Now a New Religious Civil Liberties Fight for Our Coven – the Right for Access to the land and cabin I plan on turning into our Covenstead

Coven of the Catta

31 May (3)

26 June (16)

Those of you who follow this or my BSSS blog surely remember

Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to legally perform Marriages in Pennsylvania


Victory regarding the Right of Witch Priests and Priestess in PA to legally marry couples, or as Charlton Heston said in “The 10 Commandments” – “Victory is Mine Sayeth The (Horned God) Lord”

but if not follow the links above. Bottom line, the ACLU already won this fight X 3 in various parts of Pennsylvania and with the help of my land deed lawyer, who happened to be the lawyer for the County too, he talked the Purveyor of Deeds to recognize a Third Degree Witch Priest/ess as “an ordained minister of an established religion who has a congregation that meets regularly” to quote the Law of the State of PA. Well we thirds are all of the above – we are “ordained /…

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