Personal UPG of the Star Goddess of Sirius-B from 12 June 1986 from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing


On 12 June 1986 I have a three part UPS, each part lasting about 3 hours, from morning to noon to midnight, of the revealing to me of my own UPG of a Star Goddess connected with Sirius-B. For 9 months i had worked to open my Crown chakra to the Stellar forces, and on this day it all blew open like a crater sucking in programming from the Star Magicke Tigle Terma from Her.

I laid on my bed face down and wrote in a notebook blindly. I visited with Lady Phoebe and other friends and was manic and most of them snapped their heads back and had little to do with me afterwards, thinking i had gone over the edge. Only two friends days later approached me to learn more. The rest were freaked out. I was freaked out. It was truly an UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) shamanic experience within the context of the Typhonian Currents channeled by Frater Belarion and Frater Kenneth Grant. Later I laid out under the stars and traveled there again.

seven star

The writings are in three parts, the first part being the raw date written in the notebook, the second part being an analysis within the context of the Aeon of Hrumachis, the third part being a practical method of meditating and projecting there again using various pop sci fi culture and ancient AEgyptian God/esses.

I will not publish it here. When i try to do so my pc crashes or large storms come and for the last two months i have contemplated this post i have broken glass and mirrors almost daily.

If you have an interest, and are a friend of mine online at BSSS or COC or COCFB feel free to email me and i will share them with you by email in PDF form. Be warned, they are raw Tantra. and not to be emulated as i said they are MY UPG and mean nothing to anyone but to MYSELF. But on this 27 anniversary i feel like sharing them with those who “have eyes to see and ears to hear”. Only Soror Ayizan, FF, Soror Nema, KG, and a handful of adept friends have read this, and most forgive me do not have the wide deep training and experience to understand them.

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