7 Days of Samhain 25 April-1 May 2014

Of course in the southern hemisphere it was Samhain / All Hallows. I love her rituals. My comments and her responses are after every post. Enjoy!


The shapes are moving in front of my eyes, like shadows piercing through the veil. No, on second thought, they aren’t really moving in front of my eyes as much as they are moving under my eyelids, like the beginnings of a migraine when you begin to feel the pressure of every thought pushing tightly against your skull.

As the Veil  thins toward Samhain my hands and feet and heart become itchy with anticipation. The spirits that are hovering around are playing tricks; I’m washing the floors with perfume belonging to my Beloved dead and I find myself becoming nostalgic, wrapping myself in the love, warmth and memories of those who have come before me, who stand behind me with every step I take.

It is with these memories, feelings and urges that I attempt to do my project “7 days of Samhain” again.

I am not sure…

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