Witch Priest will no longer be a “borg” tomorrow 25 June 2014 at 0730 DST East Coast USA

Last Beltane 2013 I post this https://blausternschlonge.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/witch-priest-assimilated-as-a-borg-for-beltane/ about how i was going to have implanted a Deep Brain Stimulator for my Meige’s Syndrome. All the details and links are in that post.


Bottom line is from what i knew of a year’s worth of research there was only a 40$ efficacy rate for it doing something, even a little, to improve my condition. That did not happen after over a year with over 9 months of programming right left up down every which way but loose. Finally i turned it off. I finally went to the neurosurgeon and said i wanted the big painful bulk IPG (pacemaker for the leads) taken out and handed him a letter from Medicare/Novitas in which it said they do NOT pay for implantantation of a DBS for my Dx code, only for Parkinsons and Essential Tremor. He read it in great detail, though i had emailed it to a half dozen people to show him, but these docs at this type of state sponsored university based hospitals like in ivory towers and he never got it. My theory is that Medicare Used to pay for them under this ICD-9-10-11 code but not now and the rep failed to notify everyone, but who the hell knows what went on.

Below is how it made me feel when turned on.

Blasted Tower by Nema

May Metatron the Archangel of my Crown Chakra make it all right and put me back into neuro-tability and health.

Metatrn 6

May all my Sephiroth be in Balance.


May Om Ah Hum vibrate through my Crown chakra.


May my aura be thusly.


May my Chi flow once again like water, instead of like a short circle of electrical wire in water


May i be the Magickian of the Naga / Kundalini energies like Li Gotami painted here as the tantricke partner of German born Lama Govinda achieved.


May St Mikael guide the surgeons swords

Copy of Jaume_Huguet_-_The_Archangel_St_Michael_-_WGA11799

May Diana Astarte Hekate and Faunus Kernunnos Baphometus protect me

the haunted tv altar snapshot

May ole Doc Santee be my Spirit Doktor.

Doctor Santee

 So Mote It Be !!!

5 thoughts on “Witch Priest will no longer be a “borg” tomorrow 25 June 2014 at 0730 DST East Coast USA

    • Its not been easy. Anesthesia keep mee sleepy and headache from skull work for two days, finally got out and drove some places yesterday. Thanks for yr concern Lorna. Oh well, the great expensive useless experiment with the most high tech most modern cutting edge medical borg hardware and software and the most highly skilled physician in this state, tried for a year then abandoned. At least i am rid of a huge pacemaker in my skinny chest, can get a better neck massage, don’t have small horns (no they were not “cute”) and can get an MRI again. As far as the facility was concerned – good caring people, mostly; bad experience on implantation and explantation, not details to be given for legal reasons….. So for me its back to natural treatments like herbs, meditation, massage, mind control, mind over body gently, and go with the flow slightly bending (Witcha) dealing with this condition. Why do i have this? Maybe b-12 deficiency from being a vegetarian all my life and not eating enough non-meat protein? Karma? Who knows….

      • So sorry I missed this when you first wrote it and I hope you are recovering well now. Sophie and I will be sending healthy vibes in your direction. Take Care. xx Cassie

        • Thank you. I am healing up well despite the poor treatment of the hospital staff regarding giving me too much of the wrong type of anesthesia than the type i requested and giving me no pain meds or antibiotics after mucking thru my brain and chest, and on and on and on. I am still in dispute with them financially from last years implant which was illegal as Medicare does not pay for the DBS under that Dx code.

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