The Tibetan Bon Terma of the Phurba/Demon Dagger and Grimoire of Vajra-Kila – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

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The Tibetan Bon Terma
of the
Phurba/Demon Dagger
Grimoire of Vajra-Kila

©1993 GLHoke / ZAXON 210-8-211
ZAXON Publishing

Once again, don’t try this at home without the proper empowerments. Another mostly notes doc about Vajrakilaya or DorjePhurba, completely unedited from the 1993 document.

The Phurba Cult :

The Phurba / Phurpa / Phurbu is a weapon commonly held by the Wrathful Deities. It’s history goes back to around 1000ce, and was spread across the Himilayas and west into Mesopatamia and east into Indonesia. The one common physical feature is a long triangular/three-sided blade with serpents trailing down it, and the fancier ones developed handles of the heads of Makara dragons topped by an embedded vajra or lotus topped by a three-sided god’s head. Tibetan Buddhism transformed the triple head into Padmasambhava in his three forms. Some older phurpas have the horse’s head of the deity called Hayagriva. One original theory of how horses and phurpas became connected is that these horse-riding nomadic warriers kept their horses in place by a rope to a pen pounded into the ground, thus the phurba/dagger/peg. Most blades are iron with brass or copper or silver on the handle. But some of the older more practical phurbas are just carved of wood. In Nepal a healer/exorcist/shaman must carve a wooden Forba as an initiation. These all-purpose daggers could be stuck in the ground around a camp or as tentstakes to banish demons from the site. The Bonpo shamans of Tibet had their own “God of the Dart” known as Phur-ba’i-Lha.

If one looks at the geomantic forces of the earth’s electromagnetism as being serpentine or Naga energies, then the phurba was used as an instrument to redirect these powers. Phurbas are like pendulums that respond to power spots and demon haunted grounds. A Dutch Hexen friend of mine refers to them as <demon-stickers>, which is a healthy practical occult view. But the Tibetan practitioners see these energies more as primal and amoral, and thus to be dealt with in an enlightened and compasionate way. But in the end the power of the Phurba god deals decisively both inwardly and outwardly towards the old gods of the Earth. These energies are pinned down, controlled, and re-directed by the phurba master, but the dragon/serpent isn’t killed like Michael or St. George would have done.

The secrets of the Phurba god and his teachings were discovered by Padmasambhava and his consort Yeshe-Tsogyel, then hidden again in caves and astral akashic spaces as Terma for later Tertons to discover physically and psychically. They were brought out by Terton Ratna-glin-pa in the 1400’s out of a triangular cave guarded by a scorpion. For this reason phurbas are displayed on altars in triangular bases marked with the scorpion charm.

The Phurba festival is on the 8th day after the 4th new moon of the year, sometime in August, and lasts 5 days. The present 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatsal still has traveling with him both a phurba master and hail master to prepare places for his religious ceremonies and teachings.
As a practitioner of Wicca, I feel that much I have learned about phurba rites can be applied to magicke with the Athalme. In much the same way can the god energies of the even more dualistic West be handled by the athalme used like a phurba. In the same way Witche’s have applied native shamanic techniques for contact with the old Celtic goddesses and gods and elementals. While much of this native European religion has been burned out by X-ianity, the threads of their practices still survive in other forms in the jungles of the Amazon and the caves of the Himilayas.

The serpentine Kris knives of Bali and Thailand are a related magickal weapon. In legend each knife carries a spirit which must be dealt with and which can be used as a protector.

Phurbpas are three-headed daggers into Nagaloka, like the three-headed images of Hekate, the Greek Goddess of the underworld crossroads.

And are not the wood or iron stakes of the vampire hunters this same instrument in the West ?

In Hindu India this god was originally the Vedic Indrakilaya who fought and subdued the drought Nagaraja Vritra with the original lightening iron nail weapon, the Phurba.

Kilana = ‘nailing’ = a process by which a spirit or other ethereal being is nailed down or captured with a mantra and made to remain in a certain location for a specific purpose.

IndraKila = thunderbolt / nail driven into the
head of Vritra, not to kill her but to stabilize her.

Pillars, towers, temples, lingums, spires, phurbas, nails, pins, and swords all pin down the turbulent female chaos energy of nature.

The largest more ornate temple phurpas, called Ma-phur, often blossom into the full form of the Master or God of the Phurba, known as Vajrakilaya or one of the names above.

Hermit Yogi/Yogini Chod practitioners sometimes pitch a shelter with their Khatvanga/Trident as the tent pole and four phurbas as tent pegs.

The original horsemen of the Mongal north may have used a phurba like peg to tether their horses (Hayagriva) to.

Phurba blades have on their 3 sides the 3 Nagas :
Kali Nag – black snake
Padma Kuli – lotus snake
Astra Kuli – armed snake

In Hindu India wooden images of malevolent Goddesses of disease are stuck full of nails to keep them at bay.

Grimoire of the Phurba Master known as
Dorje Zhonnu
Khyab hJug Ch’en Po :

Here is a description of his mandala/yantra : He dwells in a blazing blue/black triangle surrounded by four interlocking demons and the eight sacred charnel grounds. In it’s centre sits a flowering lotus under the sun and moon. Dorje Zhonnu himself, his body glowing stormy blue, has three wrathful heads coloured white/blue/red surmounted by a vajra or Amoghasiddhi Buddha’s head. He has six arms holding flame, vajra, scorpion, trident, and two holding a single-faced Vajrakilaya phurba centre. His lower body is the three-sided triangle blade with serpent tails weaving upon it. He is surrounded by flames. Sometimes he embraces his consort Khorlo-Gye-Dema. Visualize at his brow a shining white OM, at his throat a fiery red AH, and at his heart a blazing vareagated blue-black HUM. From his body streams ultraviolet light in the ten directions. In the old manuscripts of Phurba practice it is said that the phurba master sits in a mandala/yantra of human skin surrounded by four lotus petals then a circle of ten more blazing petals. In a later section are listed the Naga ornaments and Mandala and Mantras of Vajrakilaya. Some of his other forms are named : Tingnak Dorje Trophur – blue/black vajra wrathful phurba, Muknak Dorje Trophur – purple vajra wrathful phurba, and Dukphur Nakpo – poisonous black phurba.

According to Tarthang Tulku : <<Propitiation of Vajrakila (the wrathful manifestation of Amoghasiddhi) severs the roots of karmically inherited dispositions constituting the personality stemming from envy and jealousy, and eliminates feelings of separateness instigated by insecurity, fear and self-condemnation>>.

Like the medieval magickians co-temporaneous with him, the phurba shaman sits protected in this circle while dealing with his evoked

Nagas/Angels/Demons inside their own constricted triangle. Such a talisman would have a downward triangle, with three phurbas in the corners pointed inwards, inside of which is an eight petaled lotus circle, in which sits the Naga to be questioned or commanded, worshipped or banished.

Tracing these deities back to the natural forces :
Vajrakila = thunderbolt = strike = male/fire
ZaRahula = storm/tornado = suck =
male/air and female/water
Ravana = earthquake/landslide = shake = male/earth
They are the highest RakshaNagaRajas because
space and fire and air are over
the Nagas/Naginis who are of water and earth.

Purba Drugse Champa – Bon Phurba winged form with 6 arms holding 6 phurbas, winged consort holding skullcup and phurba, lower body of Makara head with phurba coming out of mouth, piercing two corpses flanked by a makara with phurba riding makara and a boar with phurba riding a boar.

Universal Phurba deity form : 6 arms holding
right Vajra (Vajrayana Buddhism) and Swastika (Bon)
center Phurba (Shamanism)
left Trident (Shaivism) and Fire (Parsee/Zoroastrian)
Consort Nagini holding
right Snake (Naga) and left Skullcup (Yaksha)

Phurba deity is half male and half female in that the upper half is a phallick tricephalic head mounted on a vajra, and the lower half is a lotus that turns into a makara mouth spitting a triangular blade wreathed in serpents.

The Phurba is used in speed-walking to surf the electromagnetic ley lines like a pogostick.

Yeshe Tsogyal is the main Vajrakilaya lineage holder from Padmasambhava down thru.

Mandalas and Mantras :

Tibetan Naga ornaments of Dorje-Zhonnu :

brow Hung-kara
right shoulder Yukngon
throat Tamdrin
heart Shinjeshe
above navel Dutsi-Khyil
gut centre Miyo-Gon
right thigh Dorgyel
left thigh Khamsum-Namgyel
lingam Topoche

Mandala of Vajrakilaya /
Phurba ‘phrin las lha tshogs:

centre Buddhakila / sKu mahog
azure blue phurba of conch shell
east Vajrakila / Thugs mchog
white phurba of silver
south Ratnakila / Yon tan
yellow phurba of gold
west Padmakila / gSung mchog
red phurba of copper
north Karmakila / ‘phring las
green phurba of iron

Vajrakilaya Bija Mantra :

Ja Hum Ah

Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Vajra Kilikilaya
Sarva Bighnam
Bam Hung Phat !

Vajrakilikilaya Mantra :

Om Kuru Kuru
Svaha !

Sixteen Syllable Mantra :

Om Vajra Ki Li Ki La Ya
Sarva Bha Gin Bam Hum Phat
Ja Hum Ah

Femanine Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Kuru Kuru
Candakililaya Svaha

Long Form of Vajrakilaya Mantra :

Om Vajra Kilikilaya Dza Hong Bam Ho :
Katam Kaye : Jaye Bhijaye :
Achite : Aparachite :
Mara Sena Pramara Tanaye
Sarva Binghan
Bam Hung Phat !

Mantras from Terma/treatise of Dorje Zhonnu :

Om Rulu Rulu Hum Shoa Hum
Om Bhaser Kili Kilaya Sarvar
Bing Ne Bam Hum Phet !

Burn and stab effigy with Phurpa with the Mantra :

Che Che Stam Bha Ya !

Mantra of Accomplishment :

Sarva Ah Na Ya Vajra Phat !
Ta Tha Ya Tha Ya Hum Phat !
Ah Be Sha Ya Ah Be Sha Ya Hum Phat !

Initiations/Empowerments into Vajrakila :

My first was in the summer of 1993. The occasion was the teaching of the Shakya Trizin in Washington D.C. This lineage of Vajrakila comes from Padmasambhava thru Khon Luiwangpo thru the Shakya royal family and has remained intact down thru the years. An old Phurba was put out on the altar for the empowerment and hidden away immediately afterwards. Wand was thru being touched on the head by the large elaborate torma of Vajrakila.

My second was in the summer of 1994. The occasion was the teaching of Jigmey Phuntsok Jungney, a terton in the Vajrakilaya lineages of Yeshe Tsogyel, Nanam Dorje Dudjom, Terton Sogyal, and Lerab Lingpa. The initiation is called <<The Sole Kilaya of the Sacred Bond of the Heart>> and is of the Phurba called VajraKumara which hung around Padmasambhava’s neck and which he gave to Yeshe Tsogyal. It is the <<Mother of All Phurbas>>. The form of Vajrakila is of a blue youth with two arms rolling a phurba, ornamented with snakes and skulls, surrounded by flames, standing on disks of the sun and moon. The Wang was a sharp hit on the crown with a Phurba. PHAT !

Notes :

Phurba teachings first given by a 9 headed scorpion in a cremation ground

vajrakila form of shiva as mahakala lord of tent pole, center of tent pole is lingum and 4 pegs are phurbas

padmasambhava had bell metal phurba right for maras and rakshas, kila of teak wood left to protect disciples, and black iron kila necklace indivisible with the deity

herukabuddha raped rudra’s rakshasha wife to birth vajrakumara half heruka half raksha

make mandala of vk from nails or thorns

mahottarakila = 9 heads and 18 arms

mantras of vk in phurba bk pg 46 on and 131

types of symbolic natural phurbas
trident for shiva
eclipse pointed shadow for rahu/ketu
lighteningstrike for vajrakila
swastka for rahu
meteor or comet for ketu

Hayagriva is the wrathful form of Avalokitesvara whose mantra is

Hayagriva consort Sri has
red head and green body holds kapala left and curved blade right

horses are natural enemies of snakes

Kilaya is like an armed escort. – Yeshe Tsogyal

wrap blue/black cloth around a phurba to stabalize it when thrown like the feathers on an arrow, and this cloth can conceal the phurba from other’s eyes

Ratna Lingpa is the terton who discovered the Vajrakila phurba text which is the lineage thru Penor Rinpoche of the Palyul lineage

Vajrakumara’s consort is Ekajati

Vajrahumkara is in the zenith with vajra and ghanta and snake around topknot and holds also a bow and arrow like rahula

Amritakundalin – snake form

Kila mudra – triangles with first, little, and thumbs

Kilaka – female form

death mantra with bone phurba

Sri Devi has a phurba topped with a peacock feather

phurba parts :
vajra – fire
knot – air
lotus/makara – water
blade/nagas – earth

white phurba – bone
red phurba – wood
black phurba – iron

Vajrakila consort Trptacakra or Diptacakra

kila circle starts from northeast

all trees are seen as living kilas

vajrakila rapes rudra’s wife who is a rakshashi and has son vajrakumara who is half heruka and half rakshasha

rahula is also half rakshasha and half nagaraja

vajrakila yabyum = sex + death

phurba oracle – cast 9 nails and see geometric patterns

black vajrakila has 3 heads and 6 arms
coloured vajrakila Mahottarakila has 9 heads and 18 arms

vajrakila puja like chod in that the universe is destroyed and recreated

grey vk book page 88 has retinue of 10 directions and page 166 has universe visualized as a phurba

on the lingum :
white OM at testicles base
red HUM on shaft
blue PHAT at tip when cumming
female has a red AH in her yoni vajrakilaya mudra

The Tibetan Bon Terma of the Naga/Serpent Cults containing The Grimoire of Za-Rahula – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

Rahula TV 2

The Tibetan Bon Terma
of the
Naga/Serpent Cults
The Grimoire of Za-Rahula

©Copyright 1993
ZAXON  Publishing
ZAXON ° 210-8-211

I should not even be publishing this a without the proper empowerments this practice Will kill you or someone else. Grab lightning and a rattlesnake by the hand, but you better have the proper “gloves” on….

The Naga Cult :

The Nagas (female : Nagi/Nagini) in the Religions of the Indian subcontinent are an ancient race of beings, half-human and half-serpent, who live in Lokas or realms beneath the ocean or below the earth in caves and mountains. Whether they are above or below humans in the cosmic hierarchy is debated among yogis and tantrickes of both hands. They seem to be equated with what we in the West might call a helpful fallen angel, much like the Qabalistic angels and demons used in medieval magickes.

While they do dwell beneath us and thus in the dark of our Subconscious, they are supposed to be very Wise and eager to teach, and to be the guardians of great Treasure, sometimes physical but often more astral/spiritual in the form of Termas or hidden tantricke and magickal texts from the past. These are channeled by the present Tertons, or reincarnated shaman tantrickas who hid them in the first place, with the help of these Nagas. One of the foundation teachers of the Madyamika-Tantrayana is Nagarjuna, who in thankas is always shown seated upon a throne of Serpents. He travelled in Nagaloka, met the King of Nagas and his daughter, and obtained from her the Prajnaparamita Sutras. Compare this with the Western Dragon who guards hidden treasures in the Mountain of the Grail. Tertons, who rediscover and reveal Terma, are originally the reincarnations of the chief disciples of Padmasambhava and other masters (like his tantricke consort Yeshe Tsogyal), who have particular connection with the eighteen various kinds of hidden treasures Padmasambhava decided to conceal for us in the future.

Here in the Western hemisphere I believe that there is also terma in the form of knowledge treasures from the past and the future hidden in space/time/vortices in certain places in the woods by the AmerIndians, in the air by dakinis, faeries, and UFO-nauts, in the water by dolphin and whale intelligences, in old metal antiques by the artist/magickians, etc. Thus the knowledge of the old Shamans is still in the woods and stones, which is actually where they got it originally, and also in the archetypal kings and queens of certain animal totems, like the wisdom of bears and snakes. From the past, hieroglyphs can be psychically scanned and retranslated into their spiritual meaning, or even scientific meaning of their inventions that we have lost, like alchemy and the Atlantian’s use of crystal engines.

And the latent future ideas and inventions and inspirations we will benefit from are floating on the archetypal/akashic plane just waiting for us to open our upper chakras and discover these secrets. Man’s future mind dwells now in potential waveforms in space and in the archetype of UFO’s and aliens. All the secrets are hidden in our minds, in our collective memories, in our DNA. You and I have the key within, the Key to the door of knowledge in the intuitive/subconscious, but the Lion/Serpent of the mammalian and reptilian brains are the guardians of the threshold. These guardians are no different than the Dakinis and Nagas that guard the terma, though another source for these entities may be that a Siddha/Magickian has projected his/her own guardian externally on the astral to guard such treasure he has hid. Then your own inner Dragon will have to befriend that Naga and strike a deal. The guardian will be programmed to recognize a kindred soul and the proper timing. Then the doors inner and outer can open. Often the Naga opens the terma, but the Terton cannot read the script of this twilight language. In this case the Terton is not fully ready to completely understand on the inner. He may have to take it to another who will understand, the discoverer being only the carrier of the terma to the real Terton. Or a Terton may discover a treasure of text and hide it, only to discover later that it has disappeared, which means that the time was not right or the Naga has been asleep and opened the terma too soon or for the wrong person. There are myriads of examples and methods that can be applied to the Magicke of Naga-Terma.

Here are some notes from my own experiences with the Naga Current: Crystals, phurbas, athames, or kris-knives are placed into the earth at waterholes or cracks in rocks to cause the serpentine energies and Nagas to arise. Vajras, ratnas, and manistones are placed on the Nagas heads to activate their ajnas to awaken them or to give them something to meditate on or be fascinated with to get around them as guardians. Nagas as guardians of terma will come out from under holes in rocks by springs and will come up to you with fierceness, but if you are not afraid and use the mantra <<Om Mani Padme Hum>>, they will then curl up around you and whisper into your left ear with their tongues waving to hypnotize you with the patterns of alpha and theta waves so you can understand their language and knowledge, but you have to trust and relax. Nagas are the spiral and straight forces of the ley lines and power spots within the Earth. They are evoked within any spiral traced upon the earth,

and with something to climb, which snakes are always enticed to do, like a wand or phurbha, and they are also enticed with mirrors and jewels reflecting the sun/moon/stars. Nagas are the form of the old AmerIndian medicinemen and shamans (of both sexes) who were here before and who dissappeared into various holy and power spots. Nagas are the form of your ancesters by being the form of the DNA/RNA that flows within you from your ancesters, thus they give access to the genetic code, and they help you mutate it. They are the form of the electromagnetic energies of the central nervous system, and of the bloodstream. In airy form as Dragons they are the vital pranas flowing within you. Naga/Dragons are the spiral forms of the weather patterns of the atmosphere, and of the gaseous clouds of the stars of space. Nagas are the colvolutions of our brains and of our guts. To heal someone with a Naga-disease, you can go and heal the diseased Naga itself by offering the medicine into a pool of water near the ill person’s dwelling.

We Westerners are ambiguous about the Serpent, from worshipping it as the giver of Knowledge with the Ophite/Gnostics, to abhoring it as Satan and the cause of all evil in X-ianity. In the same way the people of India also have two opinions about Snake Deities because they come from two races. The older dark Dravidians worshipped the Dark Goddess of the Earth and her Underworld Serpents. The later lighter Aryans brought with them their conquering sky gods, like the winged Garuda of Indra whose cult opposes that of the Nagas to this day.

Grimoire of
Raksha-NagaRaja :

The chief Nagaraja or Naga King of the race of Nagas and Naginis is the God/Asura/Rakshasha known variously as Za the Protector, Rahula, Ch-em ch’og in Tibetan, or Acala (immovable). The fire god Acala in Japanese Zen/Shinto is probably related in being a protective sword wielding warrior. In the Na-Khi Naga Cult he is known as the demon Zaw-ler-ngv-gu. He is blazing ultraviolet blue/black in colour like this Current of Dark Gods from the peaceful Amoghasiddhi, wrathful MahaKala, thunderbolt Zhonnu. He is the Watcher Za/Rahula/Acala/Naga. This Nagaraja is at the SouthEast of most ritual mandalas.

In the ancient Bon shamanism Za is Zaw, or the 9 planets, and Rahu as Rahula is the eclipse demon. His form is a 9-headed Nagaraja crowned with a black crow head, his coils covered with eyes. In one form he has three heads : one black, one white, and one red. His six arms hold to the right a sword, vajra, and wheel, and to the left a threatening mudra, snare, and hatchet. In another form he has nine heads, wrathful ones below and peaceful above. His four arms hold a Makara staff to the right, snake left, and the two at centre pull a serpentine bow and arrow. In both forms his body is cover with open eyes. And below the waist he is a twisting serpent surrounded by flames within a fiery quadrangle. In a later section are listed the Naga ornaments and Mantra of Za-Rahula.

