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Greetings – i am trying to crawl out from over 300 blog posts i saved but now give up on ever getting to, so  my apologies my fellow blogger. What i will try to do is maybe once a day go to one of my favouie blogs and just go thru the last month’s posts.

Life has been full of the good, the bad and the ugly from the bridge collapse this winter to removal of my DBS yesterday (i am still under the anesthesia so if what i am writing here is misspelled or doe not make sense its the drugs) ]and fighting with the nurse to let me go. But despite the bad and ugly the good is prevalent with buying, cleaning an painting to set up he new COC Covenstead for group rituals. Needless to say i am now dirt poor and exhausted with the endless tasks and projects spread around 360 on every flat surface in the house, which i have down to maybe 20%. I have been spending little time on the pc except maybe late late at night.

In the meantime check out Lamplight Blues Hoodoo Podcasts and their archives. Another podcast they suggest  have been to before is New World Witcery. Enjoy.

glh marie laveau tomb

Old pi of me at Marie Laveax ‘s grave – Copyright GLHoke 2014




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