Changes in what this HPT does in the COC – Part Two

Coven of the Catta

ShawnusAthame copyright 2014 GLHoke (1)

This post, and the previous one, which no one seemed to have read except a good blogger friend in the Europe, but no one who is in this coven seems to have noticed or commented. Whatever…..

Anyway, for over three decades i have done the rituals in our circles the Exact way i was taught by Lady Phoebe Exactly like they were copied from her BOSs into mine. When i do rituals on my own, not in group, i add a few things here and there. But now for me though i still consider myself and our wide spread East Coast Probationers and Third Degrees to still be the Coven of the Catta, because me, Lady Alsace and Dutch Jeff are the Only surviving members of the Original COC at the Covenstead at Dr Santee’s library in Wapwallopen PA.

Well, it is time for the next phase at least for…

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