From <<Demons and Oracles of Tibet>> :

Attributes of gZa-Rahula :
chief of all planetary gods
nine heads topped with raven’s head
which is very poisonous in it’s shadow
three lowest heads of the gshin-je type
are green and look down wrathfully to earth
three middle heads of the bdud type
are blue-red with bloodshot eyes
looking forward into the realm of man

three upper heads of the lha type
are green, red, and white with a peaceful look and gaze up into the sky
four arms holding bow-and-arrow,
makara head on a stick, and a snake
serpentine body covered with eyes
sitting in a fiery triangle or a lake of blood

Thirteen-fold Mandala around gZa-Rahula :

Right – Yab rdo rje srin po –
sits on a throne of bones, dark-blue, nine heads
Left – Yum rdo rje glog ‘gyu ma –
in a lake of blood, dark-red, nine heads
East – Byi nu raja – smake coloured
holding banners with makara and tiger on top
Outer East – gTag srin zor ba’i gdong can –
yellow-white, holding hook
Southeast – Drang srong –
pale yellow, holding nag-pasa and trident
South – Khyab mjug chen po –
dark-yellow, with nag-pasa and makara banner
Outer South – Bam srin dred kyi gdong can –
dark-yellow, with skull topped staff, nag-pasa
Southwest – Bikstipatra –
red, lifts a snake and a razor
West – lJang sden chen po –
dark-green, holding a snare and a chain
Outer West – Kong srin ba glang gi gdong can –
carries and hatchet and a snare
Northwest – Du ba mjug ring –
dark-blue, carries razor and skull cup
North – bDud po rog ti –
dark-blue, holds two snares
Outer North – ‘Brog srin chu srin gyi gdong can –
dark-green, lifts a mount Sumeru

Rahula names :

gZa’ mchog rgyal po rahula
Chos skyong gza’ bdud chen po rahula
gZa’ rgod dug gi spu gri
Drang srong gza’ bdud sgra can ‘dzin
Khyab ‘jug sgra gcan ‘dzin
Khyab ‘jug gnam mtsho’i bdag po
Srin po’i rgyal po gza’ bdud rahula
Du ba ‘jug ring
Rogs ste nag po
gNam gyi gza’ chen lha rgod
the wild god, planetary deity of the sky
Bar gyi khab ‘jug rahu’i rtsis
god of the atmosphere between sky and earth
Sa yi ‘phung bye nag mo – Rahu’s shakti/consort
realm of earth, ugly black woman holding
a sickle and a bag of diseases
rJe btsum ma Rig ma chen mo (or)
gZa’ thams cad kyi yum – goddess with Rahu
white body shining like the Moon
adorned with silks and jewels
three faces – red, white, blue with three eyes each
six arms in preaching mudra, blue lotus, vajra,
bow and arrow
retinue of seven goddesses of days of the week
Klu gza’ nag po/mo – in retinue of gZa
gCer bu lag rdum – in retinue, dark blue,
body of a man but the head of a snake,
riding a dragon, holding a snake snare
Yab gcig yaksa dzva la – to right of Rahu
dark red, nine heads, human body, holds staff
Yum gcig klu mo klog khyug ma – on left of Rahu
female with nine frog’s heads, snake body

Rahula is another of the principal Guardians of the Zogchen teachings. His lower body is like that of a snake, while his upper body is covered with eyes, which, together with the further eyes in his nine heads symbolize his ability to see in all directions. His bow and arrow are ready to strike at enemies, and his many mouths areready to devour their ignorance. He is shown in this wood-block print surrounded by flames of high energy, as are all Guardians, but Rahula’s power is so intense that, unless the practitioner has already developed considerable mastery, he can be a dangerous ally of potentially overwhelming power if not approached in the right way. Dorje Legba’s energy is less overwhelming than that of Rahula, he can be approached for assistance with relatively mundane matters, while Ekajati and Rahula are only concerned with matters strictly rrelating to the teachings and realization.

Rahu and Ketu (Dragon’s Head and Tail, the Northern Ascending and Southern Descending Nodes, respectively): These are the live head and truncated body of the demon. Of demonic origin they are essentially evil. Of black complexion, they control blood and skin. Small-pox, cholera, leprosy, plague and other epidemics are caused by them. They rule over prostitutes, gamblers and atheists. Poison is their favorite substance. Both are malefics. According to some authorities, Rahu and ketu are homeless wanderers, but others maintain that Rahu owns Virgo, and Ketu, Pisces, one of the two houses owned by Mercury and Jupiter respectively. Venus and Saturn are their friends, and Sun and Moon, enemies; they are

neutral towards Mars and Jupiter. Rahu and ketu rule the south-west. From the foregoing, it will be noticed that friendship and enmity are not reciprocal among planets. Rahu, for instance, loves Venus and Saturn, but Venus has no love for him.

In Hindu mythology, the demon Rahu is said to have stolen into the ranks of the gods while they were feasting on Amrita or nectar. He sneaked in between Sun and Moon, who were seated together, and these gods, recognizing the fraud, informed Vishnu who was presiding over the feast, about the intruder. Vishnu immediately cut off the demon’s neck. The miscreant, however, had already quaffed the nectar which had been served and hence could not die. So his head remains in the heavens as Rahu and body as Ketu. He is particularly vindictive against Sun and Moon for having informed against him, and eclipses are said to be caused by his trying to swallow them.

In Hindu Astrology
The Boar is Rahu (eclipse)
The Fish is Ketu (comet)

In Hindu astrology
Demon Rahu is portrayed as the Dragon’s head
in the form of a disembodied head
Ketu the Dragon’s tail is in the form of
a headless body holding a sword
standing upon a turtle.

Rahu (the Seizer) : also called
Radiance-of-Soma (Svarbhanu)
son of Vipracitti (Sagracious)
brother of Maya
mother is Simhika (Lioness)

Ketu, the Dragon’s tail
in heaven gives birth to comets and meteors
on earth causes earthquakes

In Hindu Yoga
Rahu is the open top of the central Kundalini channel
the Headless-One of the Zero-state
between the channels of the Sun and Moon

Yantra for Rahu (moon’s north mode, dragon’s head):
for matters of the subtle realm, mental unease,
criminal tendencies, trial, imprisonment,
and insanity

Yantra for Ketu (moon’s south mode, dragon’s tail):
for matters dealing with the health of the
lower body, back troubles, stiff and swollen
joints, internal disorders, veneral diseases,
and disorders of the legs and feet
(in other words – naga diseases)

Zinc is the metal of Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu’s blood touched the earth giving birth to garlic.

Rahu’s stone is Hessonite (gomed):
Garnet family, orange-brown,
the colour of the full moon when eclipsed.
Problems created by Rahu, and treated with
Hessonite include : a sluggish nature, hedonism,
bad luck, suffering, anxiety, insatiable desires,
sense gradification, love of money, power and
fame, dullness, stupidity, mental diseases,
imprisonment, suicidal tendencies, drug addiction
and overdose, ghostly hauntings, etc.
Hessonite gives clarity of mind, removes fear,
and gives persons new insight into their problems.
It’s mantra is:

Ketu’s stone is Cat’s/Tiger’s Eye:
Gems of the dark malefic Ketu protect the wearer
from obsessive and compulsive behavior,
animalism, imprisonment, accidents, anxiety and
fear, conspiracies, nightmares, and diseases of the
joints and nerves.
It’s mantra is:

Rahu Kalam –
Inauspicious times of the day ruled by Rahu
good for thieving, murders, and other evil
Sunday – 16:30-18:00 pm
Monday – 07:30-09:00 am
Tuesday – 15:00-16:30 pm
Wednesday – 12:00-13:30 pm
Thursday – 13:30-15:00 pm
Friday – 10:30-12:00 am
Saturday – 09:00-10:30 am

Za Dud Dug Gi Pu Dri Chhod –
“Poison razor blade Rahula”

Rahu’s father was a Rakshasha and mother was a Nagi.

Rahula is a manifestation of Vajrapani.

The eight Nagas who adorn Rahula :

blue Sankapalaka binds the hair
red Taksaka forms earrings
striped Kulika adorns shoulders
white Padma forms necklace
yellow Huluhulu forms bracelets
green Karkotaka forms brahma thread
nector Vasuki forms girdle
white Mahapadma forms anklets

Mantras of Za-Rahula :

Om Ketu ketu
Saha Ghahula
Samaya Hum !
Rahu Naga Mantra :

Om Sarpavibhushit
Ketaketa Raksha Rahula Sarparivara
Maha Panca Amrita Rakta Bhalimta Kharam Khahi !

Seed syllable is “RA” in a red-black sphere.

Mantra of Rahu :

Ram Hraum Bhraum Hrim Soma-Satrun
Vi-Dhvamsaya Vi-Dhavamsaya Rahave Namah !
(O Enemy of Soma-Moon !
Destroy Destroy all enemies ! I bow to you Rahu !)

Mantra of Ketu !
Krum Hrum Kraim Ketave Svaha !

Rahu is called the demon Bhu-chhaya (earth shadow).

Ketu is the body and trunk of the demon Saimhikeya.

Simhika – lion headed mother of Rahu.

Torma :
Rahu – meteoric iron filings, steep red pyramid, spirally striped, covered with eyes, surrounded by impaled humans, offerings of tea, beer, flesh
kLu – roundish, white, decorated with a snake

Mda’dar / Divination Arrow :
gZa’mda’ (Rahu) – spotted shaft, silk pendants
of the 5 colours yellow, white, red, blue, green

Mdos / Thread Cross :
kLu mdos – blue/green centre, rainbow rim
gZa’mdos – black centre, rainbow rim, decorated with raven feathers

Weather Magickes :
interferance from Rahu is indicated
by a slow wind and spreading fog
yellow clouds in the morning show that
the yellow kLu are displeased
to conjure destructive hail
make a figure of Rahu out of yellow rice dough
and use a phurbu to transfer essence of gZa into
Rahu causes apoplexy /stroke / anaeurysm

Rahu = Raksha = a ‘fury’ = fire storm = Rahula = tornado

Rudraksha mala = Rudra + Raksha = Rudra’s red eyes

From Guenther :
Upper end of sushumna comes up to the cranium then forward to ajna where ‘nothingness enters and descends’ and is called Rahu/Time/Pure Consciousness. ‘Rahu connects a man to the stellar worlds’. Rahu has no existence itself but is ‘nothingness’ abyss.

0 = emptiness/headlessness = Rahu
2 = bliss/naga/body/sex = Ketu
° = the abyss at Qoph

gZa-zwa – the planet hat, black cone with raven atop

9 Gateway Orifices of the Body :
R eye / Sun
L eye / Moon
R ear / Mars
L ear / Mercury
R nostril / Jupiter
L nostril / Venus
navel / Saturn
urethra / Rahu
exits to realms of animals and Nagas
closes with white <Sum>
anus / Ketu
exits to realms of hells and demons
closes with yellow <Ksum>

Planetary / Constellation Correspondences :
Rahu = Saturn, Uranus
power over Moon and Aquarius
Ketu = Mars, Pluto
power over Sun and Scorpio

Rahu/Ketu are balanced by the Sun and Jupiter
and are ruled by Shiva and Neptune (trident).

Rahu is also balanced by Durga, Rama, and Sarpa-Naga
Ketu is balanced by Rudra/Shiva, Brahma (knowledge)
and Chitragupta (karma).

Rahu’s vehicle is a Lion and Ketu’s is a Serpent.

Rahu’s symbol is a Magnet and Ketu’s is a Flag.

Rahu’s direction of influence is SW and Ketu’s is NW.

Hindu form of Rahu – black, riding a dog,
holding a red sun and a white moon

Rahu as Ego – “Like the nodes of the lunar orbit that causes eclipses, the self is a precise but abstract and insubstantial place where magnetic lines intersect.”

In the Sushumna :
right/Ida/Sun/prana =
Rahu – Eclipse Asura / Black Hole
left/Pingala/Moon/apana +
Kalagni – Fire of Time / Pulsars

Astrologically Rahu and Ketu are
non-existant magnetic crossroads
of the ecliptic with the zodiac

Vajrakila = electircal
Rahu/Ketu = magnetic

Rahu = Demon Swarbhanu = Satan

Rahu = head/brain
Ketu = phallus/spine

Rahu = linga/head/swastika/angles
Ketu = yoni/tail/coil/curves

Rahu looks forward
Ketu looks backwards (karma)

Rahu = female, lapis
Ketu = eunuch, , turquoise

Kalasarpa = Rahu + Ketu

Rahu = air
Ketu = fire

Rahu = solar eclipse
Ketu = lunar eclipse

Vastu – brother of Rahu

Rahu’s magickal square :

13 8 15 Base number is 8

14 12 10 Columns add to 36

9 16 11 Total #s add to 108

Ketu’s magickal square :

14 9 16 Base number is 9

15 13 11 Columns add to 39

10 17 12 Total #s add to 117

<Imagine the following scene : It is midnight on the meridian of Ujjain in India on February 18, 3102 B.C. The seven planets, including the sun and moon, cannot be seen since they are all lined up in one direction on the other side of the earth. Directly overhead the dark planet Rahu hovers invisibly in the blackness of night.>

There may be a relationship between the Phurba gods and the Planetary deities shown in images of gZa-Rahula in which he is stabbing a demon in a triangle with a phurba.

From the <Treasury of the Vast Space of Dharmata> :
The Root Sadhana of the Great Guardian Rahula entitled :
<Taking the Blood of the Life Channel>
from the Treasury of Dudjom Lingpa called
<T’hroma Nagmo- a practice cycle for realization of the wrathful Black Dakini> :

The following will be edited into an obscure language font in copies of this Grimoire circulated to the public :

The great guardian Rahula’s root practice, <Taking the Blood of the Life Channel>, for those worthy ones with the courage to accomplish it is praised as the friend of yogins who persevere in the essence in one lifetime. Easy to accomplish, it is eminently effective but dangerous, swift acting and of great power and ferocity. For the support torma, the base is round, an eight-spoked wheel of meteorite metal. At its hub put a red torma twisted at the top. Put nalings in front and at the three corners, eight tormas on the eight spokes, also twenty-eight balls and eight small tormas. These support materials are adorned with ornaments of silk brocade, meat, blood, leopard and tiger skins. The offering materials are meat, blood, torma and libation. Bless them with the mantra and mudra of the <Treasury of Space>. Upon the support torma put a vajra with a HUNG. Insert the seed syllable a little bit below the tip and insert a drawing of a blue HUNG to block the throat. Rahula will then accomplish actions and show personal kindless. maintain the pride of oneself as T’hroma.

In front, in the midst of an extremely terrifying charnel ground, the expression of earth, water, fire, wind and space,

in an expanse of fire, smoke, wind, rain and fog, the rishi Rahula arises from RA.

ZHAL GUI TENG DU JA ROG DONG: KU TOD SRIN PO P’HA YI LU: Atop his nine heads is a raven-faced one. His upper body is a cannibal demon, like his father,

with four hands holding arrow, bow, water cannibal and lasso. His lower body is the serpent tail of his naga mother.

Eyes cover him, and there is no distinction between his head and torso. At his navel is a blazing face with a terrifying gaping mouth.

Draped with silks and wearing snake bracelets, he stands in a mass of fire and smoke. The four animal-faced sisters are his companions,

the eight planets, messengers and constellations his servants. The eight legions bound in his service are sent into action.

He is adorned by Vajrapani, master of secrets, above his head. Light rays radiate intensely from his three places.

throughout the sky, outer space and land, to charnel grounds, temples and dharma places,

wherever the lord, retinue and subjects dwell. It invokes them all and they become indivisible.

Because of my faith and samaya, Great Rahula, grant your presence.

Four animal-faced sisters, eight planets, constellations and legions, all with your retinues, come forth.

Sit down on the seat of strict samaya. I prostrate so that enlightened activity will be accomplished.



O poison Razor-Blade Planet Spirit, I present offerings, desirables, medicine, tormas, rakta,

the flesh, blood, life breath and property of obstructing forces, a variety of grains, fine silk, wild animal skins,

flowers, waters, blood, hearts, tormas and libations-

all types of appropriate samaya substances. You and your entourage will be pleased and satisfied,

so assist me and my entourage constantly in achieving our intentions.

Keep and protect our property, wealth and enjoyments and destroy obstructing forces by actual powerful activity.


Holder of Vajrapani’s strict injunction, with dominion over the element of sky,

great master of life force of the three existences- your four animal-faced attendants bring down the death spirits,

and your eight planetary emanations pervade the world. You bind the twenty-eight constellations into service.

and send the eight legions of gods and cannibals into action. Your prowess is the most exalted in the three worlds.

your miraculous powers equal the reaches of the sky and your ferocity is greater than meteors from the sky.

By the strength of your prayers you protect the doctrine and guard all samaya holders as your children.

Great executioner of vow breakers, great rishi, I pray homage to you.

In accordance with the oath of the rigdzin lineage of Vajrapani and Padmasambhava,

strictly guard the Buddha’s doctrine. Accomplish this yogin’s enlightened activity

and the swift achievement, by mere thought, of pacifying, enriching, overpowering and destroying activity.

Do not transgress your vows ! Samaya !

Key visualization for the mantra:
I visualize myself clearly as the yidam in front of whom is a terrifying charnel ground filled with fire and wind. In the midst of this is the rishi, great guardian Rahula, with all his emanated entourage of obedient ones. At his heart, I clearly visualize a globe of light within which the reddish black letter RA is surrounded by the mantra.

As the yidam, light rays emanate from the mantra in my heart and mix with the life force mantra. The samaya and I merge into one. Obtaining the life force of the strict samaya, no one ever transgresses it for even an instant.

Just by reciting I obtain their life force essence and accomplish unimpeded, prodigious enlightened activity.


Calling with this mantra, incite them with:

Inciting thus, annihilate with:

The changes in visualization can be learned from oral instruction.

For the offering prayer, having set out the libation, first portion and accumulated substances, wash away impurities with:

Transmute them into elixer with:
AMRITA . . . :

Consecrate and increase them with the mantra and mudra of the <Treasury of Space>.

In the expance of space and secluded dharma places, in wild charnel grounds and in vast blood lakes,

roving in indefinite places, guardian of the doctrine, rishi Rahula,

Razor-Blade of life force, come forth! As I call upon you by the strict oath

of Vajrapani and Padmasambhava, come forth without delay to this place.

I empower you as my protector. I offer tea and beer libations, first portions and a red torma,

various kinds of meat, heart and blood, fine silks and wild animal skins,

the substances of support, accomplishment and fulfillment, free, domestic and aquatic animals,

birds, wild animals, jewels and medicine. All kinds of appropriate and offering substances

I offer to Poison Razor-Blade Rahula, the eight planets and animal-faced sisters,

twenty-eight constellations and host of the eight legions, all with your entourages- partake ! I offer !

Assist me and my entourage constantly in achieving our intentions.

Increase happiness and good fortune. Please do not be contentious or malicious.

Do not transgress your strict samaya but quickly achieve whatever action I request.

When this is accomplished, within one month of practice, radiating sparks of fire and flashes of light will occur. The proclaimed samaya is established by the yidam’s mantra. Sprinkle the elixer of vajra samaya. Samaya ! The samaya-bound yogin who accomplishes this will be able to achieve all actual powerful activity without impediment, and fame of his or her powers will spread throughout the earth. All misguiding forces will be annihilated. Samaya ! Treasure seal ! Secret seal ! Sealed in perpetuity ! The sign dissolves!
Thus the yogi of natural great perfection (Dzogchen), Dudjom Dorje Drolod, accurately deciphered this from nonletter symbols in the sky. Written down by Chhokyi. Virtue !

The rest of this Grimoire consists of long lists of the Mantras and Names from the Naga Currents. For years I’ve tried to find this information on Serpent Magicke in the East’s primal systems. Be aware of the fact that the <<Mahabharata>> lists 78 names of the ‘sons of Kadru’, or names of Hindu Nagarajas/Nagas/Nagis, and one scripture called <<Nilamata>> lists over 500, so this booklet only

scratches the surface of this long and involved tradition. I am tempted to keep it to myself as my priveledged knowledge. But any working mystical/magickal system should be shared for those extremely few others who may benefit. We are lucky to live at this time when the theologies of all religions past and present are published for our education and comparison. Shifting the wheat from the racist chaft gives us a kernal of possible truth to hopefull re-sprout into the present psychic world. Whatever gods survive in the 90’s certainly ought to be communed with. Enjoy this still alive Current

Dictionary of Dragons / Nagas / Serpents :

Invocation :
<<From out of water onto earth,
raising up into air gazing towards the Sun,
I NagaVajra arise !>>

Nagas and their Puja/Worship :

Naga = “those who do not walk, who creep”

Nagas/Nagis – gods of water and weathermaking,
represent the dead ancestors, are guardians of
treasure, control fertility, and are tutelar deities
representing the god/goddess of nature.

