Photo Dump Blog Post from the Life of a Witch 5-6 July 2014

 It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, took a run out to my friend T’s Buy Sell Trade where we wheel and deal. He had is awesome cycle out which is rare because “it gets dirty in places hard to clean” LOL. Well, so do I as it is hard to get a scrub brush into my ear to clean up my mind, LOL.

All photographs Copyright GLHoke 2014

5 July (1)

Went down to the relatives wooded area where we had the 4th to retrieve some of those old foam airplanes you put together, must have been on the local store shelf for decades by the style of the jets. I love this one deep pool and here are some shots.

5 July (4)

5 July (3)

I took this one years ago, one of my favourites of the ripple and the carp and the blue sky reflected in the water. Photography is all about timing and light.


  An old big moss covered tree stump. You see after events i also go up and clean up any plastic toys that may get blown by a storm or swept away in a flood, putting them in a safer place for the environment.

5 July (5)

The ultimate “Man Belt” – my grandpa’s old tool belt willed with Captain Black little sweet or vanilla cigars, Combination fire or cig lighter and bottle opener, an old knife of my dad’s, a flashlight in case i am over at the Black Cabin after dark because of the bears, and something small and thin yet powerful that goes bang.

5 July (6)

An old shelf i put outside the house with iron cat and bug made at the foundry Dutch Jeff used to work at, and a wren house my dad made. a cat wind chime and of course an upright horseshoe.

6 July (4)

The new altar all set up and lit up. Yea.

5 July (8)

6 thoughts on “Photo Dump Blog Post from the Life of a Witch 5-6 July 2014

  1. Great pictures – that bike looks totally awesome! I love the image the pool, it looks like the setting for a fairy tale – a suitably dark one of course ;0)

    • TU, and that is all chrome on his bike, and weird thing is he does not seem the biker type at all, but i guess “back in the day” though he still rides now. i can’t imagine what it is worth, He is a heck of a nice guy and has a store called “_____ Buy, Sell and Trade and is legit, not a fence, and though we are Complete Opposites religiously (he is a wiped slate, though born Italian so i assume Catholic) and politically, but we get along well mano y mano. I should just start a photo blog as right now i have another dozen of so to publish. BB

  2. Love the colours in your pool. Love the altar too.

    • By pool i assume u mean the natural pool in the stream? Yes all black and red. And today took over a box of black glassware i bought at a flea market for almost nothing with over a dozen pieces. hey, u would appreciate 5 of them are various ashtrays, LOL, but also bowls, patens, chalices, etc. That is the place where the BSSS darker magickes will be practiced, the OLD ways of the COC before the BTW influence, the German and French lineages, and you know what that means Fraulein… I just sold a bunch of silver coins and could not resist the French coins from the late 1700s during the slaying of the witches and satanists and heretics (me in a previous life as the head of such a group, with political connections to La Voisin etc. And a coin from Haiti at the same time, where we escaped to, then to NOLA where i lived out my days as a pharmacist, alchemist, herbalist until one of the many plagues took me. I am not making this up and have remembered it and others i know who were there remembered it too. Any connection for you two?

    • TY, one of my best photos ever, the ripple perfect timing with the lighting. The small fish are small trout, bass and minnows. Months later there was a big flood so the carp probably made it to the river or at least the next bigger pool farther downstream. .

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