A Winter’s Deipnon

My comment – “Powerful. The emotions will always be there, never to be killed, dangerous to suppress because they ooze out in bad ways. They are to be witched (“bent”) towards the Light and good thoughts. You are breaking out of an old leathery snake egg buried too long. You will rise like a Phoenix or like the flying serpent Quetzalcoatl …… “


The Earth is quivering beneath my feet, vibrating with the thumping of footsteps or drum beats, heartbeats- h-eart(h)beats. With every pulsing vibration I find myself closer to collapsing. The wind is not howling, it is screeching. I cannot bring myself to carry on moving, so I drop to my knees.

As my knees hit the ground the tears start to rise from the heat in my cheeks, these are not tears of pain, they are tears of ecstasy, of Ā rapture, of Her closeness. I offer wine and burn flowers. I cannot let the winter ice over my heart; there is a beauty in being able to acknowledge that sometimes there might not be anything to say, but there are still emotions to feel.

I feel my shell start to crack, as I kneel at Her feet, kissing the ground. I cannot see Her face, but I can feel Her, Serpentineā€¦

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