Nagarupa forms :
Nagaraja – human form with 3/5/7/9
snake hoods and coils behind
Divya-Naga – human above and serpentine below
Tiras-chan-Naga – total snake form

Sarpa-vidya – magickal knowledge of snakes

Nagas, Makaras, and Tortoises
form a water/earth Trinity

Nag-Mati – snake doctors

Vajrakilaya / Dorje-phurba – Herukas over Nagas

<<Phurbas are the fangs of the Nagas.>>

Trees hold sap, and Nagas hold poison.

Nagas lord over the harvesting of gems,
metal smelting, and alchemy.

Shiva’s weapon Pinaka is a 7-headed snake club.

The Blue Pearl on the Naga’s head is it’s glowing Pineal.

Nagas wear a ruby on their forehead,
and Garudas wear an emerald.

Nagas live in springs under willow trees,
which one can plant in their honour,
and they are in charge of rain, trees, fruit, flowers.

Vastu-Sarpa – ‘house serpent guardian’

Nagas live under Mt. Meru and rule rains and fertility.


To see images of the Nagas who have been
‘polluted by the sins of men’
pour yellow water over a mirror.

If someone accidentally kills a snake they will have
to bury or burn it because the image of the snake’s
killer remains on it’s eyes and other snakes can then read it and seek out that person for punishment.

White Nagas – the Ancestors
Red Nagas – wrathful
Blue/Black Nagas – demonic
Nagas carry : amrita vases, water bowls, gems,
lotuses, scriptures, terma, and wear earrings.

Nagas as were-animals only turn from human into
serpent form during sex and sleep.

Nagarajas were once Kings who after death
are worshipped in the form of Snakes.

Klu/Nagas cause dreams and mirages of
snakes, frogs, mountain meadows,
and voluptuous girls with light blue skin

Buddhist stupas were built over earlier Naga temples.

Read Prajnaparamita Sutra to bring rain,
because it came from the realm of the Nagas.

To bring sunshine –
bury 13 clay snakes and 13 clay frogs offered to klu.

The scriptures of the Bon-po’s are called the
kLu-Bum, or the writings of the Nagas :
<Klu ‘bum dkar po>
<Klu ‘bum nag po>
<Klu ‘bum khra po>

The Three Bon-po Worlds :
Lha – gods
kLu – serpents

Nagas are mixed Devas, Men/Women, and Asuras

Three colours of Nagas : white, multicolour, black

Klu-Khang – serpent house

Nagakal – stone votive tablet to the Nagas
put up for fertility between two trees 6 months
then put in the water the other 6 months

Sarpa-bali – serpent festival

Naga offerings are to be of camphor and vermillion,
or milk and flowers, i.e., semen and menses
also juniper incense

Nagara Panchami – Full-Moon festival in July/August
Nagappa – clay image of cobra, pour milk over
Nagarakatte – cobra shrine
Nagappana-Habba – snake festival for newly
married females at which these virgins
sexually consummate their marriages
draw serpent designs on walls with coal
put clay spirals and eggs on a board over a stream
worship a Nagakal stone under a tree for fertility

Man and the nagas divide the land between
men – domestic animals, houses, cultivated land
nagas – all wild and unexploited land and animals

Naga images held under a turtle shell
can magickally cause a drought.

During drought one can burn Dragon’s blood
incense in the form of a Naga on the ground.

Wash $Money$ in flowing water
for the Naga’s blessings for it’s increase.

Thailanese monks are ordained with water
poured over a bamboo Naga image.

Naga diseases – eye diseases, leprosy
and other skin diseases, infertility and impotence.

A Naga disease manifest in man or environment is caused by an imbalance in Nature, ie., an angry Naga, and these diseases are cured in the person by curing the naga by offering it medicine in the form of an offering into the water or earth.

All male snakes have two penises !!

All Initiates of Kundalini Yogas and Tantras,
like their brother Priests of the Druids and the Maya,
are called Nagas, or Serpents, the Wise Old Ones.

Personal Gem called “Nagaskin” :
10 miles long by 5 miles wide, water cannot wet it,
nor the wind shake it, it warms in cold weather
and cools in the heat, shines brighter than the Moon

4 kinds of Nagas :
Celestrial – guarding the mansions of the gods
Aerial – bringing wind and rain
Earthly – living in rivers and pools of water
Guardians of hidden treasures

Hour of the Dragon = 7am-9am
Hour of the Snake = 9am-11am

Serpentine – stone used for protection from
ghosts, curses, witches, nightmares, nagas, etc.
has an anti-psychic influence and is
not recommended for use as a mala for mantra.

Para (alchemically solidifies mercury):
Is used in India to treat streaks of bad luck,
proneness to accident, nightmares, insanity,
and unexplained diseases.
Is also usefull in all cases thought to be caused by
ghosts, nagas, curses, and demons.

The Herb Sarpagandha
(Serpent Root or Rauwolfa Serpentina)
For the treatment of insanity, mania, violence,
insomnia, drug overdose, and schitzophrenia.

Naginis manifest in places of beauty
where sun or moonlight touch water and earth
like a fern covered rock shelving in a stream.
Buddha gave his monastic robe divided into pieces
as talismans to protect the buddhist Nagas
who have taken vows from their enemy Garudas.

Vajrapani also protects Nagas from Garudas in
the form of a dark blue Garuda (blue from drinking
the poison Hala-hala) who gives
Amrita to Rahu and Nagas.

Nagapatri – ‘vessel of a Naga’, name of one
possessed by the spirit of a Naga/Nagi

Shivalingas are worshipped in the medium of
Coral by Ananta and the Nagas and
Iron by the Rakshasas.

Naga subjugation – cut a cord to represent bad ties

Naga Puja : before a snake hole plant a stick
with a white cotton cord spiralled around it.

Nila Purana – Scriptural account of Naga worship
in the Kashmir valley by the NR Nila.

Nagastra / Sarpastra –
missle weapon that turns into a serpent

Naga magickians use
hypnotism/mesmerism with their snake eyes

Shaivites say Naga race is superior to mankind but
Buddhists say they are inferior to humans.

Nagkesvara – Shiva’s flower that looks like
a linga with a snake hood over it (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)

Cedar woods and incense sacred to Nagas

Nagas worshipped as :
water spirit
ancestor spirit
guardians of hidden treasures
god of fertility
tutelary genus loci deity
Naga Puja to consecrate a body of Water
from the Mahanirvana Tantra :

<<Worship Varuna . . . <Reservoir of Water ! Thou that givest life to all beings ! Thou that art presided over by Varuna ! May this consecration of thee by me give satisfaction to all beings that live and move in water, on land, and in the air.> . . . sprinkle the well with water . . with folded hands say : <Be well pleased, all beings, whether living in the air or on earth or in water; I have given this excellent water to all beings; may all beings be satisfied by bathing in, drinking from, or plunging into this water; I have given this common water to all beings. Should anyone by his own misfortune be endangered in this, may I not be guilty of that sin, may my good work bear fruit.> . . . In the consecration of a sacred water tank and other kinds of reservoirs of water there should be a Nagastambha (a thick piece of wood driven into the center of the tank) and some aquatic animals. Aquatic animals, such as fish, frogs, alligators, and tortoises, should be made of metal, according to the means of the person consecrating. There should be made two fish and two frogs of gold, two alligators of silver, and two tortoises, one of copper and another of brass. . . Then the Naga should be supplicated for worship: Ananta, Vasuki, Padma, Mahapadma, Taksaka, Kulira, karkata and Samkha, all these are the protectors of the water. These eight names of the Nagas should be written on Asvattha (ficus religiosa) leaves, and, after making japa of the Pranava (Om) and the Gayatri, the leaves should be thrown into a jar. Calling upon Sun and Moon to witness, the leaves should be mixed up together, and one should be drawn therefrom, and the Naga whose name is drawn should be made the protector of the water. Then a wooden post, auspicious and straight, should be brought and smeared with oil and tumeric, and bathed in consecrated water, to the accompaniment of mantras, and then the naga who has been made the protector of the water should be worshipped with the Shaktis : Hri, Ksama, and Santi. <O Naga ! Thou art the couch of Visnu, thou art the adornment of Siva; do thou inhabit this post and protect my water.> Having thus made supplication to Naga the pillar should be set in the middle of the reservoir, and the dedicator should then go round the tank, keeping it to his right. If the post has been already fixed, then the Naga should be worshipped in a jar, and, throwing the water of the jar into the reservoir, the remainder of the rites should be performed.>>

Nagarajas/Serpent Lords :

Deities who control Nagas :

Virupaksha – Guardian of the West
red garments, horse, coral, flaming torches
Acala / Vajrapani – Wielder of the Vajra
in form of a Garuda who is blue from drinking the
poison hala-hala and offering amrita to nagas
Amitabha – as Buddha of the watery West
Amoghasiddhi – serpent haloed Buddha of north
Nagarjuna – traveled to nagaloka
Shiva Nag Bhushan – Shiva wearing serpents
All Vajra or Phurpa wielding deities
Hayagriva / Tamdin – Horse-headed god
Vajrakilaya / Dorje-Zhonnu – Phurba god
Za-Rahula – Serpent Protector
Varuna – Hindu Lord of the Waters
All Nagarajas – Kings and Queens of the Naga realm

Nagarajas :

Dombipa – form of Nagarjuna, serpent adorned,
riding a tiger, with shakti

Nagabhushana – Shiva as the serpent adorned one

Nagesvar – city where Shiva is worshipped
in the form of a serpent

Ashta-nagas – Eight directional Nagarajas

Sheesha – Serpent of Shiva seen coiled around him
<He who remains apart from the rest>
Yogi Patanjali is an incarnation of him
as is Balaramadeva, the brother of Krsna,
in Southern India Sheesha is known as Subbaraya

Susna / Arbuda / Ahi / Vala – Naga Chiefs

Sheesha / Vasuki / Takshaka – 3 Chiefs of the Nagas
Vasuki – Naga garland on Mahakala,
and guardian of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal
Basak Nag / Basuki – Indonesian version, has two
brothers named Mehal Nag and Svar Nag and a
son named Nag Pal

Taksha / Upataksha – Nagaraja pair

Ananta – Seven-headed Serpent bed of Vishnu,
the Endless One, used as a Rope in the tug-of-war
between the Devas and Asuras churning both
nector and poison out of the Ocean Mother of milk.
Ananta is also shown riding a tortoise, is white,
has 4 arms with 2 in gassho and 2 holding
plough and javelin, offer sugar to.
In Nagaloka Ananta is attended by Kambala and
Asvatara who fan him, Karkotaka who pours jars
of nector for him, and worshipped by Vasuki.

Muchalinda – Nagaraja who supported and protected the enlightened Buddha from the assaults of Mara and Maya. He also guarded Ananta’s Prajnaparamita Terma and later revealed it to Terton Nagarjuna.

Karkota / Karkotaka – Nagaraja of Nepal

Vashudhari – Naga chief

Ashwatar – King of Nagas

Ganasha – Indian snakebite god

Chandra-Sarpa – Hangs from Garuda’s beak

Dinnaga – Indian Serpent guardian

Klu-po – Tibetan underworld god

Vrita – Antagonist of Indra, dragon of sand storms

Azi / Ahi Budhnya- when Vrita was killed and fell to the bottom of the mountain thus releasing soma/water she was called this meaning : Serpent of the Deep

Kaliya – Five-headed antangonist of Krsna

Varuna and Varuni – Nagaraja and Nagirani

Varuni – also the Nagini shakti of Sheesha-Ananta.

Varuna and Sagara – Buddhist Nagarajas

Mani-Naga – rainmaker Nagaraja, mani=’jewel’

Parshvanatha – Jain Nagaraja

Dharanendra (male) and Padmavati 9 female)
Jain Nagarajas

Varuna – God of the Waters over all the Naga race,
seated on a Makara, with consorts Ganga and
Yamuna, known as Sui-ten in the Shinto faith,
seed mantra is Va or Vam, known in Tibet as
gZhon nu gtum po sog ma med who is blue,
has a 7 naga headress, nag-pasa, is dressed in
snake skins, and rides a 9-headed Makara,
also known as Nagaraja Ba ru rgyal ba who
is born from a blue/turquoise egg with 6 faces
like the stars, and whose consort is
Klu’i byin te chen mo, he is also known as
Baruna in Bali, only Nagaraja recognized as a Deva.

Sagara – Nagaraja

Canda – Nagaraja of a lake

Sirisutha – Nagaraja

Kalika – Nagaraja Krsna dances upon

Champeyya – Nagaraja

Nagavithi – milky way as the ‘path of the snake’

Nanda – Nagaraja who controls the rains
1 head, 2 arms, holds serpent, or
4 heads, 6 arms, wielding bow and arrow

dVang-lDan – mightly powerful Chinese Nagaraja

Sankukarna – Nagaraja who rides on a tiger,
is yellow, has 4 arms with 2 in gassho and other 2 holding noose and hook, offer milk to

Audusta – Kashmir Nagaraja subdued by Buddhism

Nandopananda and Upanananda –
Nagarajas of Mt. Meru

Ma-dros – Naga King of Lake Manasarovar Lake
at the base of Mt. Kailasa

Sankhapala – Tibetan Nagaraja

Mahakala – Nagaraja who created
large images of the Buddha and his predecessors

Sarnath – Nagaraja whose name graces
the Buddhist city of Naga worship

Nalanda – Nagaraja whose name graces
the Buddhist university

Swastika – Nagaraja whose name means well-being

Phraa Upagota / Phraa Uppakrut
Tapu Byng – Thailanese Nagarajas

Pandava – Nagaraja who revealed that Nagas
keep Garudas from carrying them away by
swallowing a stone to make them heavy.

Nagaraja Kala – will awake and arise and sing
before the coming of the next Buddha Maitreya.

Nagaraja Mahakala (skt) = Dai Koko (jap)

One of the Buddha’s teeth is a relic enshrined
by the King of the Nagas in the city of Rama.

Buddhist Nagarajas
immune from harassment from Garudas
because they have taken Buddhist refuge :
Nanda, Upananda, Sagara, Dritarasa, Anavataptu

9 Treasure Guarding Nagarajas of Kuvera :
Padma, Mahapadma, Makara, Kacchapa,
Mukunda, Nanda, Nila, Kharwa

Lord Jigten Sumgon, who is a reincarnation of Nagarjuna, once had eye troubles and was cured by having his eyes licked by the Nagaraja Sokma Me.

Balarama / Baladeva – represents wine as his brother Krsna is sex, incarnation of Sheesha, naga with wine cup, when he died a snake left his mouth wife is the Nagini Thakur Rani.

Nagarajas from Vogel’s <<Indian Serpent Lore>> :
Karkota / Karkotaka – ‘the crested one’
Bhuridatta, Sagara – got Buddha’s gold bowl
Dhritarastra / Ellapatra / Ellatra / Airavata –
worshipped Buddha in Deer Park,
Nanda and Upananda – at Buddha’s birth, floated
in the air and poured water over him,
Sudarsana – worshipped Buddha,
Uruvilva and Apalala – Buddha subdued,
Manikantha – ‘jewel throat’,
Srutasena – brother of Takshaka,
Vasunemi – brother of Vasuki,
Shankha, Nila – Kashmir, Shankha – ‘conch shell’,
Parvanatha – Jain NR against snakebites,
Virupakkha, Takshaka, Champaka, Kambala,
Kala, Chakravaka, Aryaka, Manasvin, Kumuda,
Sagara, Anavatapta, Vamana, Virupaksha,
Kamandalu, Krishna, Gautamaka,
Girika, Vidyujjvala, Manodara, Chulodara,
Maniakkhika, Bhuridatta, Champaka, Sariputra,
Sankhapala, Chanda, Sura-dardara, Sumana,
Gunadhya, Paravatakhya, Dadhikarnasya
Utpala, Anavatapta, Pundarika, Pushpadanta,
Dharanidhara / Dhem Nag, Chhindaka Naga,
Baidyanath, Pundarika, Phai Mukuta,
Astika-Jaratkaru, Bhagavato Nagendrasya

12 Nagarajas who bear the great Lord Sun :
Vasuki, Kankanikara, Taksaka, Naga, Elapatra, Sankhapala, Airavata (Iravan), Dhananjaya, Mahapadma, Karkotaka, Kambala, Asvatara

Nagarajas from the Linga-Purana :
7 Indian Naga Lokas and their Nagarajas going down :
Atal – white, Kambalasva, Mahakumbha, Hayagriva
Vital – coral, Danavas, Tarakagni, Mahantaka, Prahlada
Sutal – yellow, Vainayaka, Kalanemi
Rasatal – rocky, Suvarna, Vasuki
Talatal – gravelly, black, Virocana, Hiranyaksa, Naraka, Sankukarna, Namuci
Mahatal – golden ground covered with jewels, temples, and mansions dedicated to Lord Shiva,occupied by Ananta and Mucukunda
Patal – Bali
26 Nagarajas of the thousands given birth to by Kadru : Sesa, Vasuki, Karkota, Sankha, Airvata, Kambala, Dhananjaya, Mahaanila, Padma, Asvatara, Taksaka, Elapatra, Mahapadma, Dhrtarastra, Balahaka, Sankhapala, Mahasankha, Puspadamsra, Subhanana, Sankhaloman, Nahusa, Vamana, Phanita, Kapila, Durmukha, Patanjali

More Nagarajas :

Varuna Narayana (moving on the waters)

Navakela – Singalese NR from whose tears (semen)
the Goddess Pattini was born

Asura (NRs) Arbuda, Chakravapin, Swastika, Mani, Kapilanaga, Ishvaku, Vaisalya, Iravan, Dhritarashtra, Prithu, Virupaksha, Karsha Nag, Sabir Nag, Santan Nag, Kailang, Awurasena (son of NR Takshaka), Airavata, Gopala, Apalala, Mahakalo, Sisunaga, Mahanaman, Khetta, Saraj, Seoraj, Saryas, Keralas, Kinas, Chera/Sera, Satrubhanja, Bhavanaga, Nagadutta, Kinchaka, Virasena, Nagakotta (poison), Jaya Bhujanga (victorious serpent), Somasvara, Chakravata, Jaratkaru, Dadhikarnasyi, Yogisunder, Maninagesvara, Vamsa, Vajrakusa, Voras

Aravalo (terrorized Buddhist missionary with storm)

Nahush (son of Ayus and the
daughter of Rahu-Svarbhanu

NR Karkota – rules in Nepal

NR Nila – rules in Kashmir

NR Takshaka – rules in Taxila

Lung Wang – Dragon King

T’aihao / Paohsi / Fushi –
Naga father of Nagini Nukua

Human Kings who after death are worshipped as NRs:
Dhritarashtra, Kauravya, Dhananjaya,
Ambarisha, Janamejya, Nahusha, Damodara

Nagaraja ornaments of the MahaKala Tantra :

Takshaka wraps around his body
Ananta belts his waist
Vasuki drapes his neck
Sesena earring

The eight Nagarajas who adorn Rahula :

blue Sankapalaka binds the hair
red Taksaka forms earrings
striped Kulika adorns shoulders
white Padma forms necklace
yellow Huluhulu forms bracelets
green Karkotaka forms brahma thread
nector Vasuki forms girdle
white Mahapadma forms anklets

Another version of these Nagaraja positions :

head Ananta
ears Padma
neck Taksaka
shoulders Mahapadma
heart Vasuki
navel Sankhapala
sacrum Karkotaka
tip of tail Kulika

Tibetan version of these Nagaraja ornaments :

brow Hung-kara
right shoulder Yukngon
throat Tamdrin
heart Shinjeshe
above navel Dutsi-Khyil
gut centre Miyo-Gon
right thigh Dorgyel
left thigh Khamsum-Namgyel
lingam Topoche



Nagarajas of the Gods from the Atharva-Veda :

E Agni Asita Black Defender
S Indra Tiraschiraji Cross-lined Serpent
W Varuna Pridaku Adder
N Soma Svaja Constrictor
C Vishnu Kalmashgriva Black Spotted-neck
Z Brihaspati Svitra White Serpent

Hindu Lokapalas / Lords of the Directions :

N Vaisravana – yellow – rules over Yaksas
mongoose, once a Garuda, marries a Nagini
S Virudhaka – blue/green – rules over Kumbhandas
sword, once a Naga
E Dhrtarastra – white – rules over Gandharvas
lute, once a Naga who became a Protector
W Virupaksha – red – rules over Nagas
holds a stupa, once a Garuda

Nagaraja Mandala from the Hevajra Tantra :

E Vasuki yellow
S Padma white
W Karkota black
N Takshaka red
NE Mahapadma white
SE Hulunta blue
SW Kulika green
NW Shankhapala yellow

