The Altar of the Dead, The lost, The Liminal

Of course in the southern hemisphere it was Samhain / All Hallows. I love her rituals. My comments and her responses are after every post. Enjoy!


Altar of the Dead Altar of the Dead

Every morning, I offer my first beverage of the day to the dead. I have adapted this small Morning Libation ritual from The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot by Louis Martinie and Sallie Ann Glassman, to my own needs, as me pouring out libations in plain sight of my landlord might be a bit conspicuous. The windows face out onto a small closed off alcove that is mostly inaccessible so all of my libations are poured on to this ground:

Morning Libations

The first liquids of the day are offered to the dead. Before refreshing yourself, fill a cup with coffee, water or some other liquid and stand over an open piece of ground.

Holding the cup with both hands, inscribe a crossroads in the air in front of you. Pass the liquid through the center of the crossroads with a slight throwing motion. Allow the cup…

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