Penwortham Holme

From the pen of Lorna the Bard. Read the comments both mine and adruidsway also.

Signposts in the Mist

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the garths
where you caught the little silver salmon?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the holme,
its treacherous fords and unpredictable tides,

how I held you in my arms midst the throes of a midnight sea,
how your flesh was warm and mine cold and strange?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the tail of the woman
who slipped away and swam up river to lay our eggs?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you want to know my death
and the fate of our little silver children?

Fisherman, fisherman, where are you now,
now that the river is drained away?


Penwortham Holme was originally made up of three raised pieces of land in the middle of the river Ribble; Little Holme, Little Holme and Great Holme. In Penwortham in the Past, Alan Crosby shows a map where there are fish garths across the river to the south…

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