Nagaraja Mandala from the Chakrasamvara Tantra :

E Norgyay blue increasing wealth
N Jogpo green the carpenter
W Top-kyi-gyu red might
S Padma yellow lotus
SE Hulunta a Nagaraja
SW Rigs-Dan of noble birth
NW Dung-Kyong Shangkha-pala
NE Maha-padma great lotus
Nepali Lokapalas and Nagarajas :

E Bindusara
S Srimadhaka
W Elapattra
N Uttaramanasa

8 Nagarajas from the Mahavirvana Tantra :

E Ananta
SE Kartaka / Karkota / Karkotaka
S Padma / Padmaka
SW Samkha / Sankhapaka / Shankhapalaka
W Takshaka
NW Kulira / Kulika / Huluhulu
N Vasuki
NE Mahapadma

8 Nagaraja/Klu from <<Oracles and Demons of Tibet>>
by Nebesky-Wojkowitz :

E mTha’ yas pale blue
SE Padma red
S Nor rgyas white
SW Padma chen po pale yellow
W ‘Jog po red
NW Dung skyong yellow
N sTobs rgyu blue-green
NE Rigs ldan varicoloured

Nagarajas from <<Indian Serpent Lore>> by Vogel :

C Varuna white
7-headed holding jewel and lotus
E Ananta dark blue
SE Karkotaka blue
S Padmaka colour of a lotus stalk
SW Shankhapala yellow
W Takshaka saffron coloured
NW Kulika white
30 hoods
N Vasuki green
NE Mahapadma gold

Another version from <<Oracles and Demons of Tibet>> :

E white 1 headress of conch-shells
S blue 2 turquoise
W red 3 copper
N green 4 red and green jewels
NE red 5 coral
SE black 6 iron
SW azure blue 7 pearls
NW multicoloured 8 cornelian

From the Vajrayogini Tantra :

E white Naga Increasing Wealth
SE yellow Naga Carrying a Conch Shell
S white Naga Lotus
SW white Naga Possessing Lineage
W blue Naga Karakota
NW red Naga Boundless
N Naga Jogpo
NE white Naga Great Lotus

Translated Names of Nagarajas / Charnel Grounds :

E NR Increasing Wealth / Ferocious One
SE NR Carrying a Conchshell / Auspious Garden
S NR Lotus / Possessing Bone and Marrow
SW NR Possessing Lineage / Fearful Darkness
W NR Karakota / Blazing Vajra
NW NR Boundless / Making Sound of KiliKili
N NR Jogpo / Very Dense Forest
NE NR Great Lotus / Wrathful Laughter

My Version of the NagaRajaSeraphim :

Sheesha Circle
Za East
Rahula South
Naga West
Acala North
Dorje-Phurba/Vajrakilaya Zenith
Za-Nagesh Centre
Naga/Nehushtan Elemental
From <<The Na-Khi Naga Cult>> by J.F.Rock :

According to the Na-Khi tribes there are :
5 Nagarajas
99 sky Nagas
77 terrestrial black Nagas
55 mountain Nagas
33 valley Nagas
11 village Nagas
multiple cloud and rainbow Nagas

Dso-na-lo-ch’i (Na-Khi)
Ratnachuda (Hindu)
gTsug-na-rin-chhen (Tibetan) –
Nagaraja human above and serpentine beneath
Se-hphang-nag-po / Srog-dkar-rgyal-po (Tib) – Na-Khi and Tibetan Nagaraja supreme
4 K’u-ng’a – Lokapada / Nagarajas / Gatekeepers

Five Classes of Nagas of the Elements :
Ssu – lives in water
Nyi – trees
Dtu – rocks and cliffs
Ssaw – earth

Five colours of the directional Nagarajas :
E-white / S-green / W-red / N-yellow
Centre-spotted / Zenith-turquoise / Nadir-black

Names / Vaharas / Colours of the Nagarajas :

E – Ssu-per – white tiger
S – Ssu-har – green dragon
W – Ssu-na – purple/black dragon
N – Ssu-shi – yellow elephant
C – Muan-na-Lu-gv – spotted frog

6 Nagarajas and their Iconography :

Ch’er-gko-gyi-bbu – rides snake,
flowers on head, pool in forest,

Ssaw-gko-gyi-bbu – rides dragon, holds gem, snake headress, wind dweller
Gko-gyi-bbu – rides leopard, tall hat, lives in Manasarovar Lake, blue
Na-gko-gyi-bbu – rides ox, wheel on head,
cloud abode
Nyi-ggo-dtu-wua – white,
lives in a wheel in the heavens
Nyi-ssa-khyo-lo – (opposite) black,
lives in a lake with 2 dragons

Migon Karpo – Nagaraja

Mahanaga – took Nagarjuna to Amitabha’s western
paradise to receive Amida practices.

Naga Magicke Squares :


Mantras :

Master Mantra :

Om Ah Hum
Shiva Padmasambhava
Vajrakiliya Lam Phat !

Hindu Nag-Mantra :

Ketaketa Raksha
Rahula Saparivara
Maha Panca Amrita
Rakta Bhalimta
Kharam Khahi !

My NagaVajra Mantra :

Nagesh NagaVajra
Za Rahula Acala Naga
Hum Lam Phat !

Seed Mantra of Water and Nagas :


Mantra of the Bengali Snake Goddess Manasa :

Om Devi-mam-bham-ahi-nam
Charu-kantim Vadanyam Harsa-rudha-muda-rama-runi- tava-sanam
Sarvadam Sarvadaiva Smerasyam Manditangim Kana- kama-niga-nair-naga-ratna-iran-ekair Vande’ham
Bhoginim Kamarupam!

Seed syllables :
Sa = Benzai-ten
Za = gZa
Ra = Rahula
Va = Vajra
Ki = Kila
Ing = Naga

8 Seed Mantras of the
Elemental Realms going down :


Lokas :

14 Nepalese Shamanic Lokas of Descent :

Om Visnulok
Sat Lok
Jap Lok
Mahar Lok
Swarga Lok
Bhoor Lok
Bhoo Lok

NagaLoka Underground/Underwater Cities :

Bhogavati- capital of Patala
Anavatapta – Tibetan land of the Nagas

7 Indian Naga Lokas going down :


Male Nagas/Serpent Gods:

Nagas – Indian underworld Serpent-headed men

Naga – <those who do not walk, who creep>
Sarpa – Hindu flying Serpent

Uraga – <breast goer> = Naga name in Nepal

3 Chinese Dragons :
Lung – sky dragon with pearls in it’s beard
Li – ocean dragon
Chiao – dragon of marshes and mountains

Sarpabhushana – Shiva’s Cobra garland/necklace

Lu – Tibetan Naga

kLu – Tibetan underworld water gods
blue-black in color

Klu-po – male Naga

Klu-mo – female Nagini

Kalanag – Philippine death serpent (Kali+naga)

Klu – daevic Nagas

Klu bdud – demonic Nagas

kLu-srin – demonic Nagas

Klu bdud nag po – black demon Naga

Nanda and Upanda –
two Nagas who pour water from urns

Klu bdud nag po mgo dgu – 9 headed, 8 Naga
headress, snake snare

Khyab ‘jug chen po – 9 heads, white and dark brown
and red, seed <Ra>, raven topknot, yellow hair,
3 eyes, holds bow and arrow, Makara banner,
nag-pasa, lower body a green coiled snake with
thousands of eyes, face in belly, adorned with
skulls, human skin, bones, jewels, and snakes,
in retinue of Palden Lhamo
gZa’ mchog chen po Rahula – Naga in retinue of
Vaisravana/Kubera/Jambhala, upper body a
Rakshasha, bottom a Naga, 9 headed with raven
in topknot, Makara banner, nag-pasa

Raja gang gi klu btsan – dark red Naga, blue cloak,
serpent girdle, blue silk turban, quiver of tiger skin,
bow case of leopard skin, right holds black iron
lance, left holds nag-pasa, rides yellow horse
or yellow tiger

Chu srin pa’i rgyal po lags – king of Makaras

Zhang po klu rgyal ghi ha – Naga demon in retinue
of Pe-Har, blue, rides Makara, carries nag-pasa
and a bag of diseases


Klu bdud nag po sog pa med – Bon protector,
yellow-red, battle lance and nag-pasa, diadem
of vajras, rides klu-horse, with 100,000 klu

Bon-po Naga/Nagini Protectors :
Yul lha chog sangs klu sras
Klu bdud Nagaraja
gZa’ mchog rgyal po Rahula
Klu bdud sgo ra nag po
Klu’i dbang po
Klu rgyal sog ma med

Zla ba’i sa rgyal – Naga, dark blue, snake-headed
man, riding turquoise Dragon, with nag-pasa

Hang phan – Naga of the West, snake headed,
loincloth of serpents, snare of sun’s rays,
rides white tiger

Tshong dpon nag po – Naga with 5 snake heads

Klu sri sngon po – Naga, blue, snake-headed,
born of an egg, dwells in ocean

Klu bdud rdo rje nor’dzin – white Naga, 7 snake
heads, wearing silk and jewels, holds wish-
fulfilling tree, rides water horse

dNgual chu’i dge bsnyen rdo rje dpal – Naga,
white, 7 headed, dressed in silk and jewels,
holding gem and arrow

Klu band nag po mgo dgu – Naga with 18 hands
and a flaming mouth

Klu btsan – Naga, 3 headed, 9 copper horns,
9 eyes, 9 arms

Klu srin rtol mgo can – Naga demon,
father is Varuna,
mother is Klu srin ma Srin mo-gram ring ma

Thog bdag – Dragon master of lightening
heavenly blacksmith, throws lightening phurpas
gTobs po che – blue human/naga, adorned with
8 snakes, right hand trident, left hand nag-pasa

Klu’i zhags pa – ‘snare of the water spirits’

Jo bo klu bdud mchod dgu – 9 malevolent Nagas
who control diseases, all with scorpion heads,
ride snakes, right hands hold blacksnake topped
banners, left hands hold sacks of diseases

rGya ‘dre mgo dgu – 9 headed chinese Dragon

Naga-Dadhikarna – Naga guardian of the North

Vastu-sarpa – household serpent guardian

4 Poisonous Nagas :
Udayakal / Bighatiya / Dhora / Kali

Kaliya – Naga of the Yamura river
whose head Krsna dances upon Krshna

Nagas :
Keute / Dhonva / Bora, Dhayamna / Chiti-sap

Subrahmanya – serpent god in a mountain temple
possesses shaman in dance to tell the future

8 Naga brothers :
Arona, Parona, Dhona, Bora
Bunye, Arul, Parul, Keute

Suijin – Japanese snake-god of water

Fu Xi – Japanese Naga brother/lover/creator

Uga-jin – Japanese Naga of fertility
Kobo Daishi carved an image at Kamakura Japan

Ndengei – serpent god of Fiji

Ryujin – sea-dragon spirits of Japan
Family of Vritra – black thunder clouds holding rain
who need pierced by the Vajra god’s thunderbolt
to release the rains upon the earth :
VR = Vritra = Varuna –
demon of drought, eclipse, and winter
Aslesha – Hindu serpentine constellation
Arbuda-Susna (sus = dry up)
Ahisuva – son of Urnavabha
Danava (da = to bind)

Yama-no-Kami descends to become Ta-no-Kami
the male/female snake god/goddess
form of Do-so-jin, offer straw horses and rice

Ssu – the Nagas

Zv – Dragon

Szu – wizard/shaman in black Bon

Ssu-na – Naga

Lv-na – Dragon

kLu – Naga

Zhi – Snake

Zhi-mun-llu-ssi – shedding the body as a snakeskin

9 Ssu-ndo – Naga demons first to arrive at pujas

Yg / Zng – serpent / semen

Makara – crocodile who spews a three-headed
Nnaga out of it’s mouth
Vastunaga – world sustaining Naga on whom one
builds the foundation of one’s house if you want
it to stand stable

Indrajit – warrior son of Ravana who shot Rama
with serpent arrows causing unconsciousness

Shankhachuda – young Naga who was to be
offered to Garuda but was rescued

Jimutvahara – vizier of NR Vasuki/Basdeo

Ryu – Naga in Japanese

Ryu-ju – Nagaraja

Nagas from Vogel’s <<Indian Serpent Lore>> :
Padmanabha – drew the Sun’s chariot
Kambala and Asvatara – Nagas of the Ganges
Srikantha – ‘beautiful throat’
Padmanabha, Janmachitraka, Pundarika,
Dadhikarna, Kauravya, Sumukha, Chikura,
Apalala, Gopala, Apalala, Pandura, Bhuridatta,
Sankhachuda, Janmachitraka, Pindaraka,
Indru Nag, Mul Nag, Stuhr Nag, Det Nag,
Kailang Nag, Kana Nag, Sargan Nag, Phahal Nag,
Dhumal Nag, Piyuli Nag, Basu Nag, Kali Nag,
Mahuti Nag, Ranmu Nag, Sukli Nag, Bashenu,
Turu Nag, Guga, Tatig nag, Bhekal, Sangal,
Banpur, Lohandea, Pushkara, Parsvanatha,
Kinchaka, Amba, Dudhikarna, Bumha, Dharanendra, Khetta, Nagamata, Yogisundar,
Vamsa, Kinchikesvara

3 Nagas on the three sided Phurba blade :
Kali Nag – black snake
Padma Kuli – lotus snake
Astra Kuli – armed snake

Nagas in the retinue of Varuna :
Vasuki, Taksaka, Airavana, Krsna, Lohita,
Padma Chitra, Kamvala, Asvatara,
Dhrtarastra, Parimat, Kundaka, Prahrada,
Mushikada, Janamejaya

Nao Nag – 9 Nagas, 1 the parent with 8 children

Subramani – South Indian Naga
Losur – Mongolian Naga wound around Mt. Sumeru thrice

Mat Chinoi – Malay Great Snake, makes carpets, has females in it’s belly, shaman lives on its back and guards treasures, enter his mouth for ordeal initiation

Pinaka – Shiva’s bow, which is really a serpent

Nagabila – entrance to Patala NagaLoka

Types of Terma :
Terdak – guardian of terma
Chokser – yellow scroll with dakini script
Chuter – water terma
Gongter – air/mind terma, need consort to access
Sater – earth terma
Ringsel – small round calculii from lama’s cremation

Magickal antidotes :
for a Planetary Demon (gza-bdud)
is soil from a place struck by lightening
for the Earth Demon
is water from melted hail
for Earth Deity
is soil from a place where there has been fighting

Sambasivamurti – Tamil Shiva as a
Serpent with 5 heads rising from an anthill

Asvatthaman – snakeman incarnation of Rudra

Astika – snakeman

Asvasena – naga son of the NR Taksaka

Adisheesha – is reincarnated in Yogi Patanjali

Halasya – “poison-mouth”
Female Naginis /
Snake Goddesses :

Nagis / Naginis – Serpent women
some busty females above and serpentine below
others a ravishing female figure with a cobra head
or a naked woman with one or three snakehoods

Bhogini – <the coiled one> / <the enjoyer>

Bhogavati – Nagi

Nagakanya – Nagi type that is female above
and snake beneath, like a mermaid

Benzai / Benten – Japanese Venus Nagini,
White Snake lady, with sword and gem,
born of the Nagaraja Sagara and Sarasvati

Seven Indian river Goddesses/Naginis are :
Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Sarasvati,
Narmada, Sindhu, Kaveri

Naga Bon-po Creation Myth :
The 5 Elements formed into a golden Tortoise
which gave birth to the 6 eggs of the Naga races
the Queen of Nagas Srin-Mo Nagini
<She who arranges the world>
Creates the World out of her body :
Her head becomes the sky, her eyes the sun left
and moon right, her voice the thunder, her tongue
the lightening, her fangs the planets, and
her veins the rivers of the world.
She is Phurba-pinned down by the primal Shaman
at 13 places : the heart, shoulders and hips,
elbows and knees, hands and feet.

Nagavaktra – Cobra-headed Dakini

Mudama – South Indian serpent mother

Klu-mo Remati – mistress of nagas, rides the ass
of the rakshashas, red tilak, human skin saddle,
holds sword, skull mala, skull cup, trident, with a
red makara-headed goddess beside her, and with
8 great black nagas with choppers and snakes

rDo rje kun grags – Nagini in the retinue of Palden
Lhamo, blue, seed <Ma>, cloak of 1000 blacksnakes,
yakskin loincloth, holds phurpa, rides turquoise

Padma gtsug phud ma – consort Nagini of Kubera,
red, holds gem and amrita vessel, snake body with
7 serpent headress

Klu rgyal sog ma med – Nagini form of above,
7 serpent headress, naga tail, holds amrita
vessel at breast

gNyan gyi Remati – aspect of Palden Lhamo,
black, blacksnakes all over, wearing black silk,
holds mirror and snake and nag-pasa and trident
and iron phurpa, wearing bones and ashes
and human heads

Klu yi bu mo mgo dgu ma – 9 headed Nagini

rDo rje Klu mo – red western Nagini
holds phurpa and nag-pasa and rides a horse

Klu sman gtso mo – Nagini/shakti of protective deity who lives in a red castle, she smiles,
holds divination arrow with 5 coloured ribbons,
flat bowl of jewels, wears white dress and jewels

Sa sman – blue lake/earth Nagini, snake headed,
nag-pasa, naga vahara (vehicle)

Klu bdud rdo rje spyan gcig ma – nyingmapa
guardian, rides white spotted tortoise, scorpion
rode, snake headress, nag-pasa, guards north

Klu ‘brog mo – 8 pasture Naginis with animal heads

kLu-Mo-Nagini –
From the ‘Klu-bum’ Bon scriptures + the body of the Klu-mo demoness/nagini was partitioned to create the world; her head became the sky, right eye the moon and left eye the sun, teeth the planets, voice the thunder, breath the clouds, and veins the rivers.

Uga-gami – Shinto deity with the head of a bearded
elder and the body of a white snake

Uga-shin – Shinto deity with the head of a snake
ands the body of a man

Sui-ten – Varuna in Japanese

Benzai-ten / Benten –
Sarasvati in japanese, Janguli,
river nagini or dragoness, western direction
worshipped on an island in the river or ocean

Aizen-myo-a / Ryu-myo – dragon woman

Rago-sei – Rahu

Pidari/Kala-Pidari/Pitali – South Indian snake goddess with red hair and three eyes holding noose and drum to frighten away evil spirits

Sarasvati – Goddess of the Waters
over all the Naga race

Janguli – Japanese snakebite goddess
as a form of Sarasvati

Nagavaktra – Snake-headed Dakini

Mahamayuri – spell goddess against snakebite,
colour green, direction north

Do-sang-ma – one of 17 goddesses with Sridevi
rides a dragon and holds grain and a naga

Uga-shin – Shinto Nagini

Sumana – Nagini

Kaliya – River Serpent ridden by Krsna

Naga-Kuan – serpent well near Varanasi

Bhu – Earth in India

Bhumi – Water/Earth in India

Kadro – Tibetan Earthmother of Serpents

Kadru – Reddish brown mother of the race
of 1000 Nagas, ‘the tawny one’

Nagamata – Mother of all Nagas

Bhumay-Nari – Great Naga under Mt. Meru,
Goddess of the Earth

Surasa – Indian mother of Dragons and Serpents
‘she of good favour’

Varuni – Indian Mother of the spirits of the waters,
seed mantra is : Om Vam

Nu-kua – Chinese Dragon-bodied woman creatress

Klu-mo – Tibetan underworld Goddess

Kundala / Kundalini – Indian inner Serpentine energy
coiled thrice around Linga
Kutilangi – crooked bodied
Bhujangi – she serpent

Sarparajni – Indian Queen of Serpents

Ulupi – Queen Nagini

Padmavati – Nagi queen

Brahmi – Serpent headed Brahma goddess

Nu-Wo – Chinese Dragon bodied woman queen

Surupa – Daughter of a Nagi

Naginis from Vogel’s <<Indian Serpent Lore>> :
Asvasena – son of Takshaka
Kumudrati – sister of Kumuda
Chandralekha – daughter of Naga Susravas
Vinata – ‘bent one’
Suvarnaprabhasa – ‘gold shine’, consort of Kalika
Vimala – wife of Varuna
Sumudraja – ‘sea born
Ulupi, Pilivalai, Soma, Janatkaru, Irandati,
Sumana, Ratnaprabha, Ramanya,
Chandralekha, Gugri, Mudama, Ma Mauli,
Padmavati, Sasanadevi, Ambalika, Manikya,
Limbojjimata, Kotasini, Vilasini, Marchikeyi

Madalasa – Woman born of the hood of the Naga

Apsara – Indian female dragon Succubus of the air

Urvasi – Apsara / water nymph

Adi – Nagini demoness who seduced Shiva
as a Serpent with her Vagina dentata

Ahi – Serpent of the Chaos/Waters, foe of Indra

Ulupi – Spreading creeper Nagi

Kinkini-Dhari – Tibetan serpent-headed
door keeper of the North

Mahamayuri-Pancaraksa – 5-fold goddess
of spells against snakebite, northern realm, green

Phii sya naam – Thai mermaid Nagini

Do-sang-ma – one of the 17 goddesses with
Sri-Devi, rides on a dragon holding a naga
and a spike of grain

Kunkali – Kali as a cannibal serpentine succubus

Vajra-srinkhala – serpentine form of Kali

Kotavasini / Kotasani – snake canopied goddess

Limboji-Mata – four-armed snake goddess

Kusumvati – Nagi

Tara / Tarapenu – Nagi goddess

Nagis – Ma Mauli, Padmavati, Ella, Tabiti, Limboji-mata, Shashiprava

Serpent-headed Goddesses from the
<<Bardo Thodol / Tibetan Book of the Dead>> :
Ghanta – green, serpent-headed, holding a ghanta
Brahmi – orange, holding a lotus
Varunadevi – water goddess, blue,
holding a nag-pasa
Vajra – green, holding a ghanta

Serpentine form of Kali as Guhyakali :
Deep black like a mass of clouds, wearing a black cloth, lolling tongue, sunken eyes, smiling face, fierce teeth, necklace of serpents, crescent moon on forehead, one tuft of matter locks rubbing the sky, licking a corpse, sacred thread made of serpents, lying on a bed of serpents, garland of fifty human heads, serpent Ananta with a thousand hoods on her head, surrounded by serpent-hoods, two hands with the serpents Taksaka and Ananta as bangles on the left and the right respectively, girdle of serpents, Siva as boy on the left side, two corpses as ornaments in the two ears, pleased face, decked with nine gems, served by the sages like Narada, terrible on account of her loud laughter.

