Star Jewel Rituals – Permutations of Crowley’s Star Ruby – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

Sgn of the Enterer in Star Riby




panch agni

Star Jewel Rituals – Permutations of Crowley’s Star Ruby

_Star Ruby Copyright Aleister Crowley and i assume the Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis – Star Ruby used without their consent due to it being published by numerous sources for almost a hundred years.)

All the other Jewels of the Star Invocation are Copyright GLHoke / ZAXON 2108211 / Frater SimON 2* OTO / Baptized Acolyte ECG (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) / ZAXON Publishing


Facing East, draw in a deep breath
closing your lips with your right forefinger,
then forcibly dash your hand downwards
and exhale, screaming:


With the same forefinger,
touch your forehead, saying:

< Soi >

Touch your lingum or yoni, saying:

< O Phalle >

Touch your right shoulder, saying:

< Ischuros >

Touch your left shoulder, saying:

< Eucharistos >

Clasp your hands before you,
locking your fingers, saying:

< IAO >

Advance to the East, Imagine strongly
a Pentagram on your forehead,
Draw your hands to your eyes
and fling it forth,
making the Sign of Horus, and roaring the name:

< Therion >

Retire your hands, fingers pressed to lips,
into the Sign of Silence of Harpocrates.

Go North, and repeat, saying:

< Nuit >

Go West, and repeat, whispering:

< Babalon >

Go South, and repeat, bellowing:

< Hadit >

Completing the Circle widdershins,
retire to the Centre
and Raise your voice with the chant:

< IO Pan – IO Pan – IO Pan – IO Pan >

While posturing the Four Signs of NOX:
Puella, Puer, Vir, and Mulier
together three times

Extend your arms
in the form of a Tau cross
and say in a low but clear voice:

Pro Mou Iungges,
Opiso mou Teletarchai,
epi dexia Sunoches,
ep’aristera Daimonos.
Phlegei gar peri
mou ho aster ton pente,
Kai en tei stelei
ho aster ton hex esteke.>

Repeat the Quabalistic cross, saying:

O Phalle

Original ritual by

Aleister Crowley.


Inhale fire,
Exhale sweeping arms backwards, screaming:
Sign of Silence.

On the Inner :

Crown > Aumng
Ajna > Aton
Throat > Amen
Clavicles/Arms > Hrumakhu
Hridayam > HeruRaHa
Solar Plexis > RaHoorKhuit
Hara > HoorPaarKraat
Linga > On
Circumference > Solomon
Center > Splendour

On the Outer :

E > Hrumakhon
S > Haditon
W > Babalon
N > Therion
Z > Metatron
N > Seton
C > Solomon
X > Belarion


<Before me rises Ra,
On my right hand flies Ahathoor,
Behind me sets Tum,
And on my left hand rolls Kephra.
Above me shines Solomon,
And beneath me sleeps Baphometon.
About me in Splendour radiates
the Hexagram of the Sun,
While in the flaming point of it’s center
I am : (Magickal Name)>


Inhale space
Exhale shooting arms upwards saying:
Sign of Silence touching fingers to Crown.

Crown > NuIsis
Ajna > HadSothis
Qoph > AiwassAnubis
Throat > AzaThothMaat
Clavicles/Arms > Hrumakhu
Hridayam > HeruRaHa
SolarPlexis > Belarion
Hara > Babalon
Linga > SetShaitanus
Circumference > Chaosz
Center > (Magickal Name)

S > Sirius
W > Pleides
N > UrsaMajor
Z > Draco
N > Southern
C > MilkyWay
X > AnubisWeb

Riding the Crystal Starship of Anubis Web,
Before me steers AzaThothMaat,
Behind me navigates A-nu-bis,
At my right hand speaks Aiwass,
On my left hand whispers Set.
Above me shines Sirius the Silver Star,
And beneath me whirls
the Black Abyss of Chaosz Space,
While around me is the field of the Anubis Egg.
Upon me rides Maya-(partner’s name)-Babalon,
And in the ship’s ElectroMagnetic center
I am (Magickal Name).


Crown > Nu
Ajna > Az
Qoph > Za
Throat > Ah
Hridayam > Oz
Hara > No
Linga > On

East > Abraxas
South > Set
West > Anubis / Babalon
North > Zurvan
Zenith > AzaThoth
Nadir > Shaiton
Circumference > Chaosz
Centre Within > Za

Inverse Pentagrams in the Four Directions
Air > Lucifer
Fire > Satan
Water > Leviathan
Earth > Belial

Babalon 777 Star Crop

Babalon Moon Fire

Babalon Actress




Frater Belarion, who died in a chemical explosion 8 months before i was born, and whom a krater on the Dark Side of the Moon is named. And his Scarlet Woman  =  Marjorie Cameron , or rather the Scarlet Woman of him as Belarion / Hrumakhu / HeruRaHa / The Lord of the Two Horizons, The Eternal Burning Flame, literally in his death, and spiritually in his channeling of the Book of Babalon. JEGS from various multiple sources.