We Witches, Buddhists and Shaivite Shaki Tantrikas Welcome GBLT Marriage in Pennsylvania and I as a HPT of the COC have offered to help Legally Marry Anyone who wants to be joined in Sacred Union


All Unions Are Sacred

Hello my fellow bloggers. Yes i am still alive though i have not liked or commented on about 200 posts of yours i am behind on now d/t getting the ceiling painted, moving all my altars, hell might as well clean and rearrange them all, having my cellar waterproofed, wonderful job but they broke the line to the full oil tank thus clean up crews, DEP and EPA involved, very complicated, trying to put house together, working on new cabin, yard looks like a farmers field, Jeep inside and out looks like it has been through WWII etc etc etc……

Anyway, in for those living on another planet the conservative State of Pennsylvania passed a yes vote on legal GBLT marriage, conservative parts of the Legislature tried to block it, a Judge said it is legal, and the conservative Catholic on his way out Govenernor says he does not like it but will Not veto the bill. No other State in the NE USA has this. Frigging Amazing.

I wrote a LONG post on this last night and despite saving all revisions the frigging WP “Restore Version” button is dead. Arrrggghhh. So this post is short and quick.

Anyway, some of you may or may not have read these previous posts of my/our fight for legal Witch clergy to legally marry in PA and particularly in the County of Perry. Read All the way down, all the addendums, all the commentc of these two posts.

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Who Da Coven?



Copy of Know Thyself Latin

Know Thyself, Then Do What Thu Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law; Love is the Law, Love under Will.

As a service to the central PA Witch, Pagan, Druid, Buddhist, all of the above, none of the above community who are GBLT I/we are offering marriages of Witch style ritual or whatever they want. I have contacted Every organization i could find online, written an email, left VMs, and told them to forward them to their contacts. Several organizations have contacted me so far.


We Love You All Despite What our Destructive, Witch and GBLT Burning, Crusading Radicalized Crazy followers have Committed in Our Names


Obeissez a vos superieurs


We, unlike “the religions of the Book” are Witches. We are open minded and open hearted to All human  beings no matter their religious or gender preferences.


We Feel Your Pain Ye GBLT Community and our Hearts are Pierces with Sorror ad Shame


Dress up your Gods whoever you want LOL

Blessed Be. And Blessed Be the Legistature of PA, and may the Goveeror keep his pen out of this and may every be Happy!


Even ole Doc Santee had his Fetishes…..

Grail Glastonbury

All Cups and Wands are Sacred

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5 thoughts on “We Witches, Buddhists and Shaivite Shaki Tantrikas Welcome GBLT Marriage in Pennsylvania and I as a HPT of the COC have offered to help Legally Marry Anyone who wants to be joined in Sacred Union

  1. Ah well we are also guilty of not commenting much on things lately owing to preparing exams in Switzerland (Sophie) and running round Austria and Germany (Cassie).
    Maybe if we ever visit your part of the States, we’ll get you to marry us!

    • I think you would have to be US Naturals to be legally married here, but i would be happy to Handfast you two in either a Witch ritual from my BOS or write your own. You know i am dark enough for yr taste. i wish we could talk but i will continue to post on FB instead. You have not heard much from me because i am too busy in the real world right now. AS

  2. This is absolutely as Dame Sybil would have wanted it (she wrote an entire chapter in her book “Witchcraft” with great reverence toward gay folks). I am happy to read this post!

    • Yes Dame Sybil was pretty open minded and tolerant of All people no matter what their sexual or political or etc leanings for her time for sure. People like her, who are highly evolved old souls have been around the block so to speak for millennia have learned over time that humans come in many different flavours and colours no matter what the culture of the time says is pc or not. Thank the gods we live in a country where at least legally on the books the GBLT flavours have the right to be their selves. I can openly be who i am and so can you as per our long revealing conversation last night.

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