<<The Cult of Manasa>> :

Manasa – Ancient Hindu Serpent Goddess born of Shiva’s semen, fair of complexion, with 3 eyes – one nector bestowing, one poison, and one wisdom – and large round breasts, adorned with Serpents :
Ananta / Vasuki / Takshaka – crown
Kulira / Karkata – earrings
Shankha – right hand
Kambala – left hand
Padma – necklace
Attributes : child on lap, riding swan, rosary, noose, lotus, linga, ganesha, pot with branch, bow and arrow, blue, moon, skull, pitcher, gem, clay snake
Manasa-puja : worship in a clay pot with a branch of a sacred tree in it, with milk, rice, plantain, and goats ; worshipped as a vermillion coloured stone beneath a tree
Vastu-sarpa – clay snake-image/offerings
Manasa’s mantra : <<Manasai-Mai !>>
Manasa-puja – Tuesdays and Saturdays
Nag-Panchama – July/August

Manasa-puja – done under a tree at night 2 days before the New Moon to protect against snakebite, When done tie a black thread around your arm as a charm
Healing Manasa cures eye, skin, and linga diseases,
like a serpent shedding it glazed eyelids and skin,
and helped cure Shiva of his blue-throated poisoning, so she has antidotes for us too
and I think these Naga-pujas may work against the AID’s/HIV since viruses are serpentine and and the snake is sex

Skandashakti – receiver of the semen (Skanda)
of shiva

Janguli – Manasa in Buddhism,
worshipped in the form of a white snake
Buddha evoked Jangali to cure
the monk Svati of snakebite

Sarasvati – Hindu form of Manasa
curing snakebite

Padmavati – Jain Manasa who lives in
Nagaloka Potala in the East Indian ocean

Tavita – Scythian Manasa

Ajagar – husband of Manasa

Astika – son of Manasa

Ganga – wife of Shiva and Manasa’s step-mother

Snake Goddess Manasa-devi’s many names :
Padma, Padmavati, Padumai, Vishahari, Vaishnavi, Kani, Jaguli, Brahamani, Jaratkaru, Totala, Jagatgauri, Jagatjanani, Jagatisvari, Jaratkarupriya, Ketaka, Nagesvari, Nagabhogini, Yogesvari, Sarasayogini, Nirvasini, Svetambari, Parvatavasini, Patimandadari, Patalkumari, Mandakshi, Astikamata, Saivi, Siddhayogini, Mahajnanayuta, Kalima, Vasuli, Simhavahini, Chintamani, Hamsavahini, Baga, Dulorama, Mangal, Chandi, Jagatmata, Sivani, Didithakrun, Patalkumari, Basatakumari,Padmavahini, Jhamkesvari, Jhanklai, Brahmani, Jagati, Kanai, Panchkuli, Mauli, GachhPuja, Panchanan, Dharmaraj, Vishlakshmi, Sarpamata, Panchedevata, Sravanivrata, Bhadaivrata, Chengamurikani, Ammavaru, Mane-manchi, Manchamma, Nagamata, Mancha-mata, Kaminya, Khadai, Bahula, Chandi, Rakhal-Manasa, Mareya, Marai, Maraki, Moraki, Maramba, Mariamma, Kotasini

Jagat-Gauri – sister of Manasa

Ssu-ma-na-bpu – Mother of all Nagas

kLu-mo (Tib) / kLu-mum (Na-Khi) / Nagini (Skt)

Nivashi – Dravidian Gypsy water goddess Nagini

Nang Nakh – Nagini daughter of a Nagaraja who
married Indra at the temple of Nakhon Thom in
Cambodia where her NR father could visit them.

Nagambika – :snake-woman”

Naga-Puja Hymn :
by Sarojini Naidu :

<Homage to the Snakes
which ever move around the Earth,
and are in the Sky and in Heaven.

Homage to the Snakes
which are in the Arrows of the Magickians,
and of Tree Spirits and which lie in holes.

Homage to those Snakes
which are in the Brightness of Heaven,
which are in the Rays of the Sun,
which have made their abode in the Waters.>

<Shining Ones awake, we seek your chosen temples
In caves and sheltering sandhills
and sacred banyan roots;

O lift your dreaming heads
from their trance of ageless wisdom,
And weave your mystic measure
to the melody of flutes.
We bring you milk and maize,
wild figs and golden honey,
And kindle fragrant incense to hallow all the air.

With fasting lips we pray,
with fervent hearts we parise you,
O bless our lowly offerings and harken to our prayer.

Guard our helpless lives
and guide our patient labours,
And cherish our dear vision
like the jewels in your crests;

O spread your hooded watch
for the safety of our slumbers,
And soothe the troubled longings
that clamour in our breasts.

Swift ye are as streams
and soundless as the dew fall,
Subtle as the lightening and splendid as the sun;

Seers are ye and symbols of the ancient silence
Where life and death
and sorrow and ecstacy are one.>

Naga story from <<The 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses>>
How Moses found Terma in the Egyptian Nagaloka :

<Then after twenty years on the Mountain, Moses learned of Pharoh’s death and he decided to return to Egypt – not to the palace – but to Koptos to seek out the Book guarded by the Deathless Snake. So after brief preparations he bade farewell to Jethro and made his way Westward toward the Red Sea and Egypt, the and of his birth.>

<When he came to Koptos he went straight to the temple of Isis and made an offering to her and he sunk a shaft into the water at the middle of the River and descended there to seek the Box in which the Book was said to rest. And he found it, wrapped with scorpions and snakes which he caused to lie as if asleep. Then he met the guardian of the Box, the Deathless Snake and for three days they fought until the Snake gave no further resistence. Moses opened the iron box and found therein a box of bronze and in the bronze box was a sycamore box and in the sycamore box was a box of ebony and ivory and in that lay a silver box and in the silver box there rested a box of gold and in that box – there was the Book !>

<Moses lifted out the Book and as he read the Light went before him and the Darkness after him. He was able to hear the Voice of Darkness and the Voice of Light and he knew then that he could command the heavens and the earth and the sea. He knew that he knew the language of all God’s creatures of the earth, the sea and sky and he knew that there was a Divine

<Power within him for he saw the sun and moon and the stars as no man had ever seen them before. What he read in the Book he wrote down on a piece of virgin papyrus and thereafter washed off the writing with a kind of beer which he drank that each sign and symbol thus put down would permeate his entire being and stay in his mind and soul forever.>

<Then he returned the Book to the golden box of ebony and ivory and that in the sycamore box and that in the bronze box and that in the iron box, just as it was in the beginning. Then he returned them all to the guardianship of the Deathless Snake with the admonition to watch over it to the end of Time.>

Tibetan Prayer for the Newyear of the Snake :

<Prayers and offerings to the white gods of heaven, black demons, yellow Nyen demons, brown Rmu demons, red Tsen demons, striped Za demons, blue Nagas,
green Sadags (spirits of the earth), Yaksha demons, Jyed-Ma demons, ZaDre demons, Shi-Dre demons
and all other demons to completely remove
obstacles and sufferings and illnesses,
bad dreams, and unhappiness.
By this offering the demons become
peaceful in their minds and do not harm other beings.
Through this Dharma practice we grow
stronger and stronger in body, speech, and mind.
All Dharma friends become peaceful and
live harmoniously with each other in long happy lives.>
Naga Notes

Additional Notes :

Lung-Wang – Nagaraja of Japan, Kwan-Yin in for of Mido-Shan dragon rescues his son

Lung-Nu – daughter of above who gives her a brilliant pearl to light her way

Nagabila – entrance to Patala

Sambasivamurti – shiva as a serpent with 5 heads rising from an anthill, Tamil

Nagambike – “snakewoman”

Vastu – brother of Rahu

Asvatthaman – snake man incarnation of Rudra

Astika – snakeman

Asvasena – naga son of nr Taksaka

Yogi Patanjali – incarnation of AdiSheesha

Bon creation myth – air wind + water ocean = blue bubble out of which came a blue egg of light out of which came a blue woman named chu Kan Rgyal Mo

Naga Zicen of lake Manasarovar subdued by Padmasambhava

Indian house ritual – ritualist find the head of the snake that supports the world, takes khadira tree peg/phurba and drives peg into ground with a coconut

Kind Jayavarman I-VII – slept with 9 headed nagini each night to subdue land (9 heads must give great head!)

woman riding an elephant in an old drawing looks like a nagini because trunk of elephant is between her legs

Mushussu – Sumerian dragon snake god
Musmahhu, Ushumgallu, Basmu – horned snakes

Heruka Pasadhara – rides on a snake with a cutter and cup

La Sirena – water snake lady in Mexico

Serena Rojo – red siren, menstral flow, lives in the Moon

Lee from Irish Leech = river in Ireland = leech used to suck poison blood out = sucking Nagini

Sirni (Sirini) = offering of rice, sugar, milk, and spices (whiter offerings to good nagas) in India

Naas = Naz – gnosticke Naasene snake god

Tsugna Rinchen – Tibetan King of the kLu = “jewel on top of the head”

Xtabay (shta-bye) – Yucatan succubus who takes one from sex to indanity to death

Apanchane – Nahua lady of water

India is the only country in the world inhabited by all known families of snakes = 450 species of 100 genera

the Snake = Sex + Death together

Medusa separated from her snake body = Rahu and Ketu

Hiwya – Arabic for snake similar to Hebrew Hawwah = Eve

Egyptian cobra of pharoh named Netjer-ankh = “living god”

Egyptian King Zet has serpent cartouche = serpent king

bearded/feathered serpent = phallus with hair = pharoh with beard looks like the raised belly of a rearded cobra

if you look at Medusa’s snake entwined hair it looks like a vagina with hair and when you see it you turn hard like stone

Appalacian snake handlers got their cult from the Cherokee Indians

tribes of Levi and Leah have the serpent seraph as their totems

Moses and Aaron were Egyptian snake priests whose rods turned into serpents

Sabazios = greek asiatic serpent god

in the Nakhi snake cult the pictogram for Nagini is an ear ringing = ringing ears are the words of Naginis

Kurukulle / Red Tara stands on Rahu

Janguli Tara over Nagas

chinese She-wang = celestrial king of serpents
She-mo-wang = king of devils

burn=mese Tabindain Thakinma = female nagi sends skin diseases if not propitiated at rice transplanting time
Nedoshin = nagi of dry fields

jap Yamatanoorchi – 8 headed with tails, body over 8 peaks and 3 valleys

lithowanian Zaltys = serpent/devil

islam Hayya = serpent, under Kaabah, black head of he goat and white body with black tail

chinese Ch’ing-lung = green dragon
Lung = Dragon
Wang = King

egyptian/nubian Apedemak = lion head with human arms and snake body

Upagupta = disciple of Buddha, also a Naga in burma
worshipped in form of a river stone

Ritual for Eclipse =
“Om, I take refuge in the Buddha, the Arhat. May Rahu, the Dark planet, release the Sun (or Moon).”

Ritual to stop rain =
“The Sun shines in the day, and the Moon at night. The warrior shines when he has donned his armor, and the Brahmin shines when he meditates. But the Buddha shines by his power, day and night. May Reverend Upagupta, who lives in constant love and meditation and who subdues Maya, dispel the wind and the rain by his magic power.

“Kala-mukha” – “face of time” devourer over doorways in india and se asia and bali is the head of Rahu as Kala shiva
Circumcision is an attempt at immortality by mimicking the snake shedding it’s skin = penis shedding it’s foreskin, thus man becomes snake = immortal

TAZ = Tazmanian devil, is like Rahu in that he has a big devouring mouth and spins like a tornado

Raha is son of lioness Simhika = Sekhmet

in Bali Rahu’s head has only one eye

burn musk for gZa and calamus for kLu

North America is protected by Rahula because we have more tornados than any other continent in the world

Patalasiddhi is the power to travel to nagaloka

Kusali Devi – white nagi

Antidotal Substances against various demons :
earth demon – earth struck by lightening
earth deity – hail water
earth deity leaders – earth or rubble from area of fighting
mother nagas – aquatic grasses from still water pool
female servant nagas – hellebore flower
yama – earth from a crossroads

Sherpa altar –
central torma for the god/goddess
left torma for guardian with offering of dutsi (demon juice) represented by semen or beer
right torma for guardian with offering of rakta (demoness juice)
represented by menstral blood or tea

Sources :

<<Shaman’s Drum>> magazine
<<The Crystal and the Way of Light>> – Namkhai Norbu
<<Secrets of Sorcery, Spells, and Pleasure Cults of India>>
<<Tibetan Tantrik Tradition>> – S. K. Ramachandra Rao
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Sharpa Tulku and Perrott
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<<Indian Serpent Lore or
The Nagas in Hindu Legend and Art>>
– Jean Philippe Vogel – 1926/1972
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Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities>>
– Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz
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<<Historical Studies in the Cult of the Goddess Manasa>>
– P.K.Maity – Calcutta 1966
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<<Naga Cult in Orissa>> – Sadhu Charan Panda – 1986
<<Snake Worship in India>> – G. Navindran Nair – 1993


ZAXON 2108211



2 iron scorpions eating


THE BOOK OF BAPHOMET From Gnosticke Dualism to Z-Aeonic Magicke – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing


Baphemetus Copyright 2014 Linda Falorio aka Soror Ayizan ]

(As this document was originally for my own private use i had copied into it various Baphomet writings by Louis Martine, Nema and others which i have deleted here since i do not have their permission to publish them.)


Gnosticke Dualism
Z-Aeonic Magicke

Copyright ©1990 GLHoke ZAXON Publishing



Visit the Interior of the Earth
and There through Rectification
Thou shalt find the Hidden Stone



(Tumbr image – multiple sources)


to the Baphomet Current:
In History, Anthropology,
and Psychology

Gnosticke Dualism:
In Tantrism, Wicca,
and the Templars,
In Grant, Crowley,
and Satanism

Z-Aeonic Magickes:
Gematria and Tables
Hrumakhu and Baphomet
ZAON°2108211 Channelings
Hierarchies and Rituals

Introduction to the Baphomet Current
In History,Anthropology, and Psychology:

Baphomet is the greatest symbol in occult history illustrating the Dark-and-the-Light-Side of the Religions of Dualism. Yet this strange animal, if embraced, will whisper the Enlightening Secrets : Solve et Coagula . . . V.I.T.R.I.O.L. . . . As Above-So Below . . . Thou Knowest !

While Pan in paganism usually represents The All in the Light-side aspect of deity, Baphomet in the magickal sense best represents the Dark-side of that same All. To quote Louis Martinie’ from:

<<Waters of Return – The Aeonic Flow of Voudoo>>:
<Baphomet is the union of the male and the female currents as they are perceived in the context of the western magickal tradition. . . 15 = yod + he . . . the androgyne Baphomet.

Thus they swirl like the ancient symbol of the Tao, light and dark with a hint of the opposite in each other concealed. In this balanced duality is a great Wisdom.

The great exoteric Dualist Religions of the world, like christianity, islam, and judaism teach that God is All, but that He (not She) is also very transcendent and far away in some heaven. Gnosticism, an esoteric hodge-podge of the remnants of Mystery religions of the middle-east with the then rising dying-god currents of east and west, taught that <yes that was so, and with the Big God so far away we need not concern ourselves with him at all>. They taught that this plane where we all live was ruled by a lower, more practical and more approachable deity called the King of the World, Rex Mundi, and it is He with whom we must be concerned. In other words, don’t bother writing to the President about potholes rather go to the local authorities. This is all a simplification because Gnosticism through time has been was varied over widespread areas and with varied theologies. But the concern was primarily with a God/Goddess of All that we can perceive in this realm of duality, and so He/She did combine the Light and the Darkness in one polymorphous deity.

I feel that Baphomet represents that deity, combining the attributes of Abraxas, Zurvan, Azoth-Mercurius, and other unnamed and forgotten gods.

Eliphas Levi in the mid-1800’s painted the figure universally recognized as Baphomet today, as reproduced at the beginning of this work. Baphomet in his/her traditional attributes expanded is a combination deity of man/woman, animal/mammal, reptile/amphibian, insect/larvae, plant/flower, protozoan/bacterium, machine/computer, and mineral/metal/stone with the torch of the Light of Spirit above it’s head. It is the upright pentagram of the four elements with the element of Spirit above all, but seen incarnate in the lowest planes of the Earth, which explains its sometimes inverse star. Like Capricorn, he/she extends from the highest to the lowest planes, from mountain-top to ocean depths. Thus Baphomet is a chthonic/underworld/subconscious deity in which the Light aspect is but a hidden spark.
Thus the quotations often associated with him : <As Above/So Below> – meaning that in the cosmic Tao/yin-yang of all matter contains the spark of God, and God himself contains the kernel of the Devil. <Solve et Coagula> – meaning that to get to the essence of Spirit one has to go beyond and break down all forms, then let them build themselves up again according to the original divine plan which we all have encoded in our DNA. <V.I.T.R.I.O.L. = Visit the Interior of the Earth and there through Rectification thou shalt find the Hidden Stone> – meaning that once you have gone deep enough you will find that Thou Art God. And <Thou Knowest!> – which is the message in that awful penetrating stare of Baphomet. All of these are of course heresies of self-deification according to the exotheric religions of history.

Besides being the Dark-side of the of the All, Baphomet is also a potent symbol of the combination of all opposites in a sexual sense. Baphomet is the primal/modern Androgyne/Hermaphrodite. According to:

<<Webster’s>> dictionary: an Androgyne is defined as <having the characteristics or nature of both male and female>, and an Hermaphrodite is <an animal or plant having both reproductive organs>.

