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Being a
of the Names of
the Dragon, Worm,
Serpent and Snake Gods
of Europe, Middle East,
Egypt, Afrika, and Australia

©1991 GLHoke / ZAXON 2108211 / ZAXON Publishing

Snake Gods of the
British, Scandinavians, French, and Germans :

Serpent / Snake – the animal itself

Dragon – mythological elemental composite

Druid – ‘Snake’ Priests of the British Isles

Saman / Samhain – Celticke god of death

Damhan Nathrach – Irish dragonfly
‘serpent who dances in air’

Fafnir – Norse dragon

Jormungand / Midgard Serpent –
Scandanivian serpent encircling the world

Nidhhoggr / Nidhog – Dragon who lies gnawing
at the roots of Yggdrassil

Wouivre – serpent worm in Medieval Germany

Zariatnutonik – forked thunderbolt serpent wand
from the Grimoire of Albertus Magus / Grand Albert

Nagari – Medieval Alchemist’s dragon

Dracul / Dracula – Romanian dragon vampire

Fat-Frumos – Romanian faery dragon

Melusine – (from Mere-Lucine)
French flying serpent-woman
daughter of the male river spirit Fleuve
and the female fairy Pressine

Mermaids related to the Serpents:

Mermaid – English fish-woman

Melusine – French temptress

Volva – German river sybil serpent goddess

Nix / Nixie – German water nymph

Lorelei – German river faery

Drac – Rhone river nixie

Brunnenfauen – German woman of the well

Rusalka – Russian water faery

Vodvanoy – Russian

Siren – Italian

Lasa – Etruscan

Nivashi – Gypsy

Nereids – Greek

Siren – Greek

Nemesis – Greek

Nymph – Greek

Snake Gods of the
Greeks, Romans, and Ophite Gnostics :

Dionnan – Pagan Roman Snake god

Pythia – Greek/Roman serpent prophetess
sits on tripods over wells

Pythoness – Sibyl serpent of Greeks

Echidna – Greek snake woman

Ophioryma – Greek serpent’s stronghold

Ouroboros – Greek world encircling snake biting it’s tail

Titans – Greek serpent-legged opponants to the gods

Lamia – serpent-tailed succubi

Ladon – serpent guardian of the
Garden/Isle of Hesperides
lives in an apple tree
guarding the golden fleece in Greek myth
Zeus-Meilichios –
Greek God in cthonic serpentine form

Sabazius – Greek snake of Jupiter

Hydra – many-headed Greek dragon

Gorgon – Greek serpent-haired monstrous women

Medusa – Queen of Gorgons

Scylla – dangerous Greek serpentine melusine
daughter of Zeus and the Libyan Lamia

Aesculapius and Hygieia – Greek god and goddess
of healing represented by serpents

Orphic Egg – surrounded by a serpent 3 1/2 times

Arrhetophoria – Greek festival
with phalli and snakes of pastry thrown into the fire

Anachitis – stone used to conjure water spirits

Anancithidus – stone used to conjure water demons

Typhon – Greek destroying dragon of the raging ocean

Ophion – Greek cosmic snake

Hydra – Greek many-headed serpent

Ouboros / Uroboros – Greek world-encircling serpent

Ophiolatria / Ophiolatry – Serpent worship in Greek

Ophioneus – Greek son of Chaos, multi-headed dragon

Eurynome – his consort

Ophionids – their spawn

Ladon – Greek dragon

Echidne – Greek snake-woman

3 Gorgons in Greece :

Eileithyia – fire serpent goddess, daughter of Hera,
holds torches up and down

Erecthonus – Athena’s snake childe

Erectheon – snake temple

Angitia – Italian goddess of serpents

Seven Stars – serpent headed virgins of the
Great Bear constellation in Mithraism

Ophiomorphus – Gnostic god in serpent form

Archarion – Gnostic serpent guardian
of the Aeon gateway

Ialdabaoth – Gnostic Saturnine creator

Zarazaz – demon of the Gnostics

Ophites – Gnostic Serpent worshippers

Bythos – ‘the Deep’ in Gnosticism

Zurvan – Gnostic serpent-entwined lion

Ophites – Gnosticke snake-worshipping christians

Naasenes / Nicolaitans / Sethians – Gnostic
worshippers of the Serpent

Snake Gods of the
Hebrews, Caananites, Hittites,
Sumerians, and Babylonians of the Middle East :

Heva – Serpent of Eva

Nachash – Hebrew Serpent

Nehushtan – Moses’ Serpent of brass

Seraphim – Hebrew flaming Serpents

Naas / Naz – Hebrew for Serpent

Leviathan – biblican Dragon of the deep

Sammael – Hebrew Satan

The Ancient Serpent – the Devil / Satan

Lilith – serpent-tailed succubi

Nechastheron – ‘the brazen serpents’ order
of the Qliphoth of the 24th tunnel of Niantiel/Scorpio

Nashimiron – ‘the snakey’ order of the Qliphoth
of the 25th tunnel of Saksaksalim/Saggitarius
in western Magickal systems

Seraphim – Hebrew flying serpents of fire

Nahas – Hebrew serpent

Rahab – Hebrew ‘crooked serpent’

From the Necronomicon – grimoire of the Mad Arab Al-Azif :

Mass Ssarati

Mass Ssaratu

Kia Mass Ssaratu

Yam – evil Caanonite dragon

Dagon – Caanonite serpent or fish-tailed god/demon

Lotan – Caananite seven-headed serpent

Illuyankas – Hittite serpent

Illuyanka – Hittite dragon

Illuyankas – Hittite dragon

Abyrga – central asian snake wound thrice
around Mt.Sumer, head on mt and tail in ocean

