus interesting things going ‘bump in the night’ Yeay!

        • All i can say is what the old Solomonic Grimoires said – Test the Spirits to see if they are whom or what they say they are. And find a powerful experienced witch or magickian ally to watch yr back. I am pretty fearless because of my bags of tricks, but then that conversation needs moved off this public blog to private email.

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