So they are both about the same. But in what I have read and discussed with occultist friends, the words today in occultism have a different meaning. An hermaphrodite usually means one having both sexual organs, able to have sex with both males and females. Few of these have ever lived according to historical accounts, whose accuracy I doubt can be trusted on such a loaded subject because the recorders of official history were usually those in patriarchal power. Originally male transvestites who have taken hormones to increase their breast size and round out their bodies, yet keeping their phallus/testes and using their anus as a pseudo-vagina, or females who have kept their breasts, taken hormones to define their musculature, had a phallus manufactured, and kept their vagina or anus as a receptive organ, can both be defined as manufactured hermaphrodites. Situational hermaphrodites also include bi-sexuals who can change roles by will, cross-dressing non-surgical transvestites, and twins acting as a pair of possibilities. Androgynes, on the other hand, are usually defined as being sexless, having neither male or female characteristics, <homogenized>, like an angel, a baby, an elder man or woman, a celibate, a eunuch, or an alien-form as seen today. I would consider Baphomet as an Hermaphroditic form because he/she as painted by Levi does have breasts and a stylized phallus. This would be considered a horizontal androgyne in that he/she is female above the waist and male below. A vertical androgyne is more like the Hindu deity <Ardh-Narishwara> who is male on the right side and female on the left. But for the purpose of this writing I shall use <androgyne> and <hermaphrodite> interchangeably.
Here are some anthropologists and psychologists and modern magickians from this century and today who are also exploring the dualistic religious philosophies of the past and the dualistic mind of today and coming up with theories that sound strangely like Baphomet : Peter Carroll in <<Liber Null and Psychonaut>> goes into the subject of the three layers of the brain – human, mammalian, and reptilian, and the fact that we all have a wolf and a dragon just beneath the surface, and this composite animal is the Baphomet within. The magazine <<Parabola- Androgyny/ Volume#3 Issue#4>> quotes Mircea Eliade speaking about the fact that the metaphysically mystical figure of Baphomet later degenerated into the decadent interpretation society now has of the Androgyne / Hermaphrodite. For a balanced, modern, and feminist-aware viewpoint of this subject, read <<Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythical Beasts>> by Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty in which she goes further into horizontal and vertical Androgynes / Hermaphrodites. She tells the story of the Zuni deity <Awonawilong>, who is a trickster, ferryman between separate banks, and weaver of opposites. It seems that the First Parents in the Navaho legends had five pairs of twins. Four twins were normal human males and females. But two were androgynous and sterile, and the male twin dies. Guess what happens to the androgynous female twin? She goes to Hell and becomes the Devil. Sound familiar? She also gets into analysis of the practice of male circumcision as a rite to remove the female hole formed by the foreskin at the end of the natural penis. But then sub incision (the cutting of an opening into the Australian male’s abdomen) is to restore the male to his primeval androgynous state. Clitorectomy then is to remove the male pseudo-penis from the female’s body. These are obviously the practices of a patriarchal society or at least priesthood within that society. As a Jungian psychologist, she stresses the final alchemical result of Baphomet, which is balance and wholeness. One of the most well known Psycho-Alchemists is C.G.Jung, who in his earlier days wrote/channeled his <<Sermons to the Dead>>, a youthful and mystical piece of Gnosticke heresy. His most interesting writings to magickians are on the subject of Alchemy, in which he attempts to show the Medieval and modern systems of the Dynamic Union of Opposites. Later his theories of the dark subconscious and the interactive anima/animus are the fertile field in which a modern interpretation of the Baphomet Current sprout and grow further.

Gnosticke Dualism
In Tantrism, Wicca, and the Templars,
In Grant, Crowley, and Satanism

The Religions that follow a philosophy of Gnosticke Dualism have been many throughout history. In a sense, the Devil has been around as long as God has. In the Far East the harmony of the Light and the Dark has been more genteel. The native Shamanism of the Indian sub-continent and Himalayas, the primordial Dravidian tradition of Shiva/Shakti in Tantricke Hinduism, the eternal Yin-Yang of Taoism, and the Vajrayana Buddhist Tantrism of Tibet have all kept to the Truth.
Shiva especially has manifested often in combination male/female forms. Shiva and Shakti-Kundalini being the Magickians and Lord/Lady of Illusion are known in India as <Ardh-Narishwara>. Shiva/Shakti lives truthfully in a double-sexed body. In the Tibetan/Nepalese Himalayas Shiva is known as Vajrasattva in Yab-Yum union with consort. And even sedate middle-class Vishnu has appeared as Hari-Hara, the God and Goddess conjoined.

In Afrika the religions have always seen the God of Light as far away and have instead worked with the darker and more colorful earthy gods and goddesses of the forest , mountain, and savannah for their day to day religious (=physical) needs. Modern Voudoun is one of the most dynamic and living Currents of Magicke afoot today. Go to the southern hemisphere. The Afrikans open their rituals with a form of the god Legba, who is also Mercury as Psychopompos, and whose veve is the cross. His darker aspect – Ghede/Samendhi – is the crossroads or <X>. Cross and <X> equals the 8-fold star-veve. Exu, or the Devil, is honored as much as white Dan.

There are many phases of the divine act of doubling : first there is the One in the tension of the Two repelling to their opposite poles, then this bisexual form flashes back and forth in function, next they appear separate but in sexual union, and finally they dance together as male and female twins. All the Gods of Dualism fit in a slippery way within and/or between these four phases of the Two becoming the Ten-thousand things of Nature. At the non-existent Center, 0 becomes 2 by a mobius twist, and in that movement is a Great Mystery.

Here in the West Witches throughout the centuries have been accused of worshiping the Horned God, and sometimes even Satan or the Devil. Maybe we do, and maybe we don’t. Either way we do go to the Lord of this Earth for our requests for things on this plane. Are we worshiping Mammon? The Goddess and the God created Mammon for our pleasure. Are not our minds encased in fleshy brains/bodies?

In <<The Secrets of Ancient Witchcraft>> Arnold and Patricia Crowther say that the head of the Baphomet goat does look like a woman’s genitalia, displaying ovarian horns and uterine face. And these inverse forms do fit into an inverse pentagram. They also channel that Dianic covens at AllHallows used to substitute a woman in place of the God by giving her a horned crown above her woman’s breasts above a strapped on leather phallus. Later this was toned down and replaced by the <Woman girt with a Sword before me>.

And now to the most famous alleged worshipers of Baphomet of all times – the Templars ! There are plenty of books out there on the subject describing the Templars from the extremes of being either devil-worshipping Saladin ass-kissers or the Keepers of the OTO 11* Secrets. In <<The Murdered Magicians>> by Peter Partner Baphomet may have been the word for Mahomet or Mohammed, and in the Templar times is written as <Baphometz>. Supposedly Baphomet was adored
by the Templars in the form of a goat or dual head, double-head, cat-head, bearded man’s head, or woman’s head. Why the head? Since Baphomet is the Lord of Duality on this plane, He/She is also the primal Zero higher up. Thus 0=2, and so the Lord of the Double is also the Headless-0-One. The Templars were depicted on coins of the time as twins riding upon a single horse. In the military order of then and now Saints Michael and George were the twin Guardians of Heaven and Earth.

Sects of the Religions of Dualism who still can claim and use the symbol of Baphomet are the Ismailis / Druse / Assassins, the Cathars / Bogomils / Albigensians, and the Gnosticke / Ophite / Templars. (Does the OTO, either of Caliphate or Grantian or others, still hold and transmit these secret teachings? And are there really any Secrets anymore? – Editor)

Joseph Hammer in 1818 wrote in an old anthology called:
<<The Mystery of Baphomet Revealed>> in which he says that the worship of meteoric Black Stones represent the worship of Baphomet. He says that Eliphas Levi saw Baphomet as the Wisdom of Azoth in Alchemical terms. To Solve and Coagulate is the primal mixing of the Two opposites. Hammer also suggests that Templars and Satanists are all just Gnosticke Dualists. I agree.

But listen to the catholic popes and kings accusations against these practitioners: Here are the Inquisition’s charges against the Templars :
<Item, that in each province they had idols,
namely heads . . .
Item, that they adored these idols.
Item, that they said that the head could save them.
Item, that it could make riches.
Item, that it made the trees flower.
Item, that it made the land germinate.>

Sounds like the old paganism of Europe and the gnosticism of the Islams tied together into a workable system. More on these nasty Templars/Baphomet-worshippers can be explored in <<Holy Blood – Holy Grail>> by Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln. It seems the story of the Templars leads a torturous path through the 1700’s as the Masons, the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, the Illuminati, Fraternus Saturni, the Ordo Temple Orientis, Roscicrusians, the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, and finally the OTO in its present split forms of Caliphate, Grantian, and the Lovecraftian/EOD. To Mega Therion referred to himself as Baphomet 11* in his OTO. His <Liber AL vel Legis> truly delineates the dual forces balanced by the upper third and the lower zero=two. From :

<<Liber AL>> 1:29
<For I am divided for love’s sake,
for the chance of union.>
Crowley’s writings show a balanced view of the relative forces of Light and Darkness, for he seemed to have explored many varied realms. Few people outside the magickal community appreciate his divine side, as evidenced in so much of his ecstatic poetry. Most just see him as the Beast666, and heap the world of troubles upon him like a modern-day Satan.

Kenneth Grant seems to have grasped the essence of both Crowley and Eastern Tantrism. His books quoted below easily manifest his appreciation, wonder, obsession, and submersion in the Current of Baphomet. He sees that the Beast and Babalon conjoined is the Western Tantricke manifestation of Baphomet as the Ruler of the Earthly and Underworld realms. Grant also was the first to see the tie-in with the Current of the Double-Wanded-One as the Lord of the two horizons in the Aeon to come after the Horus/Maat manifestation. My own channelings of this Double-Current of Hrumachis and Baphomet in the As Above, So Below posture will be delved into later. From Grant:

<Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God>:
<The Beast and Babalon represent the Double Equinox; and the Beast and Babalon conjoined form the androgynous Baphomet, Lord of the Double Horizon, the Double Wanded One.>
<The Double-Wanded-One’s Active current is Heru-Ra-Ha / Horus / Ra-Hoor-Khuit / 9* . . . The passive current is Shaitan / Set / Hoor-Paar-Kraat / 11* . . . are the dual modes of the operation of Baphomet.>

<Magickal Revival>:
<Baphomet is the Androgyne who is the Hieroglyph of the Arcane Perfection . . . Set = Mendes = Phoenix = Pan = Baphomet . . . Therion is the Solar aspect of the
Cthonic/Earthly Baphomet . . . The Eleven and Eight-fold Star-Cross represent him/her.>
<Crowley, speaking for The Beast 666, declares that <Aiwaz-solar-phallic-hermetic-Lucifer> is His (i.e. the Beast’s) own Holy Guardian Angel, and The Devil, Satan, or Hadit, of our particular unit of the Starry Universe. This Serpent, Satan, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade “Know Thyself !” and taught Initiation. He is The Devil of the Book of Thoth, and his emblem is Baphomet, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of the arcane perfection. The number of his Atu (Key) is XV or 15, which is Yod-He, the Monogram of the Eternal, the Father one with the Mother, the Virgin Seed one with all-containing Space. He is therefore life, and Love. But moresoever his letter is Ayin, the Eye; He is Light, and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.>
<Crowley . . . received the correct spelling as BAPhOMITR meaning Father Mithras . . . Greek MITOS means semen.>
<Outside the Circles of Time>:
<The Androgyne denotes the Priest who uses the Double Current, and the Gynander denotes the Priestess who does so. It is in the Aeon of Maat, in a strictly technical sense, that the Double Current of either the Androgyne or the Gynander will manifest the Ophidian levels in a single entity . . . Baphomet . . = 131.>

And one of the most androgynous entities Crowley ever contacted and painted was that alien <LAM>, who looks suspiciously like the UFO-aliens of today whose mythos is that they are so advanced mentally that their bodies are almost sex-less now, and that they have come to Earth for a few good women, and their strong DNA/genes. Everybody loves Earth women for their fertility, and they come from far away to splice genes with them.

Well that <old black magick> that the press often blamed on the Beast666 is still alive in modern Satanism of the genre of A.Z.LaVey and his infamous books and publicity stunts of the 60’s. Most of the Satanism I have had contact with is a combination of Thelema and hedonism, or the belief that we should <Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law>, and be concerned with practical magickes on this plane alone. Rituals are a psychodrama to trick the mind into manifesting it’s power of will. And the symbol of their view of the world is the inverse pentagram with the Baphometic goat’s head within it, symbolizing the glorification of the flesh over the delusions of the spirit. Satanists oppose any religious philosophy which builds and then lives in castles in the sky, when the reality is life here and now in this body and on this Earth. This is a continuation of the old Gnosticke teachings that God, if he exists, is too far away to care, and we should instead be concerned with the real Ruler of this world, which is the deified humanity within us. Thus Baphomet once again comes forth to fill this role.

A.Z.LaVey and his lineage lives on today in small groups of serious Satanists across this country and in Europe. I am not talking about the punker/druggie/nazi/biker types who just like power and hedonism and perversities for the thrill of it, though they too can be considered Satanists in their own right. Anyone who does their true-will in defiance of the judeo-christian rules of kings and popes could be considered a Luciferian and revolutionary. Was not Lucifer the first rebel with a cause? But I do know of one S.P. here on the east coast who has continued and manifested and channeled the lineage of Satanism in a responsible way, and it is mostly his works that I quote below because of their content on Baphomet and androgyny. From A.Z.LaVey’s <<The Compleat Witch>> we read that it is dedicated <To the Man in every Woman, and the Woman in every Man.>.

Rev. YAJ NOMOLOS, S.P. – from private letters :
<The BAPHOMET, for all it’s history and speculative controversy, is in fact a carnal symbol directly opposite that of the spiritual one epitomized in the Holy Grail. The christian/religious concept of symbolized idealism appears in all religions. Observe the Mandala, the Rose and Cross, the Lorraine cross, Mecca, the Lingum, the Jewel in the Lotus, etc. Each is a focal point for adoration, designed to divert attention from the reality of bondage, exploitation, and deprivation/oppression. The rulers must eliminate the competition/challenge to their rule. The self-emaciated Satanist counter-balances this force with a challenging focal point in the material/carnal aspect of symbolism – the BAPHOMET.
<The difference is dramatic . . . from a Grail ideal embodied in inanimate objects (a cp, a jewel, a cross, a monstrous statue), to a piercing gaze from an animal who challenges the central issue of one’s being, declaring : <Thou Knowest!> (the successful result of following the dictate to <Know Thyself> – editor). In that gaze are the fires which blast away the facades of hypocrisy, denying one the refuge of self-deceit. Only the knower of BAPHOMET may survive that withering Revelation of Truth . . . and Rejoice !>

In <<Satanic Rites and Ceremonies>> Nomolos uses the Solve et Coagula mudra in his temple to salute Baphomet above as below. (Note also that Crowley in one of Freida Harris’s first renditions of the Fool card in their Tarot has him/her making the same swastika mudra. – Editor). He has these Baphomet heads in the temple on the four walls and on both ceiling and floor. And he uses vajras/dorjes for double-wands to symbolize this duality. From the booklet:

<It’s no secret ! The next evolutionary mutation for homo-sapiens is Androgyny. Through mutations in our chromosomes, hormones, and DNA, induced by the power of our Will to adapt to changing environments, Social Realists are planning to give issue to the awaiting Child of the New Age. The revelation ad the inspiration for all this comes from the deepest recesses of our human and praeter-human intelligence . . . what the metaphysicians call the Holy Guardian Angel, or the religionists mistake for a god.> . .
<Social Realism is destined to outlive our specie, and to give birth to its refined progeny – Androgyny. The same environment that will be designed for this mutation will also erase what came before. Then, through the processes of change that will produce the Hermaphrodite, and finally Parthenogenesis, the new age will arrive at perfection. What comes after that is unknown. But that there will indeed be a specie to one day find the fossils of our civilizations is inspiring and filled with hope for the joy of the future.>
<My Chosen Ones will be blessed with revised chromosomes and reconstructed DNA that will, upon conception, manifest in stages as the Androgyne, having both sexual characteristics . . . Androgyny has been symbolized by my prophets throughout the aeons. Humankind are the same – male and female, destined to unite into Androgyny. For the divisions between your sexes are as mythical as the gods were. Observe your anatomy – the men have nipples and hidden vaginas, and the women have hidden penises. Your differences are a matter of emphasized sexual hormones. Have not the transvestites demonstrated transitions of sex well enough? But they were blind !
<Your kind rejected my evidence of Androgyny, and condemned them, as they do all my wonders. Humans cannot know that their rejection only expresses their fear of the threat to sexual dominance – the war between the sexes.
<Now understand that Androgyny tend to be sterile – unable or unwilling to create sufficient offspring to guarantee survival of their specie. They have not the necessary interest in reproductive sex, and they do not crave male lust often enough. Thus yet another stage of mutation beyond Androgyny must occur.
<Hormonal adjustments will occur to emphasize the reproductive instinct while at the same time, changes of sexual organs will permit the creature to mate with itself.
<The Hermaphrodite is a refinement of Androgyny. This step in evolution is a response to necessity, in answer to emergency signals of the psych that warn against the danger to survival if procreation is not accomplished.
<Nor is Hermaphroditism the last refinement. They still must rely on both egg production and sperm fertilization, although all the reproductive apparatus is now in the same body. Again, there will be more adjustments by hormones, chromosomes, and DNA. The female apparatus will dominate, taking over the former roles of the phallic process. The male organ will then disappear, with its role.>

Z-Aeonic Magickes:
Hrumakhu/Baphomet Current
Z-Aeonic Channelings
Hierarchies and Rituals

Finally we come fully up to the present, and I wish to give you some of my own impressions/channelings of this Current of Baphomet. I have worked in the Eastern Tantras and Western Magickes for years. My past includes the study and practice of: Zen meditation, initiation into the priesthood of Korean Zen, hatha/manta/guru Yogas of Hinduism, including Shaktipat initiation, QBL ceremonial magickes, initiation into the 3rd* of Wicca in the Celtic/Germanic lineages, Coven work for 7 years, Thelemic Magicke, the study of Crowley and Grant, OTO Minerval, and contact with eclectics like myself all over the States through networks like the Esotheric Order of Dagon and others. In the last few years I have been working with the Current of HruMaKhu (Hrumachis) – the Double-Wanded-One of the Z-Aeon -to-Come and with the Mysteries of Sirius.

The more I got into the upper half of this double-current, the more the lower half revealed itself. When one has been a 3* Warlock, especially in the Wintertime, one seems to spend one’s time fully in the Underworld. And guess who I ran into down there? Well, Baphomet, of course. And that is where the idea for writing this manuscript came from. And I received inspiration from a friend/magickian – <Ayizan> – and her manifested paintings of the 22 cells/scales/doorways into the realm of the Qliphothe. These photo-cards made from the original paintings seemed to open the door further. She/they also have a truly hermaphroditic but now androgynous cat named <Zeno> who showed up on their doorstep years ago. So I looked around for modern magickal writings on the Baphomet current, and found very little. In fact, this manuscript contains about all the quotes and sources I could find in my library and others. Where was the modern Baphomet, and in what form/s was He/She manifesting in these 90’s into the Bi-Millenium-2000? I asked <Ayizan> to paint me a new Baphomet, and within a couple months She/He had manifested on canvas. This modern version greatly updates the old original Baphomet by Levi of a hundred years ago. What she has painted is a fiery-red Satana-Baphomet = 111 (in the Falorio gematria, see below), an Alchemical Baph-Metis (her name for the painting = 53), a double-sexed Incubus/Succubus of desire. This New Baphomet holds two double-terminated crystals, and juggles double-kris-knives at the sides of hir shaven elongated/egyptian head as detachable horns. On Hir forehead the 8-fold-Star and beneath Hir the Cross of Baphometz. She/He sits with eyes closed, inwardly burning as Kundala/Kundalini manifesting. The whole figure sits on a mountain of skulls within the gaping monstrous mouth of a Hell/cave.

Below, for the QBL-ist readers is a page of gematria that I derived before writing this. Immediately afterwards are the three different tables of gematria with their various word-number correspondences:

English QBL from Linda Falorio :
based on the Celtic language/letters of the trees:
A = 1 J = 6 S = 16
B = 5 K = 9 T = 11
C = 9 L = 14 U = 5
D = 12 M = 6 V = 8
E = 2 N = 13 W = 10
F = 8 O = 4 X = 11
G = 10 P = 7 Y = 6
H = 0 or 2 Q = 18 Z = 32
I = 3 R = 15

Hebrew Qabalah :
A 1 L 30
B 2 M 40 / 600
G 3 N 50 / 700
D 4 S 60
E/H 5 Ng/O 70
F/U/V 6 P 80 / 800
Z 7 Tz 90 / 900
Ch 8 Q 100
T 9 R 200
I/J/Y 10 Sh 300
K 20 / 500 Th 400

English Kabbalah :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Gematria of Baphomet :

BPhMT (Hebrew) = 131
(Falorio) = 29 = 11
131 = Samael – Angel of death, Prince of demons, demon prince of Fire, qlippoth of Hod, archdemon corresponding to Chokmah, poison of God, husband of Isheth Zenunim the woman of whoredom, demon of prostitution and father of Chioa the Beast, husband of Lilith

Baphomet (Falorio) = 38 = 11
38 x 11 = 418
418 = number of the House of Hrumachis to come
38 = Apopis, black, child, feast, force, geburah, Isis, light, magick, mother, power, Sekht, union, work, vehicle, the wanga, mars, magus, draco, si-pa-po, magus
11 = the number of the Qliphoth

Rest of gematria according to Falorio derivation
from her <<Liber CXV : The English Qabalah>> :

Baphometus = 57 or 59

Baphe-Metis = 53 = twins, Sirini
53 = 8 = ° = Mobius/Mercurius/Caduceus.
or 55 = 10 = Completion/Malkuth.

Bafometz = 69 = black flame, black rite, earth web, existence, fire-snake, heart and tongue, life in death, lunar phase,make cakes and eat, mani- stone, new-aeonic obeah, set-horus, star-ship, universe-B, ursa major, the entrance, the daughter, the hierophant.

