7 Days of Samhain- Getting Crafty: Photo Memorabilia

Of course in the southern hemisphere it was Samhain / All Hallows. I love her rituals. My comments and her responses are after every post. Enjoy!


I have always dreamed of having an altar filled with the photographs of those that have passed on through the veil, but I have never been able to implement these plans due to space and not being able to get my hands on a really large beautiful multiple-picture photo frame for a decent price.

Since I have limited space and since I got the creative bug the other night, I decided to begin creating something out of the things that I have on hand…

Tiny 80mm * 80mm photo album Tiny 80mm * 80mm photo album

I have these tiny photo albums which I’ve had for a long time that have never been used as the frames are just too small for an average sized photo. I decided to cut it up and use the small frames to create a wall hanging picture frame instead.

I then raided my rather humble photo albums for some photographs…

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