Witchy Saturnsday, a little new moon, a little waxing moon, all mixed up bending time space which is how i practice my Witchcraft, Magicke, Thelema and Tantra

I started this on Saturday / Saturnsday and hope to get it posted today Monday / Moonday.

Some pics in the day of a life of an Appalachian Witch and country boy. I dress this way locally. If going to a club in the city or locally i wear all black leather, size 8 in female leather skin tight pants. But here i am wearing my late Dad’s ole duck hunting hat, sleeveless shirt because it is HHH as hell, lots of tats showing, cargo pants holding cell phone, military style wallet around my neck. Moroccan coin of a pentagram and hexagram on silver chain, carrying a new slim Glock 42 which is a .038 with 147 grain hollow points, some horehound candy i am addicted to, a gold plated business card holder with the COC card with blog and my email (yes i even hand them out to fundamentalist xians, keys to Jeep and three houses and a practical old sharp knife of my dads (he trapped and skinned muskrats, he being a true “river rat” a they are called in these parts) on a chain on a leather loop that was my dad’s, Captain Black cigar-ettes in an old metal case from my dad’s garage, etc.. Like i said, lots of pockets. Do these stuffed pockets make my hips look fat? LOL

26 June (6)

Standing before the gun sales rack. Yes, a pacifist Democratic (moderate) Buddhist Witch who likes to “pling” with hand guns, target bow and arrows (with my dad’s quiver must be 50+ years old), and short long guns like .22s. No hunting as i have been a vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy for 40 years. I was at the local new sporting goods store where a Glock man helped me put a little finger extension on the pistol. Actually i did it under his supervision as doing stuff is the only way i learn anything, not just being shown as someone else does it.

Based on the above, can you put me in a witch box? I think not…

26 June (7)

A business associates kiss ass cycle with a chrome skull headlamp that cost $800 and an entire skeleton skilfully airbrushed on the frame. Hmm, kept n the back room of his business, a side of him i guessed at but did not know. Can i saw here awesome frigging ride?!!!

26 June (8) 26 June (11)

I have NO idea what this is a pic i took of, but it sure is cool. I was setting off some fountain sparklers at the BH for SS and i think that is the manipulated pic? I take a dozen or more pics a day…

26 June (12)

I found this rare moth, who knows Latin name, white w black spots, one leg stuck in he BH (Black House aka Black Cabin aka Der Schwarz Haus) and rescued it and spent about an hour as it crawled all over me and the Goddess state, down into the water, up in the plants, finally fully recovered and flew off. My “good deed” for my Witch merit badge of the day.

26 June (13) 26 June (14) There she is, rescued from my late uncles property, thrown away. paper mach to something stronger, held together now by bambooo, in an old 50 year old concrete pieces found hundreds of feet apart from the original original Doctor owner of the BH, morning glories growing around and onto her, stones and crystals for the four directions, tomorrow to get a willow tree planted west and a locust tree (branch cutting w rotting enzyme). BTW i tried this with about a dozen trees and shrubs n left them in water too long to collected new ones, including from a lady an eighth mile away who is a natural witch w faerie statues and a faerie house and the most exquisite garden i have seen since Lady Alsaces though in  smaller area.

26 June (16) How to protect a growing catnip plant from my cats that want to roll in it and crush it to death for a decade i have tried to plant it.

26 June (17)

Long story, found wounded turtle on road, went back to rescue, dead, recovered body, laid on land in swampy area w metal milk cage to protect from bears etc, two days the flies n maggots did their job, BUT, the eggs were intact, soft, not insect bitten, fresh, warm. Can i do the great alchemy of shallowly burying the eggs where a momma turtle would, above the flood plant like in my garden, under once again a metal milk crate, in the sun, keeping them moist. If these turtles from a dead run over momma hatch i am going to start a Christian Turtle Avatar Savior Cult, LOL. Non LOL i really do have some faith. hell turtles have survived all kinda of calamities for  hundreds of millions of years.

26 June (18)

26 June (20)

Stones recovered from the creek bank from diggings into the deepest layer under my cellar floor in preparation for waterproofing. Mother Earth, and some skeletons from the Prohibition, Civil War, etc (just kidding as all the skeletons are in my closet (double ententre))

Turtle shell n bones in bleach, stinky.

26 June (21)

A little magicke to ground some energies with a sinker, hard to see, late at night.

26 June (4)

last late late night flames in the burner. i actually slept on the swing outside until sunrise when the birds awoke me an hour or so later.

A day in the life, my life…..

26 June (22)

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  1. Love it! Photo dump posts are some of my favorite posts.

    • Sometimes i write long posts, and sometimes i take a couple days of manipulated photos and build a story of few words around them. Problem is i am sure most of my pics are then stolen and put on Tumblr or wherever, but i hate watermarks. TY for enjoying the “photo dump post”, never heard that term before and will use it in the future for a title of such a post, LOL.

  2. Nice photos and writings. We are home now so hopefully will be able to get back to some of your previous entries that we wanted to read in more detail.

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