Banishing the Old Outhouse Ghosts and Pissed off Naginis

Amongst the cleaning at the Black Cabin is cleaning out the 50+ year old outhouse which was used for storage. Lots of stuff got recycled and burned. The place got stripped and hosed down. A week or so ago i got a nasty big wolf spider bite on my arm with fangs about an eighth inch apart. With some help from some herbalist conveners i have been putting on teatree oil and a mix of comfrey, plantain and olive oil and it is healing well.

anyway here are some pics of the black house, a small copperhead i found, some skulls and bones of possums, an old shoe, etc. It seems the old outhouse may be haunted with at least the pissed off (pun intended) Naginis of the stream it feeds into in and i have been washing off the debris into. And some guy spirit who is creeping around. I did the Apo Pantos banishing and incense and salt and you can still see beady red eyes in one pic and enjoy the rest loaded in mass below.

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All pictures Copyright GLHoke 2014