Kur / Ashag – Sumerian dragon of Chaos

Abzu – Sumerian watery abyss dragon
Sataraa – Sumerian serpent goddess

Sataran – Sumerian name
of Tammuz the Serpent Goddess

Tiamat – Babylonian Dragon of Chaos and the Deep

Ashmog – Zoroastrian dragon

Ahriman – Mazdaian/Zoroasterian evil serpent

Zahhak/Azhi-Dahaka – Zoroasterian evil spirit
from whose shoulders sprang two demonic serpents, also portrayed as a dragon with three heads
and a body full of lizards and scorpians

Ahriman / Angra-Mainyu – evil serpent
Satan in Mazdaism/Zoroastarism
antithesis of Ormuzd / AhuraMazda

Zohak – Persian destroying serpent

Azidahaka – Persian serpent-demon
who cut the first couple apart

Azi Dahaka – Persian fiendish three headed dragon
originally a wicked Persian king who was kissed on
each shoulder by the demon Ahriman, thus he
sprouted two dragon heads each side of his head

Ahi – Persian demon serpent
who holds the water in the clouds
locked up from falling to benefit the Earth

Ahi / Vritra / Apaosha – names of Persian
demon serpents of drought

Srava – twin serpent brother of Azi

Azhi Dahaka – Iranian dragon of evil

Atargatis / Dea Syria – Goddess with Snake
coiled 7 times around her and eggs

Afrasiab – serpent of the Scythians

Snake Gods of the
Egyptians and Afrikans :

Nau-Shesma – seven headed serpent in Egyptian myth

Khut – Serpent of Splendour
the Uraeus around the disk of the Sun

Uraeus / Uatchet – Serpent crown

Buto – place of the serpent in Egypt

Aspic – poisoness asp

Apap / Apepi / Apep / Apropis – Egyptian Serpent
king guardians of all Hells

Hadit – Egyptian star-serpent point

Typhon – dragon of Amenti

Mertseger – snake goddess of Egypt, female head
on serpentine body, ‘she who loves silence’

Renenet – serpent goddess of Egypt

Aseb – Egyptian fire god-serpent

Set – Egyptian destroying dragon of the desert sun

Mehen – Egyptian serpent coiled around Sun symbol

Nekhebkan / Nehebu-kau –
underworld Egyptian serpent

Hutchaici – Egyptian serpent-headed west wind god

Inyoka – south african pet snake women put into their yoni and keep inside because the coiling gives them pleasure

Serpent Guardians of the Gates of Amenta
From the Egyptian Book of the Dead :

First Evocations –

Ufa, Nai, Heka, Hekret, Setchen, Akeneh, Amen, Hau, Antaf, Tcheser-tep, Thethu, Hemth, Seneahemthet, “a most terrible serpent”.

Keepers of the Gates :

1 – Set, Tat
2 – Saa-Set, Mehen
3 – Aqebi, Apep
4 – Tchetbi, Flame, Herert
5 – Teka-hra
6 – Set-em-Maat-f
7 – Akha-en-maat
8 – Set-Hra, Kheti
9 – Ab-Ta, Shemti, Bath, Tepi, Kepri,
Shesshes (crocodile with serpent’s tail), Sesi
10 – Sethu, Hentiu (snake-headed man),
Serquet, Serquet (scorpion), Uamemti,
Semi (winged uraeus), Ankhi (Horus/Set man)
11 – Am-netu-f, Sebek-Ra (crocodile), “the Worm”
12 – Sebi, Reri

Orunmila – the Serpentine creator in Africa

Dan / Dangbe / Indagba / Damballah –
Afrikan serpent god

Zombi – serpentine snake-god soul of man

Petro Simbi – African magickian’s serpent

Ti-Jean Petro – one-footed Voodoo snake

Erukuruben-Nangobio – secret serpent
in Afrikan Abakua tradition
consort of the Goddess Sikan

Niniganni – west Afrikan python god

Yukanye – Afrikan snake goddess

Afrikan Python Gods :

Tinnin – sea serpent slain by Alexander the Great

Copper Dragon Indombe – sunset dragon

Bida – dragon

Isa Bere – drought dragon

Dakaki / Mai-je-Chikki – serpent demon who
causes the evil eye and stomach ulcers

Ilomba – familiar spirit snake with a human head that
a magickian makes by filling a snakeskin with one’s
blood, nails, etc., then feed it eggs and blood,
it lives in the river and commutes to one’s house
by a tunnel underground between them,
if it dies then you die.

Koleo – ‘pair of tongs’ squeezing python god

Mamlambo – river goddess of beer

Toro – supreme snake god, gives birth to twins

Bisimbi – water nymphs

Njuzu – snake spirit/demons
male in form of makara/crocodile
female in form of snake-woman

Sajara – Mali rainbow serpent

Mombo wa Ndhlopfu – viper, master of the forest

Kabwe – snake god

Ndzundzu – snake god

Inkanyamba – snake as a tornado

Snake Gods of the Australians :

Bodung / Rainbow Serpent – Australian serpent
of water and the sky

Ngalijad – Australian rainbow serpent
within whose body the ancesters dwell
as in an underworld, and whose temple
is at the base of a waterfall where sky and water
meet as a colourful rainbow

Ungud – Australian bisexual earth serpent

Wonambi – SW Australian water serpent

Muruntu – SW Australian water serpent

Julunggul – Australian female rock python
who makes lightening and rain

Hatuibwari – winged serpent of Melanesia

©1991 GLHoke / ZAXON°2108211 / ZAXON Publishing

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