The Book of ZAXON – my unedited writings from the 1980s-1990s – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

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Back when i got my first Mac in 1986 I started writing and collating data on various magickal subjects. I called this venture ZAXON Publishing (Copyright GLHoke 2014). Here is the first of a naked copy paste totally unedited of one of those documents explaining somewhat what ZAXON means.

Book of ZAXON

In the geometries of the angles of the letters of the name ZAXON are hidden and manifested the matrix energies of the Mobius symbol.

All opposites are revealed, as in the letter Z twisting into N, or of sharp A rounding into an O, and the crossing X balancing in the mobius centre.

For me the full manifestation of this Double Power in letters and numbers is in my full Magickal Name of ZAXON 2108211.

Here is a list of names beginning with these letters ZAXON:

ZA = star demon

AZ = space/abyss demoness

ON = snake demon

NO = water/abyss snake demoness


Z = enflamed S

Double Z = Swastika and SS sigils

Z-AEON = wordless Aeon of the androgyne Hrumakhu

ZAN = Zain-Aleph-Nun

ZAON = Zain-Aleph-Ayin-Nun

ZAYIN = Zain + Ayin = serpent + eye

Zos Kia Cultus = A.O.Spare
Zos = the body as total field of awareness
Kia = cosmic spirit



Zamraidel = Qliphoth of The Lovers

Zombi = death snake of Afrika

Zarathustra / Zoroaster = founder of Zoroasterism

Zadonai = holy guardian seraph

Zurvan = Gnostic Lion/Serpent god

Zodion – greek zodiac

Zariatnutonik = forked thunderbolt serpent wand
from the Grimoire of Albertus Magus

Zng = fiery Ng snake

Zahhak/Zohak/Azhi-Dahaka =
Persian/Iranian/Zoroasterian demon
with two serpents springing from it’s shoulders
and having three dragon heads

Zarazaz = demon of the Gnostics

Zeus = Greek Jupiter storm god in Dragon form

Zosimos – alchemist

Za/Rahula = Nagaraja guardian of terma

Zhonnu = Tibetan phurba deity Vajrakilaya over nagas

Zax = the Enochian name of the Guardian of the Abyss

Zangpo = <holy> as in Dawa Zangpo / Holy Moon

Zanubiz = Z-Anubis

Zakini = Z-Dakini

Zyan = Blavatsky’s <<Book of DZYAN>>


Az = Manichean mother of all demons

Azael/Azazel = Samael/Shaitan

Azoth = combines first and last letters of three alphabets
Aleph / Tau = Hebrew
Alpha / Omega = Greek
A / Z = Latin

AzaThoth = idiot god of Chaosz of Lovecraft

Azenath = former soror head of EOD

Anubiz = dog-headed guardian
of the trans-plutonian gateway

Abyzz = Abyss

Azarak / Zomelak = primal gods of the Nephilim in Wicca

Azoth / Zakonla = Naga-kris elementals

Azza – son/daughter of Azael + Naamah = Azza (strong)
taught Solomon his Magicke


ON = O (Ayin) 70 + N (Nun) 50 = 120

OtZ / OZ = land of fantasy

Frater On 0* OTO

Solomon = Sol (Greek) + Om (Sanscrit) + On (Egyptian)
three names for the Sun, Tiphareth, God of the South

Babalon = Gateway of the Sun
Yoni chakra females, svadhistana for males,
Goddess of the West

Therion = The Beast of the Aeon of Horus
God of the North, linga or feet chakras

Metatron = Archangel of the Zenith

Sandalphon = Archangel of the Nadir

Saton = Archangel of the nether regions and subconscious

Aton = man moving towards the future

Simon = Archangel of the Sun at Midnight

Baphometon = guardian of the Earth

Hrumakhon = God of the East and of the Z-Aeon to come

Archarion = Gnosticke solar god

Aeon = gnosticke god

Nu-Aeon = Age of Aquarius + Aeon of Horus and Maat
+ wordless Z-Aeon + Aeon of the Twins HruMaKhu

Nuon = water serpent elemental

Haditon = falcon + serpent = garuda + naga

Anubison = dog and snake guardian

Tahutiton = serpent of wisdom and healing

Shaiton = serpent of the desert


Nu/Nuit – Goddess of Space

Noah – God of the watery Abyss

Nuvah = Enochian / QBL angel

X = Mobius

©1993 GL Hoke
ZAXON 2108211
ZAXON Publishing

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