Egyptian Serpentine Deities – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing


Egypt Serpentine Deities

Here is a collection of Egyptian Serpentine Deities i put together decades ago, so it is not as up to date as my knowledge now, but if you compare the notes with the Anubis initiation posted earlier that fills in some blanks. WARNING – this post does contain images of artistic nudity. Enjoy!


Uraeus Deities

Nau-Shesma – Seven-headed Serpent in Egyptian myth

Khut – Serpent of Splendour, Uraeus around the Sun-disk

Uraeus / Uatchet – Serpent crowning the Pharoahs

Hadit – Egyptian Serpent of the Silver Star

Apap / Apep / Apepi / Apropis / Abbadon / Typhon :
Egyptian Dragon/Serpent King of the Underworlds


From the Egyptian Book of the Dead :
Serpent Guardians of the Gates of Amenta :

Ufa, Nai, Heka, Hekret, Setchen,
Akeneh, Amen, Hau, Antaf,
Tcheser-tep, Thethu, Hemth, Seneahemthet, “a most terrible serpent”


Keepers of the Gates :

1 – Set, Tat
2 – Saa-Set, Mehen
3 – Aqebi, Apep
4 – Tchetbi, Flame, Herert
5 – Teka-hra
6 – Set-em-Maat-f
7 – Akha-en-maat
8 – Set-Hra, Kheti
9 – Ab-Ta, Shemti, Bath, Tepi, Kepri,
Shesshes (crocodile with serpent’s tail), Sesi
10 – Sethu, Hentiu (snake-headed man),
Serquet (scorpion), Uamemti,
Semi (winged uraeus), Ankhi (Horus/Set man) 11 – Am-netu-f, Sebek-Ra (crocodile),
“the Worm”
12 – Sebi, Reri


Anubis and Cleopatra


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