Life as a Magickian Witch is Always Interesting……

Days after this post i just realized the double entendre of the title. I met “Life as a Magickian, Which is Always Interesting” and it came out at “Life as a Magickian Witch is Always Interesting”. Both are true, LOL.

Some pictures from my last few weeks. I loaded these all at once and now WP won’t let me put in a space for a comment without deleting the photo, F me. Enjoy anyway and let your imagination fill in the blanks or ask me what is what.


2May (8)

OK in the light of day and now posted it lets me add text between pics. lesson learned – don’t upload a bunch of high res pics at one time.

Highway to nowhere. Old route 322 which now leads to nowhere except under some grafiti covered bridges, homeless shacks, and probably where people from the SX clubs nearby go to make some money…

Now WP Won’t let me add text between pics let me write something at the very end of all this….. look at pics then skip to the end.

2May (11) 4 May (1) 4 May (8) 4 May (10) 11 May (4) 11 May (5) 20 May (1) 20 May (4) 22 May (1) 22 May (2) 22 May (4) 22 May (8) 24 May (2) 24 May (3) 24 May (4) 24 May (5) 24 May (6) 24 May (7) 24 May (8) 24 May (9) 24 May (10) 24 May (11) 24 May (12) 25 May (1) 25 May (2) 25 May (4) Black House Door 42 pentagram Cellarway Sigils Talismans Red Maple Purple Aruga Wolf Spider

Several pics of the Juniata River in near flood stage from 5 inches of rain in 12 hours.

Pics from archeology dig at The Tavern circa early 1800s built on a Native American longhouse site going back 3000 years. Little piece of pottery my first find, yea, thrilled. But yesterday i realize with my dystonia, sensitivity to light, bad back, bad knees, etc i cannot help dig anymore :(

Pics from local flea market of Sasquatch? LOL.

Pics from Der Schwarze Haus black cabin.

A visit to the old Hbg cemetery to a plot where “my Ghede” is honoured. See uploaded video on FB page if you are in that closed page as i cannot upload it here.

Wren’s nest in propane tank, new bamboo growth, rhododendron blooming, wolf spider w egg sacks. I got bit by a Big one fangs one eighth inch apart, putting on tea tree oil and salve of comfrey and plantain in olive oil base from coveners.

When the concrete layers left n concrete near dried stuck in some old talismans and Indian head pennies in a pentagram i made plus some runes.

After talking to several Hispanics in uptown and the hill ghettos in the Burg found a grocery store with a guy who sells Santeria candles and rosaries the colours of Vodoun elekes. Weird experience. I think he is a Santero. He looked at what this blanc was buying and said “you are The Man” aren’t you? Now i was dressed in black wearing with a purple cane and i had evoked Legba Ghede Exu before this search for a Botanica began, and i said “yes i am The Man”. Now “the man” for Columbians (looked more Andean than Mexican) or others from South America has a totally different meaning than from noirs or from blancs in the north. It would be the same as a witch calling someone a MIB. I look up and he is at the counter standing in front of and surrounded by this Huge Our Lady of Guadalupe statue he had up on a table and she was surrounded by those spike flames. I asked him his name and he said Diego. The name of the store translated means “The Star”. I realized all this later and was blown away. Who had the visit of Guadalupe, who is actually Coatlupia (snake Goddess)? Juan Diego. You fill in the blanks….

From there i crossed into the old cemetery and it being Memorial Day lots of grounds keepers and flags up and yes those are Confederate flags on some who were wounded in battle and died in northern prisons.

Life is Strange as a Magickian….