Baphometz = 68 or 70
70 = # of Ayin or Atu XV-The Devil, The Qliphoth, by the same mouth, city of Set, mask of death, mass of Maat, Night of Pan, Nightside, outside Time, Set- Typhon, the mani-jewel, the mouth of Maat, the Phallus, the Qliphoth, the Unknown

Hrumakhu = 43/45 + Baphometz = 68/70 = 111/115

Satana-Baphometz = 43 + 68 = 111

Hrumakhu-Baphometz = 43 +68 = 111

111 = Qliphoth, a pillar in the Void, Babalon conceals, Great Goddess, desolate places, dweller in Sept, Lust of result, mystical Lords, Nightside of Eden, non-human Entities, Star-brothers, Star of Su-Isis, wisdom of the New Aeon, worship of the Snake, the chosen Priest, the God enthroned, the Fulfillment, the haunts of the Dead, the New Revelation, the Tower of Shambalah, the Warrior Lord, the water of the Abyss, the Word of the Tower, the Word not known

115 = A Secret Key of This, Ain + Nothing, Blood essences, Door to the Unknown, Extra-dimentional, forbidden Wisdom, Gate for the Aeon of Maat, great Magick power, Infinite Stars, one of the Night of Time, Sethian Tunnels, Star Goddess, Trans-abysmal, Union of opposites, Zos Kia Cultus, the Book of th Spider, the Coven of Zarab, the covenant of Set, the Crossroads, the Double-Current, the Key of the rituals, the manifested Word, the place of the Abyss, the Scarlet woman, the soul of Nu-Isis, the spirit of the Hyena, the Temple of the Beast.

Baphomet = 811 or 181 symbolically as the caduceus of twin serpents within the double phallus.
181 + 131 = 2112 = Year of the End of the Mayan Calendar

Hrumachis = 55 or 57 or 59
Hrumakhu = 43 or 45
Hru = 22
Zaon = 50
Zaxon = 61
Zayin = 55
Zaon-Hrumakhu = 43 + 50 = 93

210 = 70 X 3 = That Great and Terrible Word, # of the Nephilim

211 = prime #, number of HRU = 4 6 3 8 ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3YX 2 4 8 9 RPSTOVAL, Choronzon, the Beast of the Abyss, Earth the Double Current of the Tower, Make the Crossing into Non-Being, The Back of the Tree + the Front of the Tree

This final chapter of <<The Book of Baphomet>> is about the Double-Wanded-One Above and the Lord of Duality Below – Hrumakhu and Baphomet as two aspects of the same Double-Current.

I’ll start by quoting these long passages from my own : <<Liber HMK/211>> and <<Liber SSS>> by ZAXON°2108211
<Hrumachis is the Greek name of the Egyptian god-form Hor-Makhu, which means Horus of the Star, referring to Sirius as the Sun behind the Sun. He/She is also called the Lord of the Balance and the Lord of the Two Horizons. The Sphinx is also a manifestation of this form. The name HorMaKhu splits into Hor (who is Horus, the hawk, the son), Ma (who is Maat, the balance, the daughter), and Khu (which is the great magickal power, the shining splendour, the star fire, and the twins).

In the Lord of this Aeon – HERU-RA-HA – is already revealed many of the double or twin concepts that will later manifest fully in HRUMACHIS. HeruRaHa splits into RaHoorKhuit (Herakhaty) in his ‘light’ aspect, and HoorPaarKraat (Harpocrates) in his ‘dark’ aspect, of the Horus-Set twinning. Set and Horus are one in the double-headed god Sut-Hor or Sut-Nubti, who has the head of a hawk looking in one direction and the head of a jackal facing opposite.

<As you can see, the numbers 2 and 1 and 0 come up often as the final numerical values of many of these names, by whatever QBL. The whole concept of 0 = 2, the NOX sequence 210, and the 211 concept will be delved into later.

<The concept of the double and of the twins has been well explained by Grant and others :
<The Childe is twin . . . the former reaching back to an indefinite unknwn past, the latter projecting towards an equally unknown future. The point in Time at which they meet is the present moment, the event-act created by the explosive union of these two contraries. At this Point the past and future are obliterated and known to be unreal; the Now alone exists, and Existence is Now, not of Time, but of Eternity.>

And I am sure the double Aeon of Horus-Maat is also understood by the readers of this paper. The double is dual, the devil, diable, the dark twin, the double-one = 11, a number of the Double-Wanded-One. Set-Shaitan-Satan is the ruler of this world of duality, where all opposites dwell, even within us. The Devil is dual, having both sexes within him, being outwardly solar (Therion) and inwardly hermetic (Baphomet) in male and female forms. Baphomet is the Templar-OTO manifestation of the double-one, directing us both up and down at the same time, in his all-encompassing wisdom. The gnosticke Abraxas and Zurvan also deify this duality. The Phoenix, being a bird of going and return, is a form of the DWO, also being the secret name of Crowley in the German OTO. The Beast and Babalon conjoined form Baphomet as Yab-Yum. Mercury, the trickster, is double, and holds the double-wand Caduceus. And VisvaVajraSattva is the Tibetan form of this lord, who holds the crossed double-dorje or vajra wands. Even the name of the Hormunculus betrays Hormakhu, being a hermaphrodite formed of the combined male and female sexual fluids. He/She is everywhere coming forth into our consciousness now, his form hidden in our past gods, his purpose bursting forth now into our Aeon even as Harpocrates bursts forth anew from his Egg double-armed, double-willed, double-phallused, with the swirling swastika double-wand of the Lord of the coming Z-Aeon of Hrumachis. <Hrumakhu, to me, is like a Star-Hawk-Dragon, Horus-Serapis or Hrumachis-Serapis, half hawk and half seraph in it’s totemic form. His/Her human form combines all the historical forms of the Double-Wanded-One mentioned earlier, always using both hands/arms to manifest above and below, left and right, blasting all opposites and manifesting all opposites in the same swirling movement.

<From <<The Mysteries of Heru-Ra-Ha>> by AIO-N 131:
<The universal conception of reality as two ‘opposing’ or different forces, meeting/conjoining/repelling and producing a third or ‘thing beyond’ is the root of physics and religion. (Crowley) points out the work of magick is one of constantly uniting ideas and concepts with their opposites and ‘riding’ the resultant energy to the next union. (the child)>
And some of my notes and my expansions from that article:
<HRH is the child of the union of Nu, who is space, and Had, which is matter/energy/time. RHK is the active mask, and HPK the passive. HRH is our HGA, but the masks we wear in this world, being a manifestation of Horus and Set, are a manifestation of the DWO (DWO = Double-Wanded-One). All values from Hebrew gematria:

HRH (Heru-Ra-Ha) = 5+200+5 = 210 = NOX
211 = LUX doubled
DNA = 4+50+1 = 55 = Malkuth
DNA is our double-wand in the world
NU = 0 HAD = 1
HRU = 211
0 twisted = 8

<The symbol of HMK is a mobius . This the mobius strip at the twist of which space and time magickes become accessible. How do you get from a 0 to a 2 ? You simply twist the zero one turn and you get a figure 8 which manifests the two. The 0 doubles into 8, into two zeros. The DWO is of the Aeon where 0=2 is fully understood and used, in quantum physics, magicke, and philosophy. Thus the numbers 0, 2, 11, and 8 are the keys. These will be discussed later. For now let’s get into this system of the Double-Wanded-One, of Z-Aeon Magicke, and of the Great Sirius migration:

<The “future” Z-Aeon of HRUMAKHU – the Double-Wanded-One – is the “silent” Aeon of Zain or Zayin or ZAON or ZAXON, silent save for the buzzzzzzzing the stars and the hisssssssing of space.

<And now back to the numbers that seem to be of the same vibration as HMK the DWO: 0 = 2 , 2 1 0 , 8 , and 2 1 1 . (Note that Sirius is 8 1/2 light years from our Solar system). The equation first introduced in the West by Crowley, namely 0=2, has been elaborated on in many commentaries. This equation is also the basis of all Eastern systems that start from the zero point and yet accept all the 10,000 things of nature as valid also. These systems I will call Tantricke (because all opposites are acknowledged and united back to zero), like Taoism, Kalachakra Tantra, Shaivite and Kalika Tantras, and the Prajnaparamita.

<As written earlier: if you twist a zero one time you get two zeros or an eight. 8 has always been the number for the double gods, like Mercury and Ouborous and all hermaphroditic gods, who manifest the opposites whether sexual or electro-magnetic, and loop into themselves to weave those opposites together. These gods do not cancel out the two into the one, but rather dwell at the turning of the loop where zero and two continually give birth to each other. That loop, the vortex where all is possible at the stopping of time, is represented by the figure 8 or mobius .

<HruMaKhu and Maati are the double gods/goddesses who manifest in the figure 8 . HMK is double-wanded, and the figure 8 shows the field that flows around a wand that is double pointed, like the field around a bar magnet. Some of the forms of the DWO listed earlier hold the Tibetan Vajra or thunderbolt, which is a scepter that illustrates the two coming out of the zero and the one, then flowering into the eight (in the typical eight pronged vajra). The Caduceus is also made from looping figure 8’s, illustrating the figure 8 vortexes that flow around the chakras and weave between the stars. Maati holds the double scales, balanced on the loop of the °. The double-vortex and double-current is seen in the 8 . The Universe is based on the spiral, and these spirals seen in two dimensions form the 8 , as does °DNA° , our inner spiral spirit.

<The number 2 1 0 is a linear sequence of the 8. 210 is the path from manifest reality back to the one and then to the zero source. I am the Hadit point 1 that is poised between the 0 and the 2 , poised on the loop of the twisting 8. 1x2x3x4x5 = the synthesis of the 5 pointed star = 120. NOX (NOTz) = Nun+Ayin+Tzaddi = 210. <210 is the number of reversal, topsy-turvy, and therefore with the reversal of the senses.> – Grant. (210 is also the number of Belarion ((John Jack Parsons)), with who I have a great affinity.) Thus through meditating on and applying the 210 formula, the magickian can reverse creation and return to the Source ( 0 , NU ). Done rightthis of course throws you above the Abyss to the Night of Pan, the realm of AzaThoth, the Dissolution of the All. <My ego is the mirage that appears in the desert of Set.> said someone. So be prepared to be blown apart and eaten by all your subconscious monsters.

<What is the way of return from this 0 space for the magickian of the Z-Aeon ? He/She comes back Double-Wanded, holding the opposites of light and dark, male and female, 0=2=11 , in his hands. He is like Baphomet holding one wand up and the other down, or like Horus the Enterer throwing both arms forwards. The formula of this feat is in the number 2 1 1 . This 211 is the manifestation of the dual-tantricke magickian into the world of duality double-armed for action (and non-action, holding 210 as a secret within). Manifesting 211 is acting in the full knowledge and formula of 0=2 , using both hands, past and future, subconscious and superconscious, god and devil, anima and animus, to achieve that strained balance that rejects no-thing and uses all-things. That is Tantra ! 211 is the Dual-One, the master of opposites, coming forth Double-Wanded to do his will upon the Earth.

<The number I use to illustrate the return cycle of 210, and then the twisting of 0 into 8 back out into the world of 211 again is : 2108211 <To manifest the DWO in this dualistic world, it is helpful to relate to the psychologically opposite parts of yourself as your Angel and Demon. This sets up a creative tension between your selves which leaves room for new beings to appear in the void in between. These beings are our hermaphroditic magickial children or masks. Of course you have to be established in the higher third of your integrated consciousness to pull off this trick. The farther you can separate the opposites in yourself while still having them integrated through a higher operator, the more creative ‘yous’ will be birthed.

<In what I’ll call Future Sirian Magicke, the DWO is in the DNA circuit that was transmitted to us from the stars when we first evolved, and this DNA is the Double-Wand that we as a race can hold in our future with which we shall do our Will unto ourselves and into the galaxy. 210 or 8 is the DNA structure. DNA has an irregularity where mutation can occur at the 23rd angstrom. 23 represents the chaotic state between two stable states. 211 is the disruption of the DNA molecule, a splitting apart of it to add new genetic material at that 23rd space. Sirian Magicke may consist of using DNA as the double-wand and the two-sided pantacle through which to cause change on the physical plane. DNA looks like an 8 with the ends cut off. And it looks like the Hebrew letter Aleph, the first movement out of zero, which soon falls into the two. Through manipulation of the DNA material in our future magickes we can mutate into a space-migrating race . <The future is for mutants.> The Double-Wand is being handed to us by the Double-Wanded-One HRUMAKHU, who is our benefactor from the Sirius star system (in the mythos I propose). Take it with both hands.

<Some left-handed Tantrickes already use the DNA in sexual fluids as their pantacle, causing mutation by cosmic rays and willed thought, imbibing the results to bring about internal changes and mutations. Also such work can be done at the crown-chakra through receiving the wavelengths of certain stars in space and then manipulating the electromagnetic fields, matrixes, and vortexes of the brain.

<The use of double terminated wands, like vajras, spinning batons, even double-tipped dildos, is suggested for experimentation. The DWO works the sexual formulas with his/her double-wand and double-cup at both ends simultaneously.
<But the best results I have gotten so far is from using double-terminated quartz crystals. The field is like an 8 or mobius . And these crystals are perfect for being programmed with the vibrations of the DWO. Using them in physical mandalas-matrixes-vortexes to collect programs from the stars, and using them directly on the crown chakras, works extremely well.> (end of HMK/211)

<In these Mercurial/Androgynous 90’s Baphomet is truly alive and well within the Western Magickal Mythos and Subconscious. He/She is truly the Lord of the Double Horizon, of all Opposites, of Electro/vs/Magnetic forces. The reasons are easily apparent above.>

If you will/wish to manifest Baphomet, then meditate and formulate the Swastika mudra of Baphomet as in the Eliphas Levi painting illustrating Solve and Coagula and As Above, So Below. Another set of mudras are : For a male his right fist holds his lingum out and touches his perineum while his left hand’s index and thumb pinches his left nipple. For a female her left hand forms her will-lingum while touching clitoris/jewel-in-lotus with her right hand pinching her own right nipple.

A skull can be used as an altar symbol of as a Baphomet as a bodiless head because it is sexless.

Baphomet in humanity is the Androgyne /Hermaphrodite, and on the Earth is best represented by the Spider. His/Her Symbols and Sigils are any symbol of duality/unified such as figure 8’s, the mobius, the Caduceus, Yin-Yang, and crossed Veves. His/Her Stones are black onyx, jet, diamond, coal, magnetite, obsidian, and smokey-quartz.

How does one harmonize the upright and inverse Pentagram, which are both used for Baphomet, depending on whether he/she is the Lord of the Earth or the Subterranean Ruler of Hell. Picture a Rotating Pentagram of the Year: The Pentagram can be rotated throughout the Circle of the Year, sometimes standing point upright and sometimes with the horns upright/inverse. In the Midsummer the top-point is up representing the Sun, and the arm-points are above the two horizons of sunrise and set. This is the trident of the trinity Sun-God. And the Earth-centre of the pentagram is above the horizon, just as the fruits of the Earth are manifest above in summertime. But in Midwinter the double horns of the pentagram are up, representing the Moon ruling the dark-side of the year. The 3-fold Sun is sunk below in the Underworld. And the Earth-centre is here below the horizon as Nature rests in the bosom of Hades. I see the Pentagram rotating Angelic/upright in the Summer and Demonic/inverse during the Winter months.

Below are some more hierarchies/sigils/names I’ve formulated to expand the Current of Baphomet:
Diamond of Baphomet :
HruMaKhu – above as an androgyne having
both sexual characteristics hidden in its alien nature.
Baphomet – below being a hermaphrodite having
both sexual characteristics active in its
animal nature.
Male Twin – to the right as the anima revealed
and animus concealed.
Female Twin – to the left as the animus revealed
and anima concealed.
Balanced human – in the centre shifting both sexualities as needed in its mental/emotional/physical natures.

Hierarchy of the Double-Gods :

Sirius Double-Star above
Hrumakhu Double-Wanded-One

Lucifer Morning and Evening Stars
Abraxas/Zurvan Solar Ruler of Heaven
Metatron Archangel of Kether

8 Cross
Hermes Androgyn-Hermaphrodite
Capricornus Mountain god/beast
Babalon Ocean goddess/beastess
Cernunnos Pagan stone god
Cerridwen Pagan cauldron goddess

Anubis Double Wolf guardians
Legba Gateway on the Earth
Ayizan Gateway under the Earth
Serapis Double Serpent guides

Ayizan Sigil
Salome Dance into Earth
Persephone Seed of Earth
Mercurius Psychopompos
Exu Descending god
Ishtar Descending goddess

NOX Sigil
Sandalphon Archangel of Malkuth
Satan Dual Ruler of Hell

Baphomet Double-Sexed-One
Vitriol Double crystal/gem/jewel

<Double-Star above me,
Double-Wanded-One within me,
Double-Wolf to the right and left of me,
Double Serpent before and behind me,
Double-Power beneath/upholding me.>

Elevenfold Star/Web of Baphomet :

Zenith HRUMAKHU DWO above star-aether
North MAYA Goddess earth
NE PAN Mammal air/earth
East MERCURIUS Man air
SE ABRAXAS Insect air/fire
South SATAN God/Daemon fire
SW ZURVAN Reptile fire/water
West BABALON Woman water
NW SALOME Fish/Amphibian water/earth
Nadir AYIZAN Spider earthmagnetics
Centre BAPHOMET Hermaphrodite fire diamond

Marassa-Baphomet Rite – by Louis Martinie :

This is a very good Voudoun version of the Current, quoted from earlier. I suggest you buy the booklet through <Black Moon> publishing.

Baphometz/Oya Ritual :
by ZAXON°2108211 and Magdalene-Shambleau-Oya

Dedicated to the Double-Wanded-Ones
above, below, and within us.

To the Man in every Woman
and the Woman in every Man
Oya Oya B
11 Goddesses who visit/live in the Underworld :

Nephthys Cottyto
Ishtar Hekate
Ianna Hertha
Kore Bridgit
Oya Lilith
11 Gods who entered Hell and returned :

Osiris Orpheus
Anubis Mercurius/Psychompos
Lucifer Baphomet
Satan Lazaro
Jesus Dante/Geryon

<<Star ONYX>> by ZAXON 2108211 :

Banishing All to Zero = 0Z

Touch and Vibrate :
Crown Nu
Ajna Az
Qoph Za
Throat Ah
Hridayam Oz
Hara No
Linga On

Trace and throw NOX sigil :

East Abraxas
South Shaitan
West Anubis and Babalon
North Zurvan
Zenith AzaThoth
Nadir Baphometz
Circle Chaosz
Centre Za

Inverse Pentagrams in the Four Directions

Air Lucifer
Fire Satan
Water Leviathan
Earth Belial

The above rites and rituals have been put together mostly spontaneously when we have been inspired by this Current of Baphomet. Each person, in harmony with their male and female sides and their anima and animus simultaneously, must channel Baphomet, or whatever they call it, in their own way.

As we enter the Bi-Millenium 2000, (hopefully) only the Tantricke deities who are based on Zero and Duality will survive and thrive to lead us into the Z-Aeonic Future.

Whatever results you obtain in you inner development, and whatever feedback you can give me of your own Channelings of Baphomet, I do wish to hear from you, just as the Open Letter invites at the beginning.

I hope that I have given the proper credits to everyone for the material and graphics they have contributed to this <Book of Baphomet>. Though the collaboration is my own idea and doing, because I haven’t seen anywhere where it has been attempted before, the copy writes for each quoted piece of course still belong to their separate authors. And finally, I do hope you all have enjoyed this work, which was written for you all – Magickians and Witches, Shaivites and Gnostickes, Setians and Maatians, Crowleyites and Templars, Psychologists and Alchemists, Satanists and Sodomites, Aliens and Androgynes, Taoists and Transvestites.


