Photos from the Local Wanderings of an Amateur Photographer Witch

I take my smart LG phone with a nice up to 5mb camera everywhere and snap pictures constantly. Maybe half are worthy of manipulating using Paint.Net freeware. Enjoy the pics, and please remember all are Copyright GLHoke 2014 except the one tat i took on a guys arm whose source i found but not the particular artist, so my apologies to him. A perusal of that site listed below may reveal that. And some photos of me are taken by friends. Blessed Sunday post Full Super Moon!

8 July (2)

I saw this gorgeous Mermaid tattoo on a heavily tattooed guy who is from North or South Carolina but he got it at Independent Tattoo in Oregon and he graciously let me photograph it. Funny thing there were two heavily tattooed guys, him and me, standing in the high end jewelry store in our little downtown and i bet the skilled workers there had their mouths dropping open. Its no wonder we almost just stripped off our shirts revealing all, which may have made the normal staid customers gape or run, LOL.

TO noticed my three rocks piles together in the sun shadow look like a skull man or hooded emaciated monk and another horned elemental on the left of the skull.

10 July (2) 10 July (3) Politically incorrect warning – free hat from a yard sale and no i am not into that cult but where i got it is the center of it in PA. Got the license place from the thrift shop, so, if u put it on yr truck upside down does it mean Devil? LOL. LEGNA like Legba? 10 July (5) I slept over at the Hex Haus the other night and woke to this sight outside.11 July (3)   Beebalm blooming in two colours on the same plant. Soon it will be covered with bees and butterflies.

10 July (7)

I stopped by and introduced myself to a nice lady who i would swear by her magickal garden is a natural witch and she let me take these pics of her Goddess statue out front.

10 July (10) 10 July (11) 10 July (12) Just some rearrangements of stones around the property, and i planted a nice white pine between the Goddess and God statues int he center of Snakehenge.

11 July (1)

11 July (2)  A nice big fossil of something on the way to some friends. 12 July (1)

12 July (22)

Out in the friend’s creek a flat muddy stone with a dead crayfish claw, probably left by a heron. Now who drew that pentagram and circle??? Hmmm

12 July (13)

Snaky tree root and stones.

12 July (14) Some old fart smoking a stogie out in the woods…..

12 July (16)

The Goddess of the circle forming around her at The  Black Bear Cabin and New Covenstead of the Coven of the Catta. one pic with flash the other without showing the solar glow lights in her broken arms.    IMAG3193 IMAG3194

I saved the best for last. Now this is in my mind a MIRACLE, not of magicke, but of Nature. I found this turtle half dead on the road a few weeks ago, came back to rescue it and it was dead, drug it home in a bucket and put it in the swamp behind the Black Cabin covered by a metal old mild crate to keep the bear etc from eating it. Within two days the flies and maggots had stripped her to the bones, but the eggs were miraculously soft, not rotten, and felt viable. So, i brought some up about where she would lay them and placed them shallow in loose soil. The other day i walked past the original place where she was laid (since then recovered broken shell and most of her bones including the head, vertebrae, clavicles, hip bones, leg bones, etc) and there were two hatched eggs there. I swear to the Goddess they were split open like a snake or turtle emerges from the leathery shell. They were not eaten and were not rotten. Of course i gather the eggs, put them into momma’s shell, dug up the ones i had buried finding nothing (I think they hatched and took off, not even leather shell case left), then placed her skeleton and the egg casings in the Black Cabin with the other turtle shells and a skeleton of a possum who had died over there. I feel like i did something of worth, saving her young, and it feels very good. But fact is snakes and turtles have been around for so many millions of years that this is their survival technique, that even though the momma is dead, the eggs survive in the abdomen to hatch if a scavenger does not get them.


Reassembled skeleton minus shell

10 July (6)

Hatched egg shells

10 July (8)

Placed in her broken shell


Placed in the shell in the Black Cabin with the other skeletons and shells, which i keep a bowl of water there for their thirsty spirits until they are reincarnated.


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  1. There is so much happening around you at the moment, it is great to see and read about. Lots of magic and Tao…

  2. Reblogged this on Cassie & Sophie NSFW and commented:
    Blau Stern Schwaz Schlonge is one of our favourite examples of how beautiful and exciting life can be when you are able stay grounded and yet embrace magic and what some would call the dark arts. Here in one of many eclectic series of photos we find a great tattoo, some jewels of nature, a goddess, a possible witch and a possible miracle, all within reach of home… Whatever your spiritual or philosophical beliefs, there is awe and wonder here.

    • Thank you Michelle. I am no professional and only have a high res smart phone camera, but it is all about lighting and timing and then some subtle cropping and manipulation using the freeware i have which if you want that link email me. i can’t afford Photoshop. Blessings.

  3. I love the sound of those bee balms- don’t think we have them here. And how amazing that the turtle young were saved and hatched :)

    • Yea they “ba-bomb” the flowers with their presence. I like to see bumble bees on flowers even into the evening where they are covered with and satiated with the pollen like bumble bee Nirvana, lol. The turtles hatching just shows how the oldest forms of evolution found a way of surviving the most harsh environments. You know sharks are the same as they have been for oh i don’t know a hundred million years or something. They evolved perfectly and stayed that way, until humans starting eating shark finds, gross. Or maybe G_D created them in 6 says in His Image, ha ha ha. I have a window well by my one outside hose faucet and there is a hole that goes down somewhere and every year i have to rescue newly hatched toads and frogs who must have a breeding ground there. It is SW facing so i guess it stays warm under ground all winter and moist from the hose connector leaking and no spouting over that pitched roof with no spouting. I have to keep an eye out and rescue them taking them across the steam before my cats gets them. I don’t know if they are jumping in there to lay their eggs and can’t hop out or if they are just born there and can’t get out. I got out a Big one the other eve. Nature keeps me sane is my mantra…..

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