Baphomet Quotes from Other Sources:

From <<Liber Null and Psychonaut>>
by Peter Carroll

<(He defines) The Horned god as having two horns to demonstrate the duality of good and evil, light and dark, the beautiful and the terrible . . . Baphomet is Pan, Pangenitor, Pamphage, All-begettor, All-destroyer, Shiva-Kali, Abraxas-Zurvan, Animal-headed Devil-Archon spirit of the dual ecstasy of sex and death, Baron Samedhi-Ghede. . Baphomet is the hermaphrodite man/woman. In Greek Baph-metis means union with wisdom.>

And he gets into the psychology of this symbol:
<Within our three level brain we each have a man, a wolf, and a crocodile living in our skulls . . . Society and Religions have been concerned with keeping the dragon and wolf permanently suppressed except at such times as it suited them to make war. For the Magickian, these atavistic forces are a source of personal power. Thus Baphomet, the magickians’ God, is frequently shown in composite man-animal-serpent form, as are many shamanic gods.>

From <<Parabola – Androgyny/Volume 3 Issue #4>> :
Mircea Eliade

<French and English decadents occasionally return to the theme of the androgyne, but always in the form of morbid or even satanic hermaphroditism, in Aleister Crowley for example. As in all the great spiritua crisis of Europe, here once again we meet the degeneration of the symbol. When the mind is no longer capable of perceiving the metaphysical significance of a symbol, it is understood at levels which become increasinglycoarse. The androgyne is understood by decadent writers simply as a hermaphrodite in whom both sexes exist anatomically and physiologically. They are concerned not with a wholeness resulting from the fusion of the sexes but with a superabundance of erotic possibilities. Their subject is not the appearance of a new type of humanity in which the fusion of the sexes produces a new unpolarized consciousness, but a self-styled sensual perfection, resulting from the active presence of both sexes in one (twin-sexed instead of sexes canceling each other out – editor). The idea of the hermaphrodite has probably been encouraged by the study of certain ancient sculptures. But the decadent writers did not know that the hermaphrodite represented in antiquity an ideal condition which men endeavored to achieve spiritually by means of imitative rites; but that if a child showed at birth any signs of hermaphroditism, it was killed by its own parents. (in patriarchal societies sex=sin – editor). In other words, the actual, anatomical hermaphrodite was considered an aberration of Nature or a sign of the god’s anger and consequently destroyed out of hand. Only the ritual androgyne provided a model, because is implied not an augmentation of anatomical organs but, symbolically (so clean without those dirty sex organs – editor), the union of the magico-religious powers belonging to both sexes.> (editor – Eliade is obviously afraid of sex and shit and suffers the illusion of most religious anthropologists who think the ideal came first and then the physical manifestation as a degeneration. Grant holds the opposite, that the physical mysteries were first, then priesthoods de-fleshed the carnal truths into symbolist philosophies worshipped from a distance for a price.)

<<Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythical Beasts>>:
Stella Kramish

<The androgyne thus serves to express simultaneously love in union and love in separation, merging with god and splitting away from god. It expresses the awe and fear of the deity in whom all opposites merge. Dangling before us the sweet promise of equality and balance, symbiosis and mutuality, the androgyne, under closer analysis, often furnishes bitter testimony to conflict and aggression, tension and disequilibrium, between female and male and between the human and divine. And yet the vision of wholeness remains, the ideal mold into which we would pour our own experience, tempered in the crucible of human reality.>

<<Sermons to the Dead>>

<Innumerable as the host of the stars is the number of gods and devils. Each star is a god, and each space that a star filleth is a devil. But the empty-fullness of the whole is the Pleroma . . . Man is the gateway, through which from the outer world of gods, demons, and souls ye pass into the inner world . . . In this world is man Abraxas, the creator and destroyer of his own world . . . At an immeasurable distance standeth one single Star in the zenith . . . To this one God man shall pray, . . . and ascend.> (And I might add: To one zero-state black diamond Light beneath/behind/within shall we also descend for Gnosis. – Editor)

<<Holy Blood – Holy Grail>>
Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln

<The Templars supposedly worshiped a devil called Baphomet. At their secret ceremonies they supposedly prostrated themselves before a bearded male head, which spoke to them and invested them with occult powers. And there were other charges as well,which were even more vague – of infaticide, of teaching women how to abort, of obscene kisses at the induction of postulants, of homosexuality.>
<Despite the claims of certain older historians, it seems clear that Baphomet was not a corruption of the name Muhammed. On the other hand, it might have been a corruption of the Arabic <Abufihamet>, pronounced in Moorish Spanish as <Bufihmat>. This means <Father of Understanding> or <Father of Wisdom>, and <father> in Arabic is also taken to imply <Source>. If this is indeed the origin of Baphomet, it would therefore refer presumably to some supernatural or divine principle. But what may have differentiated Baphomet from any other supernatural or divine principle remains unclear. If Baphomet was simply God or Allah, why did the Templars bother to rechristen him, and if Baphomet was not God or Allah, who or what was he? . . . In any case, we found indisputable evidence for the charge of secret ceremonies involving a head of some kind. . . in alchemy called the <Caput Mortum> or Dead Head> – the <Nigredo> or <Blackening> that was said to occur before the precipitation of the Philosopher’s Stone.>

The Horned God

As much as I implored the double-headed one, he never revealed himself to me. I never beheld the carbuncle. It may be so that the one whose neck has not been wrenched violently back by the Devil will never behold the stairway of light on the continual path to the land of the dead. The one who wants to ascent must first step down. Only then can what is below turn into what is above.
Gustav Meyrinck

Baphomet is the donkey-headed cult figure of the Knights Templar; the goat of the sabbath in medieval sorcery whose origin is unknown. In early representations he is usually depicted elevated upon a throne or a three-legged stool surrounded by ecstatic women. Theodore Reuss – an innovative Freemason around 1900, founder and Grand Master of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), and the one responsible for the initiation of Rudolf Steiner into the Freemasons – mystified Baphomet as an androgenous creature consisting of the substance of all elements, and at the same time, one whose quintessence is “the manifestation or reflection of world creation from the breath of the heavenly dome.” Helena P. Blavatsky saw in Baphomet an extra-sensory spiritual essence, a psychic force field and, in terms of her own “spiritual magic,” a cabalistic tool of great power. In a number of magic circles and witchcraft groups today, he is worshipped as a primal source of ecstatic obsession and instinctive masculinity. In clerical pamphlets targeted against medieval occultism, Baphomet is found alongside the usual distortions of early heathen symbolism. In these, it is asserted that occultism is the bacillus of the Devil infecting people with visions of secrecy and power and thereby placing them under the spell of Evil. All sorts of secret rites and black masses, as well as devil worship extending down to human sacrifice, appear under this shroud of secrecy and darkness. The behavior of satanic priests and many followers of witchcraft itself today is just as exaggerated and laughable as the approach adopted through medieval and modern witch hunts. They elevate Baphomet to the status of the “one and only” ancient God. But this is ludicrous as he is neither the enemy of God nor God himself. Viewed historically, he has been represented since the middle ages as a conglomeration of various horned deities depicted in a multitude of myths and cultures. The ancient Egyptians alone knew as many as five different horned deities. These were the ram-headed Harsaphes and Chnum; the cow-headed Hathor, wife of Horus; Anukus, who has the horns of a gazelle; and Amun or Ammon, the ruler of Gods, who was the eldest son of the Pharaohs and possessed ram«s horns. The
Celts had their horned god Cernunnos, and the Icelanders their Heimdall possessing a powerful horn concealed under the Yggdrasil. Even the medieval Faust encountered a flying stag with great horns and fangs which wanted to cast him into the abyss he feared so much. Various manifestations of horned creatures were extremely popular among the Greeks as well. The satyrs were goat-shaped fertility demons and the vulgar, lusting attendants of the orgiastic Dionysus. They fought intoxicated here and there in forest and field, and drunkenly played a variety of tricks on human beings. And then there was Amalthaea, the she-goat in Greek mythology who nursed Zeus in a cave. She was also believed to be the mother of Pan, who she raised along with Zeus, Pan, the somewhat lascivious and covetous god with the horns and feet of a goat, is himself associated with Banebdjet, the Egyptian god of Mendes. Since Christianity achieved spiritual predominance throughout Europe in the early middle ages, the horned natural deity, which had a firm place in human mythology in a number of forms and under various names, gradually took on an entirely different character. In the true sense of the word, it was “bedevilled,” for the Devil – originally envisaged as a serpent – was furnished in the middle ages with horns and the feet of a goat. And so the playful, tranquil, exotic, archaic, but elegant, horned natural deity which populated the whole Earth with its immeasurable potency vanished into the depths for many centuries to come. Its renaissance in the late Middle Ages among the beliefs of the Templars remained an interlude which wound up in the torture chambers of the Inquisition. The Horned God has followed true to its praying Christian master since as a darker shadow from the deep and distant past. But he is nothing less than the other side of light which must remain hidden from himself in the shadow. But not without resurfacing all the more potently in the return of the repressed. The Horned God, Baphomet, is the Janus-headed god who unites an inward view with an outward glance in a dual perspective: I am the Devil who has overcome polarity by having looked God in the eye and found the inner truth. I am from a world which foundered a millennia ago and I have written the scripts for the fist person to read these lines. For I am the last of a self-destroying culture which has left a message for the first individual of a new culture to arise.

Baphomet: “The Light of Hell”, unpublished material

The Magical God

Baphomet is a psychic force field, an energy tied to the dark and the unfathomable. This energy vibration in the unconscious acts as a spiritual adhesive, so to speak, uniting us to a fascination for the unknown which, by-passing our consciousness, we project upon the external world. We than succumb to its reflections in the whirl of events outside. Seen from a psychological perspective, this is an irrational state, a sense of longing devotion to the undiscovered and the unacknowledged within us. But this mysterious and disordered level of experience is not Evil! It comes as no coincidence that there is a lit torch between the horns of Baphomet or his multifarious mythological derivations. This undoubtedly serves as a sign of spirituality which, in accordance with human nature, is visualized most easily as light. On the spiritual plane, Baphomet is equated with Hermes or the Hermes pretender in Greek mythology: the guide for the soul’s journey from this life to the next; the advocate of the damned who moves within the realm of shadows with alacrity and acuity. He is also the one who is concealed within matter, or the imprisoned world-creating spirit. Hermes himself says in his alchemistic rosary: “I bring forth light, but the darkness belongs to my nature.” (Lucifer, the Devil«s nickname, originates from Church Latin. It actually means “bearer of light”: Latin “lux” for “light” and “ferre” – “to bear.”) The horned Pan is in turn a son of Hermes. His facial expression is sly for he knows that the shadow of light is expressed through the Devil .Time and again we find in people«s imagination of the Devil those very things the world does not in fact want to see in itself. In ancient mystical cults, the realm of the shadow took the form of a number of gods. It appears as Pan/Pangenitor/Panphage, the generator and destroyer of all things; as Archon, the animal-headed god of sex and death; as the reptilian god Jehova; as the Canaanite Baal-Zeebub, the Lord of the Flies; as Thanateros and the goat of sabbath; even as the Egyptian god Seth, who is equated with Shaitan or Satan. And so, too, belongs her Abraxas or Xnoubis (Chnubis), the manifold god who is both Good and Evil because he and the light aspects into a single image of God. First and foremost, the Manichaeans believed that the world originated from a blend of God and the Devil (God gave human beings the soul and the Devil provided the body). Aleister Crowley, the modern prophet of the Shadow God, writes of him: “He rejoices in the rugged and the barren no less than in the smooth and the fertile. All things equally exalt him. He represents the finding of ecstasy in every phenomenon, however naturally repugnant; he transcends all limitations; he is Pan; he is All.” (Crowley, Aleister, “The Book Of Thoth”, U.S. Games Systems, Stamford CT, 1991, p. 106.)

The Reflected God

In this book, Baphomet is the symbol of the shadow; the repressed or that which has been “estranged from itself,” something nearer to human beings than all else because it is a part of them and must, therefore, remain “the Devil we don«t know” – at least until human beings recognize themselves in it. But how dare you want to understand the part of you conceived in me as your own mystery. If you watch yourself for the first time as your awakening spirit looks over your shoulder at you, then you can sense how that part of you in me has become far too small. The daughter of my spirit is your mirror image and, like all mothers, I hate my likeness. For I am Ishtar, the goddess of love and war. I am Shiva-Kali, the creative phallus and destructive goddess. I am anima mundi, the world spirit, or simply the Grand Mother. You are the offspring who flees from the womb of the spirit, who wants to be received by the spirit in order to regain renewed that which has been “estranged from itself” for what it really is: in reality, a part of itself. For just one moment our thoughts are wholly united. We wrap our arms around each other, hold one another tight, and this, the first kiss, is only the beginning of a hunger which was born just to be all the more dead. But whilst you are overcoming death, you are also living the death – the one that kills me! The one side must lose so that the other can understand, and just as death loses in the beginning of life, so is life the future death born of the mother. But so does death lose its horror, transforming itself, in spite of people’s narrow-minded fear, into that godly and diabolical true individual being. And so one half of yourself falls away as if it never existed, creating the impression that the unfettered spirit returns to light out of the pitch black of living death. Its resurrection demands a triumphal return of the sun to Valhalla. And thus spoke Baphomet as he emerged from nothingness and, in the form of the daughter of primal chaos, the cosmic mother, lured the dreamer into the deep: To be sure, we must die back into the shell in order to be reborn in the ego. But the danger always accompanies us that the resurrection of our true spirit, the light of incarnation, will be drowned in the immeasurable darkness of nothingness. The threads of our lives are tied – oh! – too closely to the tongue, and our foul words are not to be silenced. However, in the endless expanse rules a whisper which preserves the
silence, an emptiness looking into which makes you feel dizzy and through which lights feel their way shamefully toward the infinite. We sense the hues of Baphomet«s thought in Thomas de Quincey when he writes: Opium … that summonest to the chancery of dreams, for the triumphs of suffering innocence, false witnesses; and confoundest perjury; and dost reverse the sentences of unrighteous judges: – thou buildest upon the bosom of darkness, out of the fantastic imagery of the brain, cities and temples, beyond the art of Phidias and Praxitele – beyond the splendor of Babylon and Hekatompylos: and from the anarchy of dreaming sleep, callest into sunny light the faces of long-buried beauties, and the blessed household countenances, cleansed from the dishonors of the grave. (de Quincey, Thomas, “Confessions of an English Opium-Eater”, 1822, in “Un Mangeur d’Opium”, 1976, trans. Charles Baudelaire, Langages Etudes Bauderlairiennes, vols VI-VII, a la BaconniŽre-Neucha‰tel, p. 101)

The Self Recognizing God

He embodies the two aspects of a single face which simultaneously penetrate and intersect one another, always taking on new form like the reflection in a kaleidoscope: The breaking through the barriers of perception is the highest goal of a bicephalous recognition which sees both inside and beyond its own vision. From the moment when human beings have crossed this threshold, you can look at the act of seeing and understand the inner truth which lies behind outer images. You cross the threshold and, unchallenged, by-pass the masks and projections which oppose you on the material level. The goal is the true nucleus in all its forms of manifestation; the endeavor is in entering the dreams and establishing the truth in a state of waking consciousness: for there can be nothing beyond dreams. The dream is the mirror image of the truth in the souls of people; people comprise the frame and the image is the soul itself. If you alter the frame, you can travel to the end of the world – or through it and beyond – just as the ancient mystics did. Having pushed their perceptions beyond their frames, they vanished from the world. Baphomet is the pictoral manifestation of the self-recognizing God who looks himself in the eye, and of the glance which recognizes itself in its own eye. He is the pictorial manifestation of the shadow. He represents the spiritual level by which consciousness breaks through polarities of thought and advances beyond the borders of human conception: Thus I am the thinking beyond the thought you know, and simultaneously the thought itself. The vitality of knowledge is within me, the models from which you have learned to create the world, and the pattern of change that alters what you have created from this model. Perhaps I seem impersonal to you. However, because they are my energies with which you water the pattern of your imagination, am I not your friend. It is a good thing no matter whether you call me God or Satan. But you may not distance me from yourself; for I am in you, in every cell, closer than your very breath. Known that I am that known understanding which reveals the seal of human imagination to you – this elixir of darkness.
(Baphomet: “The Light of Hell”)

 <Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense!>

GL Hoke
ZAXON 2108211
ZAXON Publishing

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Iconography of these deities
from around the world
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ZAXON 2108211

ZAXON Publishing

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The Book of ZAXON – my unedited writings from the 1980s-1990s – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

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Back when i got my first Mac in 1986 I started writing and collating data on various magickal subjects. I called this venture ZAXON Publishing (Copyright GLHoke 2014). Here is the first of a naked copy paste totally unedited of one of those documents explaining somewhat what ZAXON means.

Book of ZAXON

In the geometries of the angles of the letters of the name ZAXON are hidden and manifested the matrix energies of the Mobius symbol.

All opposites are revealed, as in the letter Z twisting into N, or of sharp A rounding into an O, and the crossing X balancing in the mobius centre.

For me the full manifestation of this Double Power in letters and numbers is in my full Magickal Name of ZAXON 2108211.

Here is a list of names beginning with these letters ZAXON:

ZA = star demon

AZ = space/abyss demoness

ON = snake demon

NO = water/abyss snake demoness


Z = enflamed S

Double Z = Swastika and SS sigils

Z-AEON = wordless Aeon of the androgyne Hrumakhu

ZAN = Zain-Aleph-Nun

ZAON = Zain-Aleph-Ayin-Nun

ZAYIN = Zain + Ayin = serpent + eye

Zos Kia Cultus = A.O.Spare
Zos = the body as total field of awareness
Kia = cosmic spirit



Zamraidel = Qliphoth of The Lovers

Zombi = death snake of Afrika

Zarathustra / Zoroaster = founder of Zoroasterism

Zadonai = holy guardian seraph

Zurvan = Gnostic Lion/Serpent god

Zodion – greek zodiac

Zariatnutonik = forked thunderbolt serpent wand
from the Grimoire of Albertus Magus

Zng = fiery Ng snake

Zahhak/Zohak/Azhi-Dahaka =
Persian/Iranian/Zoroasterian demon
with two serpents springing from it’s shoulders
and having three dragon heads

Zarazaz = demon of the Gnostics

Zeus = Greek Jupiter storm god in Dragon form

Zosimos – alchemist

Za/Rahula = Nagaraja guardian of terma

Zhonnu = Tibetan phurba deity Vajrakilaya over nagas

Zax = the Enochian name of the Guardian of the Abyss

Zangpo = <holy> as in Dawa Zangpo / Holy Moon

Zanubiz = Z-Anubis

Zakini = Z-Dakini

Zyan = Blavatsky’s <<Book of DZYAN>>


Az = Manichean mother of all demons

Azael/Azazel = Samael/Shaitan

Azoth = combines first and last letters of three alphabets
Aleph / Tau = Hebrew
Alpha / Omega = Greek
A / Z = Latin

AzaThoth = idiot god of Chaosz of Lovecraft

Azenath = former soror head of EOD

Anubiz = dog-headed guardian
of the trans-plutonian gateway

Abyzz = Abyss

Azarak / Zomelak = primal gods of the Nephilim in Wicca

Azoth / Zakonla = Naga-kris elementals

Azza – son/daughter of Azael + Naamah = Azza (strong)
taught Solomon his Magicke


ON = O (Ayin) 70 + N (Nun) 50 = 120

OtZ / OZ = land of fantasy

Frater On 0* OTO

Solomon = Sol (Greek) + Om (Sanscrit) + On (Egyptian)
three names for the Sun, Tiphareth, God of the South

Babalon = Gateway of the Sun
Yoni chakra females, svadhistana for males,
Goddess of the West

Therion = The Beast of the Aeon of Horus
God of the North, linga or feet chakras

Metatron = Archangel of the Zenith

Sandalphon = Archangel of the Nadir

Saton = Archangel of the nether regions and subconscious

Aton = man moving towards the future

Simon = Archangel of the Sun at Midnight

Baphometon = guardian of the Earth

Hrumakhon = God of the East and of the Z-Aeon to come

Archarion = Gnosticke solar god

Aeon = gnosticke god

Nu-Aeon = Age of Aquarius + Aeon of Horus and Maat
+ wordless Z-Aeon + Aeon of the Twins HruMaKhu

Nuon = water serpent elemental

Haditon = falcon + serpent = garuda + naga

Anubison = dog and snake guardian

Tahutiton = serpent of wisdom and healing

Shaiton = serpent of the desert


Nu/Nuit – Goddess of Space

Noah – God of the watery Abyss

Nuvah = Enochian / QBL angel

X = Mobius

©1993 GL Hoke
ZAXON 2108211
ZAXON Publishing

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Banishing the Old Outhouse Ghosts and Pissed off Naginis

Amongst the cleaning at the Black Cabin is cleaning out the 50+ year old outhouse which was used for storage. Lots of stuff got recycled and burned. The place got stripped and hosed down. A week or so ago i got a nasty big wolf spider bite on my arm with fangs about an eighth inch apart. With some help from some herbalist conveners i have been putting on teatree oil and a mix of comfrey, plantain and olive oil and it is healing well.

anyway here are some pics of the black house, a small copperhead i found, some skulls and bones of possums, an old shoe, etc. It seems the old outhouse may be haunted with at least the pissed off (pun intended) Naginis of the stream it feeds into in and i have been washing off the debris into. And some guy spirit who is creeping around. I did the Apo Pantos banishing and incense and salt and you can still see beady red eyes in one pic and enjoy the rest loaded in mass below.

31 May (1)  31 May (3) 31 May (4) 31 May (5) 31 May (6) 31 May (7) 31 May (8)

All pictures Copyright GLHoke 2014